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the boastful answer, the shout, the laugh, the pride his own invention, girt with his ornamented sword, of triumph ; and the gallant warriors become the and bearing in his hand a tall spear, as with free step cynosure of every eye-the envy of their equals, the he treads his native wilds, is a sight worthy of a admiration of the fair. When the excitement has in painter. The same individual, clothed in a pair of some degree subsided, the crew, leaving some of their dirty ragged trousers, with perhaps a venerable and number in the boat, go up to the house, where a well-worn shooting-jacket, the gift of some liberal plentiful supply of siri, pinang, and tobacco are pro- European, suggests ideas of anything but the picturduced, and over these Dyak cheerers of the social esque or the beautiful. Many of them, however, have hour, the event is related and discussed in all its adopted the Malay costume, which is both civilised breadth and bearings. At length they prepare to and becoming. bring the trophy to the house. A long bamboo is But whatever costume they adopt, whether Dyak, procured, and its lower joint split into several pieces, Malay, or pseudo-European, all are clothed in the best which are then opened out and wrought by means of garments they can procure; and they come in troops rattans into a sort of basket. Into this basket the from the neighbouring houses to that in which the head is put, and is carried by the chief man in the feast is to be held. As they arrive, eight or ten young boat from the wharf to the house, in the doorway of men, each with a cup and a vessel of tuak, place themwhich, and at the head of the ladder, the principal selves in a line inwards from the doorway, and as the woman of the house stands to receive it. The bearer, company enter, they are presented by each of the tuakstanding below, presents it to her, and as she endea- bearers with a cup of the liquid. To drink is comvours to take it, withdraws it: he again presents, and pulsory, and thus they all run the gauntlet of all the again withdraws it, till, at the seventh time, he allows cups. As tuak is not a pleasant liquor to take in her to obtain it. Thence she carries it to the bundle excess—the headache from it is tremendous—it is to of skulls which hang in the open gallery, and it is there the majority of them a penance rather than a pleasure, deposited along with the rest. As night approaches, and many attempt, but in vain, to escape the infliction. preparations are made for drying, or rather roasting it. In this manner the male guests assemble and seat À fire is lighted in a little shed outside the house; the themselves in the gallery, the chiefs being conducted head is suspended close above the flames; and when it to the place of honour in the middle of the building, has been dried to satisfaction—that is, well smoked and beneath the bundle of skulls. All the rooms are and partially scorched-it is taken back and redepos- at the same time thrown open, and each family ited in the bundle, to remain there till it is feasted. keeps free house for the entertainment of the female

And what becomes of the flesh ?' I asked of an old guests. These, as they arrive, enter and partake of warrior, who was displaying to me a recently captured the dainties that are provided for them; and many of head, to which the scorched and shrivelled integu- the men being likewise invited to join them, the feast ments still adhered, while from the earlier skulls all of reason and the flow of soul proceed as triumphantly trace of flesh had long since disappeared. With the as in similar cases in Europe. Cakes, sweetmeats, utmost nonchalance the savage replied: "The rats eggs, and fruit are produced, discussed, and washed eat it.'

down with tuak, and occasionally with a little arrack ; In the meantime, friends, chiefly the young of both while siri, pinang, gambier, and tobacco serve the sexes, resort to the house to congratulate the suc- purpose of devilled biscuits, to give zest and pungency cessful warriors. Siri and pinang, the never-failing to the substantial dessert. Conversation never for an accompaniments of a Dyak meeting, are produced in instant flags; the laugh, the joke, the endless chatter, great quantities; the gongs and drums are beaten the broad banter, and the quick reply, pass unceasingly throughout the whole night; and the victors, amid round the circle, and a glorious Babel of tongues scenes of gaiety and sport, rejoice in the admiring astounds the visitor. Outside, in the gallery, the envy of the youths, and bask in the smiles of the fair. same scene is enacted, but with less animation than During the few succeeding days, feasting proceeds in the rooms, for, as there, the ladies form no part of to a certain extent, and a basket of offerings to the the company—the assembly wants all its soul, and spirits is suspended on the top of the house; but much of its life. The girls of the house, however, the grand entertainment is delayed till an abundant dressed in their gayest, and looking their bestharvest should enable them to celebrate the head-feast beautiful as stars,' a Dyak once told me-have formed in a manner suited to the dignity of the occasion. themselves into a corps of waitresses, and hand round

