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2 Holy name of Jesus,

2 God with us, :ll: Though men blaspheme thee, God appears in human frame; I will adore, whene'er I hear or name In his name rejoice with gladness, thee, With gratitude. Since to save lost man he came;

None need sink in hopeless sadness, Bro 3 Precious name of Jesus,

For Immanuel is now with us, How sweet and blessed

God with us. :||: Art thou to souls, who mourning and distressed Upon thee call!

63. T. 11, 4 Cheering name of Jesus,

JESUS is our highest good,
Whence comfort floweth;
Noangellike a contrite sinner knoweth He hath sav'd us

by his blood;
Thy pow'r divine. May we love him evermore,

And his saying name adore. 5 Lovely name of Jesus, end, Whoe'er confideth

2 Jesus, when stern justice said, In thee - obtains a treasure which " Man his life hath forfeited,

abideth, And never fails." Vengeance follows by decree,"
6 Saving name of Jesus,

Cry'd, “ Inflict it all on me."
In which salvation

3 Jesus gives us life and peace,
Ispreach'd to ev'ry kindred, tongueand Faith, and love, and holiness;

nation, Might all thee praise ! Ev'ry blessing, great or small,
7 Faithful name of Jesus,

Jesus for us purchas'd all.
In thee I've trusted,

4. Jesus therefore let us own, e

And of thy faithfulness on earth have Jesus we'll exalt alone,

And shall in heav'n. Jesus hath our sins forgiv'n,
8 Blessed name of Jesus,

Jesus' blood procur'd us heav'n. mie,

How efficacious
To save to sanctify and to preserve us!

Thee we adore. My God a man! a man indeed,
9 Jesus, blessed Jesus,

Born, for a sinful race to bleed,
Name so revered
By all believers; they can ne'er bę
wearied In praising thee. 2 Who can describe the loveliness

Which was, blest Child, in theē? 10 Name for ever sacred,

Thy whole deportment heav'nly grace, For ever precious;

And true humility. edia Let all within us echo Jesus, Jesus ! Forevermore. 3 According to th' appointed plan

My infant Saviour grew, 62. T. 119.

In favor both with God and man, des JESUS' name, :ll:

In years and stature too.
Source of life and happiness;

4 My Saviour learned Joseph's trade, ope, In this name true consolation

Wascall’da carpenter, (Mark 6. 3.) Mourning sinners may possess;

And therefore, that he earn’d his bread,
Here is found complete salvation :

We justly may infer,
Blessed Jesus, we thy name will praise

5 Often oppress'd with human care,
All our days.:ll:

He to his Father sighs,

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64., T. 14.


An infant truly poor ;

Salvation to procure.

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66. *

T. 14.


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Or spends the night in fervent pray's 6 In thy righteousness array'd
And offers tears and cries.

Let us triumph and be glad;

Let us walk with thee in white, 6 Again, as Teacher of Mankind

Let us see thy face in light.
I see my humble Lord :
How cheerfully was he inclin'd
To preach the saving word!

IMMANUEL's meritorious tears 7 To comfort men was his delight,

Assuage our ev'ry pain, To help them in distress;

His bitter suff'rings, cries and pray'rs, He ready was, by day and night,

Our fav'rite theme remain. To pardon, heal and bless.

2 When Jesus' suff'ring life we trace,
8 Oft he was hungry, spent and sad, In ev'ry scene we find,
In his
own world a guest,

That he a man of sorrows was,
And of his own no place he had, Though of unspotted mind.
His weary
head to rest.

3 All they who weeping now go forth, 9 Ah, might my heart a mirror be, And bear the precious seed, Reflecting Jesus' grace,

May in our Saviour's walk on earth That all, who'my behaviour see,

Pattern and comfort read. May some resemblance trace. 4 Among the evils of the fall 10 Grant me that meek and lowly mind, This the most dreadful is of all,

Which soul and body grieve,
Thou hast on earth display'd,

That sin to us doth cleave.
Which in thy holy life I find,
My Pattern, Lord and Head. 5 Whene'er the Holy Ghost displays

To our benighted hearts,
65. T. 11.

That we are wretched, vile and base,

And light to us imparts,
SEE, my soul; God ever blest 6 How do we blush with conscious
In the flesh made manifest!.

shame, Human nature he assumes,

While tears of anguish flow ! He, to ransom sinners,

And did we not the suff’ring Lamb, 2 He fulfilld all righteousness,

The Friend of sinners know; Standing in the sinner's place;

7 A contrite heart would never cease From the manger to the cross,

To weep most bitter tears; All he did, he did for us:

But faith in Jesus' saving grace

The mourning sinner cheers. 3 All our woes he did retrieve, He expir'd that we might live;

8 Whenwe have that great bliss attain'd

To find, that in all need, By his stripes our wounds are heald,

Christ is our Counsellor and Friend, By his blood our pardon's seald.

