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C. M. Christian Psalmist.

Faith, Hope, and Charity. 1 FAITH, hope, and love now dwell on earth,

And earth by them is blest;
But faith and hope must yield to love,

Of all the graces best.
2 Hope shall to full fruition rise,

And faith be sight above ;
These are the means, but this the end,

For saints for ever love.
L. M.

Religion vain without Love.
1 HAD I the tongues of Greeks and Jews,

And nobler speech than angels use,
If love be absent, I am found,
Like tinkling brass, an empty sound.
2 Were I inspired to preach and tell

All that is done in heaven and hell, —
Or could my faith the world remove, -

Still I am nothing without love.
3 Should I distribute all my store

To feed the hungry, clothe the poor, —
Or give my body to the flame,

To gain a martyr's glorious name, -
4 If love to God and love to men

Be absent, all my hopes are vain ;
Nor tongues, nor gifts, nor fiery zeal,

The work of love can e'er fulfil. 346.' L. M.

WATTS. Love to God and our Neighbour. 1 THUS saith the first, the great command :

“Let all thy inward powers unite To love thy Maker and thy God

With utmost vigor and delight.


2 " Then shall thy neighbour next in place

Share thine affections and esteem;
And let thy kindness to thyself

Measure and rule thy love to him.” 3 This is the sense that Moses spoke ;

This did the prophets preach and prove;
For want of this the law is broke,

And the whole law 's fulfilled by love. 4 But, 0, how base our passions are !

How cold our charity and zeal !
Lord, fill our souls with heavenly fire,

Or we shall ne'er perform thy will. 347.

C. M.

Brotherly Love.
1 HOW sweet, how heavenly, is the sight,

When those that love the Lord
In one another's peace delight,

And thus fulfil his word ! —
2 When each can feel his brother's sigh,

And with him bear a part;
When sorrow flows from eye to eye,

And joy from heart to heart ! -
3 When, free from envy, scorn, and pride,

Our wishes all above,
Each can his brother's failings hide,

And show a brother's love !
4 Love is the golden chain that binds

The happy souls above ;
And he's an heir of heaven that finds

His bosom glow with love.
S. M.

Watts. Union and Peace. 1 BLEST are the sons of peace,

Whose hearts and hopes are one,


Whose kind designs to serve and please

Through all their actions run.
2 Blest is the pious house,

Where zeal and friendship meet ;
Their songs of praise, their mingled vows,

Make their communion sweet.
3 From those celestial springs

Such streams of pleasure flow,
As no increase of riches brings,

Nor honors can bestow.
4 Thus, when on Aaron's head

They poured the rich perfume,
The oil through all his raiment spread,

And fragrance filled the room.
5 Thus, on the heavenly hills,

The saints are blest above,
Where joy, like morning dew, distils,

And all the air is love. 349. 7. M.

Joined to God's People.
1 PEOPLE of the living God,

I have sought the world around,
Paths of sin and sorrow trod,

Peace and comfort nowhere found.
2 Now to you my spirit turns, -

Turns, a fugitive unblest ;
Brethren, where your altar burns,

O, receive me into rest.
3 Lonely I no longer roam,

Like the cloud, the wind, the wave;
Where you dwell shall be my home,

Where you die shall be my grave.
4 Mine the God whom you adore ;

Your Redeemer shall be mine ;


Earth can fill my soul no more ;

Every idol I resign. 350.

L. M.

The Christian Graces.
1 FAITH, hope, and charity, these three,

Yet is the greatest charity;
Father of lights, these gifts impart

To mine and every human heart.
2 Faith, that in prayer can never fail,

Hope, that o'er doubting must prevail,
And charity, whose name above

Is God's own name, for God is love.
3 The morning star is lost in light,

Faith vanishes at perfect sight,
The rainbow passes with the storm

And hope with sorrow's fading form.
4 But charity, serene, sublime,

Beyond the reach of death and time,
Like the blue sky's all-bounding space,

Holds heaven and earth in its embrace. 351.

H. M.

Christian Unity.
1 HOW beautiful the sight

Of brethren who agree
In friendship to unite,

And bonds of charity :
'T is like the precious ointment shed
O’er all his robes, from Aaron's head.
2 'T is like the dews that fill

The cups of Hermon's flowers,
Or Zion's fruitful hill,

Bright with the drops of showers,
When mingling odors breathe around,
And glory rests on all the ground.


3 For there the Lord commands

Blessings, a boundless store,
From his unsparing hands,

Yea, life for evermore :
Thrice happy they who meet above

To spend eternity in love. 352.

S. M.

All one in Christ.
1 LET party names no more

The Christian world o'erspread ;
Gentile and Jew, and bond and free,

Are one in Christ their head.
2 Among the saints on earth

Let mutual love be found ;
Heirs of the same inheritance,

With mutual blessings crowned.
3 Envy and strife, be gone,

And only kindness known, .
Where all one common father have, .

One common master own.
4 Thus will the church below

Resemble that above ;
· Where springs of purest pleasure rise,

And every heart is love. 353. L. M.

Christian Friendship.
1 HOW blest the sacred tie that binds

In union sweet according minds !
How swist the heavenly course they run,

Whose hearts, and faith, and hopes are one ! 2 To each the soul of each how dear!

What jealous love, what holy fear!
How doth the generous flame within
Refine from earth and cleanse from sin !

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