For this important event, which frequently does the viands to the assembled guests. As it is not not take place for two or three years after the head according to Duak etiquette to take a thing when has been taken, preparations are made some weeks first offered, the young ladies have it very much in previously. Large stores of cakes and sweetmeats are their own power as to who shall be helped, and to what provided, and many jars of tuak, or native beer, are extent—a privilege which, I have been told, they are prepared ; much siri, pinang, and tobacco collected, inclined to exercise with great partiality. and every preparation made for an extensive display The mannangs, male and female, next take part in of hospitality. On the morning of the appointed day, the ceremony. They congregate in the gallery, and the guests, dressed in their best, and ornamented seating themselves in a circle, one of them begins with all their barbaric finery, begin to assemble, and his dreary and monotonous chant, while the rest at rarely, except on such occasions as these, are their stated intervals join in the chorus. They occasionally savage ornaments seen. Such, at least, is the case intermit their rhyme, in order to take a little refreshamong the Balos, a tribe who are in a sort of tran- ment; after which, another of the brotherhood takes sition state between ancient barbarism and modern the lead, and they continue their dismal monotone as civilisation, and whose young men would now on before. After some time, each of them is furnished ordinary occasions be ashamed to appear in those with a small plate of raw rice, dyed a bright saffron fantastic ornaments, which a few years ago were the colour, holding which in their hands, they perambulate delight of their hearts. I cannot say they have gained the crowded gallery, and, still continuing their chant, much in appearance by the change. A handsome scatter the yellow grains over the seated multitude, savage, in his embroidered chawat, and pure white for luck.' armlets shining on his dusky arms with his brass-wire In the meantime, the object of all this rejoicing, the bracelets, his variegated head-dress of blue, white, and captured head, hangs along with its fellows in the red, hung with shells, or adorned with the crimsoned bundle almost unnoticed. In the morning, before any hair of his enemies, and surmounted by the feathers of the guests have assembled, some one has stuffed a of the argus pheasant, or by some artificial plume of half-rotten plantain into one eye, and fastened a piece

of cake and a little siri and pinang near (not into) its map and friend, with whom then first began an mouth. It is then replaced in the bundle, and no acquaintance which soon ripened into intimacy-whose more notice taken of it throughout the whole feast, back is somewhat bent with toil now, and whose colour unless a few boys, warriors in embryo, occasionally has somewhat deepened as time has passed, but with advance to inspect it. It has been said by former whom I would not part for many times his intrinsic writers that it is stuck upon a pole, and its mouth value. How many associations are there connected filled with choice morsels of food, but I never saw this with every line in his features !--that thumb-mark on done, nor did any Dyak whom I have questioned know the Bernese Oberland is the only relic I have of my anything of such a custom. As to the opinion that old companion Gramper; and I never look at that they endeavour to propitiate the souls of the slain, smudge in the middle of the Lake of Geneva, without and get them to persuade their relatives to be killed having recalled to me-at second-hand, as it were, also, or that the courage of the slain is transferred to through the remembrance of a picnic—that darkthe slayer-I am inclined to think that these are ideas eyed English girl, whose grave I went to see this year devised by Malays, for the satisfaction of inquiring at Lausanne. whites, who, as they would not be satisfied till they I had gone out of Basle by the wrong gate, and had reasons for everything they saw, got them specially as I could not think of returning, there was nothing for invented for their own use.

