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tender physician knows what is charitable while on earth; she best for us. We were too easy, is now to receive the reward too happy, ready to think of the inheritance, which is in. our mountain stood strong; corruptible, and undefiled, and but, alas! we were soon con

which fadeth not away, reserved vinced of the contrary. I would in heaven for them who are now make it my greatest care kept by the power of God to improve the providence. To through faith unto salvation. lose such a dear child, and not be benefited by the affliction,

For the Panoplist. would double the loss. You THE NATURE, USES, AND well apply the words of David, EFFECTS OF PRAYER. "I shall go to him, &c.' not on

No. 1. ly to him to the grave, but to

Prayer is a leading part him in heaven, to be joined to of that worship, which we renthat blessed choir of which he der to God. It ever implies spoke a few hours before his cordial belief in his moral per. death. Though we are much fections, trust in his goodness, at a loss as to the particular and a full persuasion, that he meaning of this providence, will hear and answer us in a yet in general we are sure it is way consonant to the designs well. I have now one less tie of his moral government. to draw me downward, and The only object of prayer is shall have so much less care in the supreme God, Father, Son, my dying moments.

and Holy Ghost. To him only SARAH SAVAGE.' are we permitted to offer up Wrenbury Wood, March, 1720. our religious supplications and

Mrs. Savage died, February thanksgivings. 27, 1752, in a good old age : To understand the true naher death was sudden : she ture of prayer, we must weil dropt mortality without being consider what dispositions herself sensible of the change, and exercises of heart are till she found herself amongst requisite for the right performthe blessed spirits of just men ance of it. St. James assures made perfect in the world of us, that the effectual, fervent light; the world to which she prayer of a righteous man evailwas allied ; being already form- eth much. This passage desig, ed by a perseverance in holi- nates the moral character of ness, to the temper and dispo- him, who prays with acceptsition of it. She had lived a ance. His heart is right with holy cheerful life ; she had God. He is sanctified by the made religion her business, her Spirit. His affections are conearly choice; and she was an formed to the divine wilt. He ornament to her profession has a portion in the temper, through all the different scenes and righteousness of Christ, and periods of life. Useful, and is justified in him. A perbeloved, meek, humble, and son thus sanctified in the spir

His prayers

it of his mind, and justified -- The true suppliant is not onthrough Christ, does truly ly sincere and fervent, but concome to God.

stant and persevering in his adare effectual, and avail much. dresses to God. He is not

As there is but one God, unequal in his devotions, now the sole object of prayer ; so abounding much in them, and there is but one Mediator be- presently remiss and negligent. tween God and men, the man To be heard and accepted, we Christ Jesus. Jle is the door, must pray daily, pray always ; the instituted channel of access that is, always maintain a supto the Father, and the only pliant frame of mind, that upname given given among

men, on every occasion we may through which we can obtain breathe out some sincere ånd audience and acceptance with humble petition to God.God. It is the divine injunc. Prayer is the breath of a christtion, that all prayers, supplica- ian. Without prayer his spirtions, and thanksgivings be of. itual powers would be impairfered unto God in his name. ed, his graces languish, and his Him the Father heareth ; and comforts die. By prayer he he will hear no one, who pre- maintains nearness to God, and sumes to approach him in any happy communion with his other name. When, therefore, blessed Redeemer. Can you ve come to God in prayer, we say, that a human body whose must come expressly in the blood does not flow, whose name of Christ.

pulse beats not, whose respira· Prayer to God must be sin- tion has ceased, is in an ani. cere. God desireth the heart, mated, healthful state ? As and looketh on the heart.- well may you call that man a. The matter of our prayer must child of God, and a disciple of be holy affections and desires. Jesus, who restrains prayer and We must express to God the ceases to call on the name of sincere emotions of our souls. the Lord. The language of the real sup- Our prayers must be offered pliant is ; Hear the right, ih up in faith, and accompanied Lord, attend unto my cry

with repentance. .

Without give ear unto my prayer, that faith our prayers do not arise goeth not out of feigned lips. from any good motive ; our

Our prayer must be fervent. petitions have no proper foun. Sluggish prayers, heedless of- dation on which to rest. He, ferings will never gain the ear who cometh to God, must believe and approbation of him, who that he is, and that he is the redemands the whole strength warder of them, who diligentiu and vigour of our souls. By seek him. If we would be our pious fervour we must heard and obtain the matter of prove, that we love and adore

our requests, we must pray in God, and entirely confide in fuith, nothing wavering. bis power and faithfulness. To our faith in Christ must

be added humbling views of those, who come to him, not to ourselves, as unworthy, help- condemn themselves and magless, miserable sinners, without nify his grace ; but haughtily the least claim to be heard on the to demand his approbation, ground of personal merit. The saying, God be thanked I am not proper manner of coming to as other men. God is pointed out in the prayer

Wemust offer up our prayers of the publican, who stood afar unto God by the aids of his off, smote upon his breast, and Holy Spirit. Never shall we cried, God be merciful to me a pray aright, before we have the sinner. They who draw near teachings of God.

Without to God, realizing his moral his Spirit we can do nothing. purity and excellence, cannot To the Spirit we must look to fail to abhor themselves and give us a prayerful frame of repent in dust and ashes. Such mind, and to assist our infirmi. contrite suppliants will retire ties. Without his influence we to their houses justified much shall gain no nearness to God, rather, than those self opinion- no hearing at the court of heave ed worshippers, who think en, no divine consolation, no their faults few, their sins ex- answer of peace.

