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3 The scaly shoals, amidst the sea,
To thee, their Lord, a tribute pay;
The meanest fish that swims the flood
Leaps up, and means a praise to God.
4 [The larger monsters of the deep
On thy commands attendance keep;
By thy permission, sport and play,
And cleave along their foaming way.
5 If God his voice of tempest rears,
Leviathan lies still, and fears;
Anon he lifts his nostrils high,
And spouts the ocean to the sky.]
6 How is thy glorious power ador'd

Amidst those wat'ry nations, Lord!
Yet the bold men that trace the seas,
Bold men refuse their Maker's praise.
7 [What scenes of miracles they see,
And never tune a song to thee!
While on the flood they safely ride,
They curse the hand that smooths the tide.

8 Anon they plunge in wat'ry graves,
And some drink death among the waves:
Yet the surviving crew blaspheme,
Nor own the God that rescu'd them.]

9 O, for some signal of thy hand!

Shake all the seas, Lord, shake the land: Great Judge, descend, lest men deny That there's a God who rules the sky.


HYMN 115. B. 2. C. M.
St. James, St. Ann's, Christmas.
Dominion and vengeance of God.

1 HIGH as the heavens above the ground

Reigns the Creator, God;

Wide as the whole creation's bound
Extends his awful rod.

2 Let princes of exalted state
To him ascribe their crown;
Render their homage at his feet,
And cast their glories down.

3 Know that his kingdom is supreme,
Your lofty thoughts are vain;

He calls you gods, that awful name,
But ye must die like men.

4 Then let the sov'reigns of the globe
Not dare to vex the just;
He puts on vengeance like a robe,
And treads the worms to dust.

5 Ye judges of the earth, be wise,
And think of heaven with fear;
The meanest saint that you despise
Has an avenger there.


HYMN 17. B. 2. C. M.
Arlington, Devizes, Braintree.
Eternity of God.

1 RISE, rise, my soul, and leave the ground, Stretch all thy thoughts abroad;

And rouse up every tuneful sound
To praise th' Eternal God.

2 Long ere the lofty skies were spread,
Jehovah fill'd his throne:

Or Adam form'd, or angels made,
The Maker liv'd alone:

3 His boundless years can ne'er decrease, But still maintain their prime;

Eternity's his dwelling place,
And ever is his time.

4 While like a tide our minutes flow,
The present and the past;
He fills his own immortal now,
And sees our ages waste.

5 The sea and sky must perish too,

And vast destruction come;

The creatures-look! how old they grow, And wait their fiery doom.

6 Well, let the sea shrink all away,
And flames melt down the skies,
My God shall live an endless day,
When old creation dies.


PSALM 89. 1st Part. C. M.
Irish, Devizes, St. Ann's.
Faithfulness of God.

1 MY never-ceasing song shall show
The mercies of the Lord;

And make succeeding ages know
How faithful is his word.

2 The sacred truths his lips pronounce
Shall firm as heaven endure:
And if he speak a promise once,
Th eternal grace is sure.

3 How long the race of David held
The promis'd Jewish throne!

But there's a nobler cov'nant seal'd
To David's greater Son.

4 His seed forever shall possess A throne above the skies;

The meanest subject of his grace
Shall to that glory rise.

5 Lord God of Hosts, thy wondrous ways Are sung by saints above;

And saints on earth their honours raise
To thine unchanging love.


PSALM 145. 2d Part. C. M.
Barby, Bedford.
Goodness of God.

1 SWEET is the mem'ry of thy grace, My God, my heavenly King;

Let age to age thy righteousness
In songs of glory sing.

2 God reigns on high, but not confines His goodness to the skies;

Through the whole earth his bounty shines, And every want supplies.

3 With longing eyes thy creatures wait
On thee for daily food:

Thy lib'ral hand provides their meat,
And fills their mouths with good.

4 How kind are thy compassions, Lord!
How slow thine anger moves!
But soon he sends his pard'ning word
To cheer the souls he loves.

5 Creatures, with all their endless race,
Thy power and praise proclaim;
But saints, that taste thy richer grace,
Delight to bless thy name.


Goodness and mercy of God.

1 BLESS, O my soul, the living God,
Call home thy thoughts, that rove abroad:
Let all the powers within me join
In work and worship so divine.

PSALM 103. 1st Part. L. M. #
Shoel, Newcourt.

2 Bless, O my soul, the God of grace;
His favours claim thy highest praise;
Why should the wonders he hath wrought
Be lost in silence and forgot?

3 'Tis he, my soul, that sent his Son
To die for crimes which thou hast done;
He owns the ransom, and forgives
The hourly follies of our lives.

4 The vices of the mind he heals,
And cures the pains that nature feels,
Redcems the soul from hell, and saves
Our wasting life from threat'ning graves.
5 Our youth decay'd, his power repairs;
His mercy crowns our growing years;
He satisfies our mouth with good,
And fills our hopes with heavenly food.

6 He sees th' oppressor and th' oppress'd, And often gives the suff'rers rest;

But will his justice more display
In the last great rewarding day.

7 [His power he show'd by Moses' hands,
And gave to Israel his commands;
But sent his truth and mercy down
To all the nations by his Son.

8 Let the whole earth his power confess,
Let the whole earth adore his grace:
The Gentile with the Jew shall join
In work and worship so divine.]


PSALM 146. L. M.
Luton, Blendon.

Goodness and truth of God.

1 PRAISE ye the Lord; my heart shall join In work so pleasant, so divine

Now while the flesh is mine abode,
And when my soul ascends to God.

2 Praise shall employ my noblest powers, While immortality endures;

My days of praise shall ne'er be past,
While life, and thought, and being last.

3 Why should I make a man my trust?
Princes must die and turn to dust;
Their breath departs, their pomp and power
And thoughts all vanish in an hour.

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