it but to walk on to Balsthal, and next day proceed to Offerings, however, are made to the superior powers. Soleure. This I did accordingly; taking advantage of A pig has been killed early in the morning, and its the diligence to forward my at first loved, then disliked, entrails inspected to furnish omens, while its carcass and finally detested knapsack. Carrying one's luggage afterwards serves as materials for a feast. Baskets of in Switzerland is a great mistake; a small parcel goes food and siri are hung up as offerings to the spirits and all over the country for threepence, and a moderate to the birds of omen; among which latter, the burong carpet-bag for about as many francs. And it is wonderPenyala, or rHinoceros hornbill, is reckoned especially ful what a difference in one's happiness a few poundsthe bird of the spirits. The grand event of the day, weight will make; an additional coat will often veil however, is the erection of lofty poles, each surmounted the whole beauty of a mountain-range, and an extra by a wooden figure of the burong Penyala, which is pair of shoes walk off with one's good-humour for a placed there 'to peck at their foes.' These figures week. It is just the same with one's bill, the items are rather conventional representations than imita- of which all day dog the traveller's steps: the montions of nature, and do not convey a very exact idea strosity of last night's charges dwarfs the magnitude of the bird they are intended to represent. Eight of this morning's mountains ; that everlasting waxor ten such posts are erected, a fowl being sacrificed candle fills up the yawning defile, and the clamour of upon each; and about half-way up the largest, which the waiter silences the thunders of the avalanche. is erected first, a basket of fruit, cakes, and siri is With the early morning I leave Balsthal for Soleure. suspended, as an offering to the spirits.

The road soon becomes enlivened with groups of Meanwhile, those who remain in the house still con- holiday-makers bound for the shooting. Everything tinue the feast, and those who have been engaged in and everybody speaks of the festivities ahead. Every erecting the posts, return to it as soon as their labour village has erected a triumphal arch, gay with ban. is finished. The festivities are prolonged far on into ners, ribbons, and flowers. Here, arriving travellers are the night, and they are resumed and continued, though greeted by inscriptions of welcome; on the other side, with abated vigour, during the two following days. the departing guest is wished a happy journey, and

The Dyaks are a comparatively sober people; they a joyful return home. Everywhere shive the great spend neither money nor goods upon the indulgence of words 'Brotherhood' and 'Fatherland. They serve drinking; and now, that their constant fighting is put as an overture to the coming drama; suggestive of old a stop to, and the destruction of each other's property Swiss history, and old songs of the people. thus prevented, I think it very likely that many of As we draw nearer to the town, the road becomes them may rise to considerable wealth; and that they gayer and gayer. Every one is in good-humour; the may ultimately become a more important social body sun shines brightly; the sky is cloudless: there is no even than the Malays. The life of a Malay is a suc- fear of the Sundayrie' being spoiled to-day. Here cession of expedients. If he can meet a temporary goes a troop of walkers, a score or so keeping company want by a temporary contrivance, he is satisfied, and the sum- total of the inhabitants of that cluster of contentedly allows each day to bring its own necessities cottages up yonder, at the end of the car-way from and its own supplies. But it is not so with the Dyaks; which our friends have just issued on the road. How they are much more provident, and seldom hesitate the full white sleeves of the women shine, in contrast to undertake a little present trouble for the sake of a with their short black bodices! At a distance, they look future reward.

for all the world like great cabbage butterflies--white

wings and black bodies. And how strange a fat little SWISS RIFLES.

old woman appears when got up in this style! Now

dashes by a troop of riders, mounted on rough little ‘Book you a place to Soleure, sir?' said the waiter of ponies, strong and lively; and every now and then the Sauvage at Basle; 'you had better see the Grand there rattles past a singular conveyance, made to all Federal Shooting-match, sir.' 'I haven't time,' I appearance by setting a plank on wheels; forming replied ; 'I'm going to Bienne by the Munsterthal.' sides out of a couple of ladders, and filling their inter