Then the cusable, and their character good man prays successfully, good ; who charge their transe when he prays according to the gressions, which they consider pattern of 'primitive saints, as small, to the heedlessness of mentioned by the apostle; The prejudice, or the impulse of Spirit also helpeth our infirmi. some prevailing appetite, plant- ties ; for we know not what we ed in nature, and not very of should pray for as we ought ; fensive to God.

but the Spirit himself maketh in. They who make up an ac- tercession for us with groaning, count of their liberalities, their which cannot be uttered. And attendance on religious ordi- he, that searcheth the hearts, nances, their hearing of ser- knoweth what is the mind of the mons, and the decency of their Spirit, because he maketh intermanners, and come with these cession for them according to to the temple of God, urging the will of God. them as an argument, why they We ought to consider not, should be accepted in their de- only the manner, in which we votions, will find that God should approach God in praver, loathes their oblations, that but also the things for which they are as smoke in his nos. we should pray. trils. They may go to their In general, we should pray houses self acquitted, and self for the accomplishment of approved ; but in the issue those events, by which the they will find, that God turned name of God will be magnified away his ear fiom hearing their and made most glorious in the request, He will not be in- view of rational beings ; sulted with the proud claims of which his sovereign authority


will be established through the joyments. We may pray for universe, and his laws obtain these things with peculiar ferthe cheerful obedience of men vour, when we are conscious of and angels. The glory of a disposition to use them aGod's name, the establishment right, and find that we have of his dominion over his crea- derived spiritual advantage tures, and their willing subjec- from them. It is innocent to tion to his laws, are the limita- desire health, and other tempotions which are prescribed to ral favours ; and it is suitable all our prayers. With respect to ask for them under this reto every object of desire, we striction, that they may be must say unto God, thy will be sanctified to our good, and be done.

withholden, when deprivation God has taught us to pray with and affliction shall be more benfervency for all the blessings eficial to us, or to others. We of the covenant of grace. For are to pray for the removal of sanctification, for the aids of those judgments, by which the the Spirit, for a disposition to bounties of providence are preserve God here, and a due vented; for the absence of pespreparation to enjoy him forev- tilent diseases; for the continer we may always, with hum- uance of public peace, or the ble confidence, offer up our pe

termination of war. In all sea. titions to our heavenly Father sons of outward distress, it is in the name of Christ.

our duty to pray importuWe may pray for common, nately, that when God's judgtemporal blessings, so far as ments are abroad in the earth, they shall subserve the honor of the nations may learn rightGod, and our everlasting hap- cousness; that a door of depiness. As it is uncertain to liverance and salvation may be us, how far the blessings of the opened for them, and the relife which now is will promote turn of God's favor be hastened. the divine glory, the purity of A time of affliction is peculiarour hearts, and our preparation ly a time of prayer. Seasons for a better world ; we should of spiritual declension and apray absolutely for no earthly bounding iniquity, especially, good.

But as many of the require that they, who have an things of this life are good in interest at the throne of grace, themselves, and as we have be incessant in their supplicareason to believe, that they tions to God, that he would will subserve spiritual purpo- pour out his Spirit

, and send ses, and help forward the king forth a refreshing from his dom of God's grace in the presence ; that religion may world ; they are to be viewed revive ; that Zion may put on as, proper subjects of prayer. her beautiful garments, and all

ask with submission her children awake to rightfor health, food, and raiment ; eousness. for the continuance of life, with

ASAPH. its common connexions and en- (To be continued.)

We may

For the Panoplist. many serious christiansand ON EXPERIMENTAL RELIGION. approved divines have given

Few are so ignorant of the the name of experimental renature of religion, as not to ligion. know that it includes something This explanation may to some more than orthodoxy in specu- appear unnecessarily formal ; lation, and correctness of ex- but on subjects which have ternal conduct. These may been grossly misunderstood, exist, and the heart be yet the and misrepresented, it is need seat of infidelity, and unsub- ful to speak intelligibly, and dued corruption. Real religion with precision.

It is a fact, implies an alteration of the though a melancholy one, that practical judgment, and of the the very name of experimental habitual,governing dispositions religion is with many a topic of the soul; an alteration ef- of reproach and ridicule. Nor fected, not by the efforts of can the most liberal charity nature, or the power of moral

of moral suppose that it is the name suasion, but by the energy of alone which offends them. divine grace. This change orig- They profess indeed to be inates a correspondent mode friends to religion. But the of living. Its subject, inspir- religion they befriend, is a spir. ed with new sensibilities, de- itless, uninteresting thing ; sires, aversions, hopes, and scarce reaching the mind ; at fears, will of course give a new best, dwelling on its surface ; reception and treatment to the exciting no emotion ; subduing great objects of religion and no corruption; implying no eternity. Reverential love, conflict, and imparting no pleasgratitude, and submission to It consists with a heart the blessed God; humble trust still estranged from God, unin the merits and intercession divorced from sin, and idolizof the divine Redeemer ; im- ing the world. In short it is plicit reliance on the teachings an appearance unsupported bý and guidance of the Holy Spirit; reality ; a form, regular perardent devotion to the divine haps, and fair ; but without service and honour; these will life. now be his principles and If there be any truth or meansprings of action. With these ing in the word of God, a rewill naturally be connected a ligion of this heartless, superrealizing impression of the om- ficial sort, bears not the remotnipresence of Deity, a joyful est affinity to that which he acsense of his pardoning love, cepts. Let it be but a moment mingled with a heart breaking assayed by this infallible standsorrow for remaining sin, and ard, and it shrinks into its nate an habitual, painful, resolute ural worthlessness and insig. conflict with indwelling cor- nificance. ruption. Such are the sensi- Does the scripture speak of bilities and exercises to which that change of character which


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