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E let us ufe the grace divine,
And all with one accord

In a perpetual cov❜nant join
Ourfelves to Chrift the Lord.

2 Give up ourselves, thro' Jefu's pow'r, His name to glorify,

And promife in this facred hour
For God to live and die.

3 The cov'nant we this moment make
Be ever kept in mind:
We will no more our God forfake,
Or caft his words behind.


We never will throw off his fear,
Who hears our folemn vow:
And if thou art well pleas'd to hear,
Come down and meet us now.

5 Thee, Father, Son, and Holy Ghost,

Let all our hearts receive!
Prefent with the celestial hoft,
The peaceful answer give!

6 To each the cov'nant-blood apply,
Which takes our fins away;
And register our names on high,
And keep us to that day.





ROTHER in Chrift, and well-beiov'd, To Jetus and his fervants dear, Enter, and fhew thyfelf approv'd; Enter, and find that God is here.

2 'Scap'd from the world, redeem'd from fin, By fiends purfu'd, by men abhorr'd, Come in, poor fugitive, come in,

And share the portion of thy Lord. 3 Welcome from earth!-lo, the right-hand Of fellowship to thee we give! With open arms and hearts we stand, And thee in Jefu's name receive. 4 Say, is thy heart refolv'd as ours?

Then let it burn with facred love;
Then let it taste the heav'nly pow'rs;:
Partaker of the joys above.
5 Jefu, attend, thyfelf reveal!

Are we not met in thy great name?
Thee in the midst we wait to feel,

We wait to catch the fpreading flame, 6 Thou God, that answereft by fire,

The Spirit of burning now impart,
And let the flames of pure defire

Rife from the altar of our heart. 7 Truly our fellowship below

With thee and with the Father is
In thee eternal life we know,

And heaven's unutterable blifs.


8 In part we only know thee here,
But wait thy coming from above,
And I fhall then behold the near,›
And I fhall all be loft in love.

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EACE be on this houfe beflow'd,
Peace on all that here refide;
Let the unknown peace of God
With the man of peace abide.

Let the Spirit now come down;

Let the bleffing now take place: Son of Peace, receive thy crown, Fulness of the gospel-grace. 2 Chrift, my Master and my Lord, Let me thy forerunner be; O be mindful of thy word,


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Vifit them, and vifit me!
To this houfe, and all herein

Now let thy falvation come!
Save our fouls from inbred fin:
Make us thy eternal home!
3 Let us never, never reft,

Till the promise is fulfill'd;
Till we are of thee poffeft,

Pardon'd, fanctify'd, and feal'd!
Till we all, in love renew'd,

Find the pearl that Adam loft, Temples of the living God,

Father, Son, and Holy Ghost!





BLEST be the dear uniting love
That will not let us part!
Our bodies may far off remove,
We ftill are one in heart.

2 Join'd in one spirit to our Head,
Where he appoints we go;
And ftill in Jefu's footsteps tread,
And fhew his praife below.


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may we ever walk in him,
And nothing know befide,
Nothing defire, nothing efteem,
But Jefus crucify'd !

4 Clofer and clofer let us cleave
To his belov'd embrace;
Expect his fulaefs to receive,
And grace to answer grace.
5 Partakers of the Saviour's grace,
The fame in mind and heart,
Nor joy, nor grief, nor time, nor place,
Nor life, nor death can part.

6 But let us haften to the day
Which fhall our flesh restore;
When death shall all be done away,
And bodies part no more!


JESUS, accept the praise

That to thy name belongs;
Matter of all our lays,

· Subject of all our fongs : Through thee we now together came, And part exulting in thy name. 2 In flesh we part awhile, But ftill in fpirit join'd, T'embrace the happy toil

Thou haft to each affign'd: And while we do thy bleffed will, We bear our heav'n about us ftill.

3 O let us thus go on


In all thy pleasant ways,
And arm'd with patience, run
With joy th' appointed race!
Keep us and every teeking foul,
Till all attain the heav'nly goal,
4 There we shall meet again,

When all our toils are o'er,
And death, and grief, and pain,
And parting are no more,

We shall with all our brethren rife, And grafp thee in the flaming skies. 5 O happy, happy day,

That calls thy exiles home! The heav'ns fhall pass away;

The earth receives its doom:
Earth we shall view and heav'n deftroy'd,
And fhout above the fiery void!
6 Then let us wait the found

That fhall our fouls release,
And labour to be found

Of him in fpotless peace;
In perfect holiness renew'd,
Adorn'd with Chrift, and meet for God!



IN I Heaven's courts a question rofe, Which caus'd a ftrife that ne'er shall clofe; Which rank of all this ranfom'd race, Owes highest praife to fov'reign grace?


2 Infants here caught from womb and breast, Claim right to fing above the reft; As finding foon the happy fhore They never faw nor fought before. 3 Others, arriv'd at riper age,


Before they left the earthly stage,
Think grace deferves yet higher praife,
That wash'd the fpots of num'rous daysə
"'Tis I, fays one, 'bove all my race,
Am debtor moft to glorious grace;
The chief of finners, you'il allow,
Should be the chief of fingers now."

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