And so, early the next morning, I set off. Of all the stices with small trees, foliage, and flowers. This pleasant things in the world, commend me to the rustic kind of open omnibus conveys a dozen Bernese beginning of a pedestrian tour. Alone and unencum- maidens, escorted by a gentleman in his shirt-sleeves, bered, with the unknown land gleaming in front, how perched upon the shafts. It has a very pretty effect, thoroughly you enjoy everything!-how you revel in looking something like an elongated fire-engine, sights and sounds that have no power to charm the womaned by ballet-dancers, and conducted by William luggage-depressed or bore-companioned man!-how Tell. Now one after another jog a dozen of the regular you pity the individual whom yonder dust-storm country gigs, steady-going vehicles; so English farmerwith a post-chaise inside is sweeping along!—and like is a man driving, that you expect to see Mrs what a reef is taken in at once in the sails of your Farmer by his side, and are almost shocked when spirits, if you find you have lost the way!

you do see him accompanied by a lady in an all-round Such a discovery did I make when I sat down at a straw hat, coquettishly adorned with flowers, a black doubtful point and consulted *Keller,' that faithful / velvet pair of stays laden with silver chains, short

skirts, and any amount of linen-drapery. He really inquiry into the effect of mountain air and snow-water would look as if he were running away with an on the sight. Not being familiar with any but your opera-dancer, if he would only go a little quicker. native tongue, you will probably not discover that the

The sun has climbed high up in the sky; there was glasses are for the marksmen, who may now be heard not a breath of wind, and the few clouds within sight thundering away incessantly. Let us go and see them. appeared to be too lazy to move. The far-off hills Come this way, up this road, under this arch, and became indistinct, and down in the valley the air we are in the precinct sacred to the rifle. grew hotter and hotter, and the dark firs and the gray A piece of ground, about as large as a good cricketcastle-walls, and the green fields and the long white field, was surrounded by a low wall. On entering, you stripe of road, appeared to swim and dance to and fro. saw before you two wooden buildings, something like The dust was all but intolerable; irritated by the the stands on a race-course. The left-hand one is the perpetual assaults on its repose, it revenged itself on shooting-station; that on the right hand is devoted to the innocent pedestrian-filled up his eyes, tickled his the purposes of conviviality. The clock is just striking nostrils, and rushed into his throat. Every other half-past twelve, and dinner is on the point of comminute, a gigantic horsefly settled on his hand or mencing. Two rows of plain deal-tables, with benches face, or thinly protected leg: in an instant, he felt as to match, run the whole length of the building ; each if a pitchfork had been stuck into him, and perceived table has a board affixed to it, on which is displayed his best blood rushing into the animated cupping the name of one of the cantons : each district having glass. The assassin was slain on the spot; but that a space reserved for its representatives at dinner, as was little consolation.

well as in the shooting-house. Fortunately, there was no lack of water, or the heat Now came the diners ---men and women all in would have been unendurable ; every hamlet had its holiday array and high spirits ; specimens of Swiss fountain--clear, cold water purling out of the long nationality from every part of the republic. Every metal spout into a trough of wood or stone, splashing valley and lake and mountain was represented here; away on these broiling days with a most grateful and as we roamed from table to table, we noted the music, ever seeming to say: 'It is so hot, so hot! and characteristics of each locality, not only the varieties I am so cool, so cool, so cool!

of costume, though these are never seen elsewhere to Here we are at length in the town. The streets such advantage, but also those of feature, speech, and swarm with people ; the space outside the walls custom. Here were semi-Parisian Swiss from Geneva, accommodates a fair. Here are the dear old yellow voluble talkers of doubtful French, and much more houses on wheels so familiar to our infancy-here, fashionably got-up than their comrades ; slow, roundas at home, the abodes of nomade giants, and peripa- faced Teutonic Swiss from the banks of the Rhine ; tetic dwarfs, and circulating monsters, each a sort of and dark-eyed, lithe Italian Swiss, whose homes look fairy domain or unknown Nile-watered region. Trum- down upon the Lago Maggiore : men of different pets are blowing, drums are beating, Columbine is races, of different creeds, of different tongues, but all dancing, and Jack-pudding is playing tricks exactly united in the love of freedom and the fatherland. as they do in England. Fairs all over civilised Europe Many travellers, or rather tourists, passing hastily seem to be pretty much the same. You recognise through Switzerland on their way to Italy, or saunterhere at Soleure the pig-faced lady whose horrors ing wearily from sight to sight, speak scornful words froze your blood at Greenwich; that forty-six inch of the Swiss, and set them down as a nation of Polish count has not altered a bit since you saw him grasping, unpatriotic extortioners. They compare the at Paris; but his friend, the tall Goliath von Gad- men with the mountains, greatly to the disadvantage about, is perceptibly weaker in the knees. Alas! of the former; and declare that the race of other days the showman's wife looks sadder than ever: poor is extinct, and that an invader of the country would thing! even the constant society of a giant and a no longer meet with any opposition worth speaking of. nobleman will not render life utterly destitute of cares. The affair of Neufchâtel has afforded the best contra