Then are we help'd indeed, 4 Lord, conform us to thy death, 9 O'tis the greatest happiness, Raise us to new life by faith,

When of his


divine Through thy resurrection's pow'r,

We have a feeling, and he says, May we praise thee evermore.

“ Fear not, for thou art mine."
5 Circumcise our sinful hearts; 10. Our thankful tears then testify
Purify our inward parts;

That Jesus wept for us,
Lord, destroy the carnal mind, And we, possessing heav'nly joy,
That in thee we peace may find. For him count all things loss.

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Deliver me.

11 Yet tears of grief at times bedew 13-Thy flight into Egypt,
Our cheeks, while here we stay;

Amidst great danger,
When we in heav'n his face shall view, Teach me to be a pilgrim here and
He'll wipe all tears away,


Where'er I am. 67. T. 14.

4. Thy unspotted childhood,

And meek behaviour,
O my dear Saviour, when thy cares, Teach-me to be a little child for ever
Thy toils for me I read,

Before thy face.
My eyes run o'er with grateful tears,
And I bow down my head.

5 Thy unfeign'd obedience

And true subjection ace, 2 Thy suffring life I cannot trace,

Unto thy parents, form to likeaffection Or read thy sacred word,

My stubborn heart. But I'm o'ercome with thankfulness

To thee, my gracious Lord. 6 Thy forty days fasting,
Sites What am I, Lord, that thou so much Thy being sorely try'd, in ev'ry trial

Thy self-denial,
Should'st love and value me?
ch Vile dușt I am, yet thou for such
Didst bear thy misery.

70. T. 580.

THE wise men from the East ador'd
T. 22.

The infant Jesus as their Lord,
My dear Redeemer, God and Lord,

Brought gifts to him their King:
I read my duty in thy word;

Jesus, grant us thy light, that we But in thy life the law appears blar

The way may find, and unto thee Set forth in living characters,

Our hearts, our all, a tribute bring, 2 Such was thy truth, and such thy zeal, Such def'rence to thy Father's will,

2 May Jesus Christ, thespotless Lamb. Such love and meekness so divine,

Who to the temple humbly came

The legal rights to pay,
Iwould transcribeand makethem mine.

Subdue our proud and stubborn will, 3 Cold mountains and the midnightair That we his precepts may fulfil, b, Witness'd the fervor of thy pray'r;

Whate'er rebellious nature say,
The desert thy temptations knew,
Thy conflict and thy vict'ry too.
4 Be thou my pattern; let me bear

O SON of God and man, receive
More likeness of thine image here;

This humble work of mine;
And at thy right hand me confess,

Worth to my meanest labor give,
Arrayed in thy righteousness.

By blessing it with thine.

2 Servant of all, to toil for man
69. T. 58.

Thou wouldst not, Lord, refuse :
LAMB of God, mày Saviour, Thy Majesty did not disdain
O set before me

To be employ'd for us.
Thy matchless love, and by thy grace
procure me A mind like thine. 3. In all I think, or speak, or do,

Let me show forth thy praise; 2 Thy humiliation

Thy bright example still pursue
How meritorious !

Through all my future days.
Thy birth in poverty, and life labo-

Teach me to stoop. 4. By faith thro' outward cares I
D 2

From all distraction free;


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71. T. 14



72. *

My hands alone engag'd below,

T. 22.
My spirit still with thee.
5 When thou, my Saviour, shalt'appear, MAY all those blessings on us flow,
Then gladly may I cry,

And in our lives their virtue show,
“ The work thou gavest me while here Which from the manger to the cross,
Is done--to thee I fly."

Thou, Lord, hast merited for us.

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V. Of the Sufferings and Death of Jesus Christ, and his

Resting in the Grave.

15. By all thy grief, thy tears and sup73. T. 114.

plication, WHAT human mind can trace the Thy bloody sweat, thy bitter agony; condescension

Ogrant that I may love thee ardently : Of our almighty Maker's love to man? Be thou, dear Lord, my life and conNo angel can the hidden myst'ry scan;

solation ! Redeeming love, thou art past com- Whene'er temptation would my soul prehension;


beset, Yet by the Spirit's teaching we can I'll pray to thee, and think of Olivet. From Jesus' agony, that God is love,

74. T: 580. 2 Pursue,mysoul,the sacredmeditation, And view the agonizing Lamb of God; BEHOLD! how in Gethsemane See him oppressed with the pondrous Th’incarnate God doth sweat for thee load

stion: Till drops of blood fall down; Of all thy sins, to purchase thy salva- For thee the Lord lies prostrate there, He riseth with a heart-affecting look, Hear his thrice-utter'd,mournful pray'r, Andwith his foll’wers passeth Cedron's Mark ev'ry dol'rous sigh and groan. brook.

