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1. By immediate Revelations, i Sam.

ii. 11, 12.
2. By His prophetical Inspirations.

2. Ordinarily, by His Providences.
3. What is it to submit our Wills to GOD's ?
1. We submit our Wills to His commanding

Will. 1. When we do what He wills we should

do. 2. When we therefore do it, because He

wills it, i Sam. xv. 22. 3. That we will the doing of it, as well

as He, i Chron. xxviii. 9. ! S. Pet.

V. 2. 2. That we may submit to His acting Will,

is requir’d, 1. That we do not murmur at what He

doth, 1 Cor. x. 10. 2. That we acknowledge His Will in it,

S. Matt. vi. 26. and x. 29. 3. That we will and choose what He

doth, 1 Sam. iii. 18. 4. Why are we to submit our Will to GOD's? 1. Because He is our Creator and Gover

nour, i San. iii. 18. 2. Because His Will is always good, Psal.

cxix. 68. 3. Because what we will contrary to GOD,

is Sin. Signs of our submitting our Wills to GOD's. 1. When we acknowledge GOD's Good

ness in our very Troubles. 2. When we run not to unlawful Means, but

wait upon GOD, Ifa. xxviii. 15, 16.

Hebr. x 38. S. Jam. v. 7, 8. 3. When we perform our Duty, whatsoever

the Success prove, A&t. v. 29.

4. When

4. When we can bless GOD for all Things,

Job i. 21. i Theff. v. 18.

MOTIVES. 1. We daily pray that the Will of GOD may be done, S. Matt. vi. 10.

2. Whatsoever we suffer, tho' it be more than we would, yet it is less than we deserve, Lam. iii. 39. Ezra ix. 13.

3. GOD's Will must stand, whether we submit or no, Ifa. xlvi. 10. Prov. xix. 21.

4. The End of Troubles is to try us, whether we will submit to His Will or not, Job i. 11.

s. There is no Misery we can undergo, but by this Submission it is turn’d to a Mercy.

6. This' Submission is the best Evidence of true Grace.

7. It is the best Means to an happy and comfortable Life.

8. We are unfit to choose any Thing ourselves ; 1. By Reason of the Ignorance of our Un

derstandings. 2. By the Perverseness of our Wills, Rom.

vii. 19.

9. We cannot be fav’d, unless we submit to GOD's Will.

10. Christ submitted.

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S. LUK. xxiv. 6.
He is not bere, but is risen.


S without Faith in Christ, we can never

come to the Enjoyment of Him, so without the Knowledge of Christ, we can never come to Faith in Him; so that it as much concerns us to know Him here, as to look after the Enjoyment of Him hereafter. Now there is a twofold State of Christ, necessary to be known by us, in order to our Enjoyment of Him ; His · State of Humiliation, and His State of Exaltation, in which the Execution of His threefold Office, and the whole Dispensation of our Salvation confifteth.

Of His Humiliation there are three Degrees, His Sufferings upon Earth, His Burial under the Earth, and His Descent into Hell; and fo likewise in His Exaltation there are three Degrees too, His Resurrection from the Earth, His Ascent into Heaven, and His Sitting at the Righi Hand of GOD.

It is the first which we this Day celebrate, and therefore the first we shall at this Time speak a little to ; even, that He is not here, but is risen. They are the Words of two Angels, in the Shape of Men, to some Women that came to anoint Christ's Body in the Sepulchre ; who finding the Stone rolled away, and no Body in the Sepulchre, are much perplex'd at it, till at length the Angels ask them, why they seek the Living amongst the Dead, and tell them, He is not here, but is rifen.


Christ is risen from the Dead.

That Christ was crucify'd, dead and buried, it was the fero's Faith and Derision ; but that He rose again the third Day, is only a Christian's Faith and Persuasion. And observe, we are not only to believe, tbat He rose again, but that He rose the third Day. Tho' He that came to bring others to the joys of Life, was Himself brought into the Pangs of Death; yet it was not in the Power of Death, long to detain the Lord of Life ; tho' Worms had Power to send Him to the Grave, yet they had not Power nor Time to feed upon Him there. No, He had lain but one whole Day, and two Pieces, before the Angels cry out, He is not here, but is risen.

He lay three Days, that we might believe Hc was not alive but dead; He rose again the third Day, that we might believe He is not dead but lives, lives now to make Intercession for our Souls in Heaven as really, as once He died to make Satisfaction for our Sins on Earth. He is not therefore here, He is risen.

This Truth I shall shew you, both the 871 and di oto of ; first, that it was so; and then why it was so, that Christ rose from the dead,

1. That Chrift rose from the Dead. It is an Article of our Faith, which all true Christians are persuaded of, but none can be too much confirm'd in; for this Article of our Faith is the Foundation of our Religion, and the Ground of all our Comfort, the Basis of Christianity, the Sum of the Law and the Gospel ; and if we were fully persuaded of this Article of our Faith, what a wonderful Change would it make in all the


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A&ions of our Life ? Did we verily believe, that He is risen from the Dead, and that all Power is given Him in Heaven and in Earth, and that He is at this very Moment making Intercession for uś; how active should we be in Duty, how zealous for His Glory, how constant in our Attendance upon Him, how scornful of all Things in Comparison of Him?

Now there are four Things which may cono, vince us of the Certainty of it.

1. The Old Testament foretold it.
2. The New Testament allerts it.
3. There were many Eye-Witnesses of it.
4. The Spirit of GOD gives Testimony

to it. 1. The Old Testament foretold it, that it should be so: It is no new Doctrine brought of late into the Church of GOD, but as old as Mofes and the Prophets ; so that the very Scri. ptures, which the Jews so zealously maintain, and so constantly assert to be the Word of GOD, may condemn them of their Error in this point, foretelling the Resurrection of Christ. -1. Typically, in Ifaac's Deliverance from

Death, Gen. xxii. 12. In Fosepb's Re-
demption out of Prison, Gen. xli. 14.
And in Jonab's Preservation in the
Whale's Belly, and his being brought

out of it the third Day, Fon. ii. 10.
2. Expresly, Psal. xvi. 10. A&t. ii. 31. Ifa.

liii. 10. Pfal. ii. 7. A£t. xiii. 33. Ifa.ix.7. Indeed, this was so evidently known, even under the Old Testament, that Fob could stedfastly say, Job xix. 25. I know that my Redeemer liveth, and that he shall stand at the latter day upon the earth; so that we may say, as

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