But let us proceed. Shall we revolve on that diction to these charges. No one can any longer merry-go-round, or witness the siege of Sebastopol ? affirm that the Swiss love their money dearer than or indulge in the recreation of having a tooth drawn their country. The call to arms has again, as in olden by that sharp-eyed Italian? Why is it that people times, resounded along the rushing Rhine, across the so much enjoy a joke connected with that most dark waters of the lake of the forest cantons, and abominable of operations ? Every visitor to Paris amidst the icy peaks of the Oberland, and the reply has seen the polite gentleman who migrates from has been as hearty as ever it was. While such is the place to place in a vehicle half-way between the lord-spirit of the people, the liberties of the country rest mayor's coach and a fire-engine-locates himself for secure, and our children's children may be able to a time in a favourable neighbourhood-plays a tune see the cantons dine together.' on the piano, calls on his gorgeous footman to sound Shooting recommenced at two o'clock. The tide of a trumpet, and then displays to the crowd a series of life ebbed from the dinner-table, and flowed into the odontological pictures, gravely, much with the air of grand stand. The lower part of this building was the P. R. A. conducting august visitors on the private divided into a series of compartments-one to each view-day-pictures representing the agonies of a canton. Others were appropriated to the use of mempatient in the hands of a bungling dentist, who tugs bers of the great Swiss Shooting Society. The chief and tugs-now in front, now behind—now above, now division bore the title, “Vaterland,' and was generally below: now they are both on tiptoe, now they writhe the centre of attraction. The targets were placed in in close embrace, now they are down together. Last a row parallel to the stand, about two hundred yards scene in this eventful history - the patient's head distant from it, and about five yards apart one from comes off, and the extractor is hauled to instant exe- another. Wooden screens were so arranged that each cution by the hands of indignant justice. Something shooter could see only the target at which he aimed, of this kind was exhibited at Soleure, but it did not while the whole row was visible to the spectators in produce much effect. Except on canvas, there were the gallery that formed the upper story of the building. no drawings of teeth.

Whenever a 'palpable hit' was made, the target sunk But if the Swiss have good jaws, they must surely into the depths of the earth, where the marker have very bad eyes. Spectacles here, spectacles there, examined the wound, and telegraphed to the umpire spectacles everywhere-- white, blue, green; glass, the numerical value of the shot. The shooter received pebble, wire. Intelligent traveller, jot down this fact a ticket bearing the number, which he straightway in your note-book; it will afford a subject for an stuck in his lat.

The practised shots bring their own rifles, and as scene is so gay, so romantic, the costumes so strange, they are sure to be members of the society, they the deep-eaved, flower-wreathed houses so picturesque, usually prefer the large compartment. Any one is at that the weary traveller, half-dozing in the comfortable liberty to shoot, but only members can carry off the bow-window of the inn, may easily fancy himself at prizes. The rules allow any foreigner who has resided the opera, and expect every moment to hear the entire six months in Switzerland to join the society, and band join in a grand chorus. Lord Vernon not long ago won the chief prize. There The day is drawing to a close; the sunlight deserts is no lack of rifles for those who wish to shoot; the the plashing fountains in front of the church, through charge is threepence a shot, and a trifle at the end to whose open doors one can see the lights twinkling at the loader. It is no easy matter, however, to use the end of the cool and shadowy aisles. A parting glow these Swiss rifles; they weigh about sixteen pounds, suffuses the old Roman clock-tower, and gilds the their barrels being about half an inch thick at the leaves of the trees which overhang the ramparts. The muzzle, and they have such hair-triggers that, as their visitors begin to depart. Gig after gig rattles out of owners themselves say, a wink will set them off. the courtyard; carts full of merry girls jolt away over