2 I'm lost in wonder and amaze; 3 My spirit now with solemn, deep Here I'll abide and melt and gaze, devotion,

'Tis God's beloved Son! Doth follow Jesus to Gethsemane;

How heavy is the weight he bears ! There he, on my account, doth weep

His soul is filld with grief and fears; [tion :

Lo! now the bitter cup comes on. O'ercome with horror at the bitter po- 3 Lord, dost thou suffer thus for me? Yet to his Father's will he is resign'd. Dost thou endure such misery, Grantme,dear Jesus, thyobedient mind. To give me life and peace ?

Then will I bear this on my heart, 4 I see my Saviour kneeling, groaning, weeping,

My all is purchas'd with thy smart, He prostrates on the ground and prays

Thy sweat &blood sign myrelease.”

T. 96.
Yea trembling wrestleth in an agony;
And while his sad disciples all are OFTEN I call to mind the place

Gethsemane, to which the Lamb, His soul in grief, his eyes in tears are 'Who lov'd to be in loneliness, drown'd,

With his disciples often came, His sweat as drops of blood falls to the Where, out of boundless love to me, ground.

He wrestled in an agony.

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and pray,

for me,

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2 There,overwhelm’dwith grief, heśaid: 2 How is Jesus' sacred soul oppressed

"My soul is sorrowful to death;" With our sins' prodigious load! flor;

And suffring freely in my stead, Tho' an angel comforts the distressed, W,

He drank the bitter cup of wrath; Weak and fainting Lamb of God!

Now on his knees, then on his face, Yet what trembling seizeth himallover
He weeps, and sweats, and bleeds, Tears and sweat and blood his visage


And in drops fall on the ground, 13 So lov'd me the eternal God,

While his heart in grief is drown'd.
That he became the Son of man,

3 Jeers and stripes and mock’ries he And took my sin's prodigious load.

My soul, admire his gracious plan!

Meek and patient; in our stead;
Thystripes, thy guilt and curse he bore;
Believe and thankfully adore,

How are Jesus' gracious eyes obscured:

View his wounded back and head; 76,* T. 99.

He, whom whips and thorns have la. cerated,

[ted: Mostawfulsight!myheartdothbreak, Is the Lord, who all things hath creay Oh! it can ne'er my mind forsake Ah, his pungent grief and smart,

Howthou for me hastwept&prayed: Melt and break my stubborn heart.
Might I for thy soul's agony,

4 See him bear his cross, in deep When wrestling with death bitterly,

affliction, Lord, as thy trophy be displayed !

On his sore and wounded back,

Led to Calvary for crucifixion, (rack ; 77.

Where his limbs they stretch and GOD,in a garden,suffers in our nature! As a Lamb he's led unto the slaughter, Ehere;

He faints, who cheers and comforts And his soul is poured out like water: ras' every creature;

Vinegar and gall he tastes,
An angel strengthens his Creator yon- While his suff'ring body wastes.

Adore and wonder. 5 Now behold him weeping, bleeding, Fey

T. 54

Midst two thieves, upon the cross;
COME, congregation, come and see

Lo, he bows his sacred head; and dying,
Thy Saviour in Gethsemane ;

Life eternal gains for us.
Here is a scene which with amaze

Lord, afford us all thy Spirit's unction,
Must strike thee; here astonish'd gaze:

To consider this with heart's compuncThy Maker prays.

Might our words and actions prove 79.* T. 185.

That we know thy dying love.
MY Redeemer, overwhelm'd with an- 6 Our enraptur'd hearts shall ne'er be
Went to Olivet for me;

There he kneels, his heart doth Heave At

bis.cross, in faith, we wish to tarry,

Fear and horror seize his soul and
For the hour of darkness now com-
Ah, how doth he

weep and


T. 36.

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and languish
Iti a bitter agóny,

On our dying Lord to gaze; (weary

There shall be our hiding-place.
May his dying look remain engraven
On our hearts: for pardon,life&heaven
Our Redeemer then procurd,
When he death for us endur'd.
Therefore all his agony and passion,

And his sini-atoning death,

mênces :

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For rebellious man t'atone!

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