Here are a couple of tourists, evidently Cockneys, the rough pavement, amidst a storm of adieux. Here about to shew off. The English have a reputation and there towers the elephantine bulk of an omnibus abroad as sportsmen, so our two compatriots soon bound for Bern; I bargain for a lift with a voiturier, become the cynosure of neighbouring eyes. Young and away we go. At first, the road is all alive with Geneva pauses in its career to watch the proceedings walkers, riders, and drivers, but they gradually fall of the islanders who have invaded its domain. "Genf, off, and at last we are alone. The sun has set, and the remarks one of these gentlemen to the other ; 'Arry, evening-star trembles in the sky as we reach the sumwhat's the meaning of Genf ?' 'Don't know, I'm mit of a hill; the voiturier points with his whip far sure,' replies his friend. 'Never mind. Quel est le away over the plain ; and there at last are the Alps! dommage pour un What's the French for shot ? like faint rose-coloured stains on the pale-green sky; Combien chargez vous ?' Fortunately an interpreter a little further, and there lies Bern beneath us in the arrives, and the Briton relapses into his vernacular. embrace of the Aar. So ends a pleasant day: one may •Careful, eh!-d'ye suppose I can't shoot. Give us often gain a good deal by judiciously losing his way. hold.' The muzzle of the rifle rises slowly from the ground, wavering on its course in such an uncomfortable way, that the bystanders beat a precipitate

THE MONTH: retreat, and before 'Arry' has brought the sight to bear on the target, an unlucky touch on the trigger

SCIENCE AND ARTS. lets the gun off. The tourist is almost knocked down For a time the eager anticipations of success in laying by the recoil

, the bullet flies singing cheerily over the the telegraph-cable across the Atlantic have been disfield, and the reputation of the English as good shots appointed ; not by any hinderance which amounts to suffers an eclipse. They may well call them air- impossibility, but by an accident which we are assured triggers ; a puff of wind would set them going any may be avoided on a future occasion. The experience, day, says the discomfited Arry,' as he quits the spot. however, is costly. We have heard that the breaking with his friend. 'I vote this precious dull sport; let's cut it, say I. And they retire, much to the of the cable may in part be attributed to the haste relief of their neighbours, who are able to recommence with which it was manufactured. Be this as it may, operations in safety.

the projectors look on ultimate success as certain ; Presently the storm of popping lulled, and a pro- and have-if we are not misinformed-made up their cession formed to the sound of martial music. First minds to try again in October. The Atlantic is said

a fantastic individual, clad in a gold-laced to be tolerably complacent during that month, after scarlet coat, and wearing a sort of huntsman's cap. getting rid of its ill-humour in the gales of the He led the way with wild gestures, bounds, and equinox. We sincerely hope that Neptune and all exclamations, much with the air of a cannibal con- his blusterers will be content to lie quiet for about a ducting victims to the stake. Behind him marched the fortnight. We hear, however, at the last moment, musicians; then came the markers from their posts that the cable will be used for a line to India, and in the trenches, one from each canton. Behind them a new one made for the Atlantic, to be laid next year. went the winners of prizes, walking two and two; The meeting of the British Association at Dublin mostly mountaineers-steady-looking, gamekeeper-like, has gone off satisfactorily, having attracted thither no middle-aged men—after them flocked the populace. We small number of savans, British and foreign. The were carried away in the stream, and after a while came reports made on the subjects specially selected for to a stand-still in front of a pagoda-like building at investigation testify to the fact of advancement in the summit of a gentle slope. Here the prizes were on science. As the president, Dr Lloyd, remarked, in his view. There were plenty of them, and of all kinds, opening address, the progress made since the Associafrom a five-franc powder-horn to the gem of the pre- tion met in the Irish metropolis twenty-two years sent meeting, which was a present from the Swiss in ago, is such as would at that time have been judged California. It was simple and valuable, consisting of a impossible. Himself a first-rate cultivator of several number of twenty-franc pieces formed of Californian branches of physical science, he sketched ably and gold, and arranged in the figure of the letter S. It is clearly the advances of astronomy from the discovery very pleasant to see so many presents from the Swiss of the little planet Atalanta, four miles in diameter, in foreign lands; however distant they may be, they to the researches into the physical constitution of the take an honest pride in contributing some token of sun, and its sources of light and heat. He mentioned their affection. The procession returned to the stand, the important and highly refined discoveries by which and the shooting recommenced. For three days, it the undulatory theory of light has been confirmed; will continue with little variation, ceasing only at and those which shew that heat is convertible into meal-times and at the approach of night. So far as I mechanical power, and vice versa. The latter question am concerned, I begin to feel somewhat wearied of the is one involving applications and consequences of din, and am glad to retire for a while to the hospitable which it is as yet impossible to foresee all the value; Couronne. The house is gay with decorations, and full but it exceeds all others in richness of promise for of guests ; the peasantry and voituriers throng the mechanical science. Geology, chemistry, and terreslower rooms ; the aristocracy of the cantons dine up trial magnetism were also noticed; and the reports stairs; the streets are more full than ever ; and the and papers read in the subsequent business of the meeting fully maintained the spirit inspired by the The Board of Trade have published a quarto of excellent president's address.


nearly two hundred pages, entitled First Number of Bad news again from Africa. Dr Barth lived to Meteorological Papers, which, as one of the earliest come home and write three large volumes about his instalments from the great oceanic survey, must be travels and adventures; but Dr Vogel, who followed regarded as a highly promising commencement. It conhim, and whose progress we have from time to time tains reports and tables of weather from various parts noticed, was beheaded at Wara by order of the sultan of the world, besides wind-charts for the great oceans, of the country. By this deplorable murder, the hopes among which is a large one called a 'first approximaof science and commerce are alike frustrated; and the tion' towards illustrating that disastrous storm in doctor was not the only victim; for his companion, the Black Sea in November 1854. The volume is to Corporal Maguire, while returning to the north with be freely distributed. Admiral Fitz Roy, under whose the papers and instruments, was murdered near Kuka superintendence it has been brought out, says: “Numerby the Tuaricks. These calamities make Dr Living, ous scientific journals and registers kept on board stone's adventures appear still more remarkable, and her Majesty's surveying and exploring ships contain help to confirm the notion, that by the great rivers information in manuscript well worth circulating the interior of Africa may be most safely explored. among those to whom it is of value. Scarcely a logApropos of Dr Livingstone, his book is not to be book has been examined in this office in which remarkpublished till November.

able occurrences have not been noted for extraction An answer to the cotton question has come from with a view to publication ... and some are rendered Mexico, where, it appears, the cotton-plant grows wild interesting as well as valuable, independently of and of excellent quality. With cultivation, says the statistical details, by remarks which recall to mind report, any quantity may be produced, for the climate the writings of Dampier, Cook, or Flinders. It would is favourable. If the unlucky Mexican bondholders indeed be ill-judged economy to consign such obserwould bestir themselves in the matter, they might vations to the shelf

, instead of placing them speedily perhaps get their long-standing claims satisfied in within the reach of inexperienced men just commencing cotton.- Concerning the silk question, M. Guérin their sea responsibilities. We publish this statement Meneville shews that the disease among silk-worms because the survey is a work in which the nation at is caused by a disease to which, as he has now ascer- large is interested, seeing that its main object is to tained, mulberry-trees are periodically liable. Cure facilitate navigation and lessen its dangers. one and you cure the other.

The last Proceedings of the Royal Medical and ChirurM. Mathieu de la Drôme has published a scien- gical Society contains certain communications worth tific report, in which he states that careful study of making known to other than professional readers. In the sixty years' observations made at Geneva and the one, Dr H. Bence Jones gives an account of a lady, Great St Bernard, has rendered him weather-wise, and who, while walking across her bedroom, felt a sudden that he can tell beforehand what the weather will be. pain in her great toe, which was supposed to be caused We have not yet seen his data or the conclusions drawn by the penetration of a broken needle. The pain was from them; but when they come before us, our readers great, but nothing could be seen, and an attempt at shall have the benefit of the information.-One fact is discovery was made. A small piece broken from a certain: the weather this summer has puzzled and fine sewing-needle magnetised was attached to the end astonished meteorologists : 80 high a degree of heat of a filament of cocoon silk, and with this the toe was with so long a continuance of dry weather has not explored. The signs of a needle buried in the flesh been known for nearly half a century. And the rain, were, however, not very positive, and recourse was had when it did come, was attended by phenomena much to a bar horseshoe magnet for the purpose of inducing more common in the tropics than in our temperate magnetism in the piece within the toe. Now, the indizone. Sudden floods of unusual height rushed through cations of the feeler, as it may be called, shewed plainly some of the northern counties. At several places, that such a piece was buried, its position, and gave also more than three inches of rain fell in three hours! a a notion of its length. Once informed on these points, quantity most extraordinary. The average rain-fall the operator had no difficulty in extracting the hurtful for the whole year is about twenty-four inches; and fragment of steel. By exploration, a needle might be here we have one-eighth of that quantity in one discovered in any other part of the limbs or body; hundred and eighty minutes! In Devonshire, on the but great care and knowledge of magnetic phenomena contrary, scarcely a shower fell for three months, and are essential to success. the landscapes of that usually green county looked all Dr Pidduck, in a communication On Dietetic Medibrown and scorched. An observer in the camp at cine, shews that the vital principle, if proper means are Aldershot noted a thousand flashes of lightning in an supplied, is safer to rely on than mechanical appliances. hour; in Ireland, seven persons lost their lives by The weakly and undersized growth of many who live thunder-storms in one day; and in Germany, the season in large towns, arises from improper diet. Other things has been marked by the appearance of numerous blue, being equal, a growing child fed on brown bread will crimson, and yellow meteors. In the United States, have larger and stronger bones than one fed on white also, fearful storms have prevailed, attended by fatal bread. The insufficiency of white bread, moreover, consequences. Fifteen persons were killed by light- becomes prejudicial when alum is an ingredient. Here ning in one week in Ohio. With such weather in we let the doctor speak for himself: Europe and America, it is the more remarkable to * Acting upon the design,' he says, 'of supplying the hear that at Bombay they are “alarmingly short of vital principle with the materials to strengthen, and, as rain.' In all respects, the summer of 1857 will be an a consequence, to straighten the bones, I procured a interesting study for the Meteorological Society. large quantity of ivory turnings, and had them deprived

The Imperial Academy of Sciences at Toulouse offer of gelatine by long boiling, and dried, that the bonea prize-a gold medal—for Researches on Atmospheric earth phosphate set at liberty might be more easily Electricity, in which are to be embodied a discussion of acted upon and readily dissolved by the acid in the the observations from which the existence of atmo- stomach. To this bone-earth phosphate was added a spheric electricity is deduced ; to determine the sources fourth part of the saccharine carbonate of iron, and of this electricity; to shew what influences are pro- flour, butter, ginger, and treacle in proper proportions duced thereby on the physical constitution of clouds, to form gingerbread-nuts; each nut, containing twenty particularly as regards the formation of hail. Here is grains of the bone-earth phosphate, and five grains of an interesting inquiry: if trustworthy answer can be the saccharine carbonate of iron, was a dose, of which given, the advantages will be manifold.

one was given twice a day.'

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