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4 When to the cross we turn our eyes,

And rest on Calvary,
O Lamb of God, our Sacrifice,

We must remember thee!
5 Remember thee and all thy pains;

And all thy love so free;
Yea, wbile a breath, a pulse remains,
Will we remember thee.


JESUS, great redeeming Lord,
U Magnify thy dying word;
In thine ordinance appear;

Come, and meet thy people here. 2 In the rite thou hast enjoined, :

Let us thee our Saviour find;
Drink thy blood for sinners shed,

Taste thee in the broken bread.
3. Thou our faithful hearts prepare;

Thou thy pardoning grace declare:
Thou that hast for sinners died,

Show thyself the Crucified!
4 All the power of sin remove;

Fill us with thy perfect love; u Stamp us with the stamp divine; ...

Seal our souls for ever thine. 328

7s & 6s. , T AMB of God, whose dying love, JJ We now recall to mind, Send the answer from above, .'11 And let us mercy find:


Think on us who think on thee;' ni

And every struggling soul release,, O remember Calvary,

And bid us go in peace! 2 By thine agonizing pain,

And bloody sweat, we pray;
By thy dying love to man,

Take all our sins away:
Burst our bonds, and set us free; ;

From all iniquity release;...,
O remember Calvary,

And bid us go in peace! : 3 Let thy blood, by faith applied,

The sinner's pardon seal;
Speak us freely justified,

And all our sickness heal: “ lino
By thy passion on the tree,

Let all our griefs and troubles cease; O remember Calvary,

And bid us go in peace! 329 8s & 7s. JESUS spreads his banner o'er us,

Cheers our famished souls with food,

Of his mystic flesh and blood. Precious banquet; bread of heaven;

Wine of gladness, flowing free; May we taste it, kindly given,

In remembrance, Lord, of thee.
2 In thy holy incarnation, .. . :

When the angels sang thy birth;
In thy fasting and temptation;
In thy labours on the earth;


In thy trial and rejection;

In thy glorious resurrection;

May we, Lord, remember thee.

330 . C. M.
OGOD, unseen, yet ever near,

Thy presence may we feel;
And thus, inspired with holy fear,

The great engagement seal.
2 Here may thy faithful people know

The blessings of thy love;
The streams that through the desert flow;

The manna from above.
3 We come, obedient to thy word,

To feast on heavenly food; : Our meat, the body of the Lord,

Our drink, his precious blood.
4 Thus may we all thy words obey;

For we, O God, are tbine;
And go rejoicing on our way,

Renewed with strength divine. 331

C. M.
I ORD! at thy table we behold

The wonders of thy grace;
But most of all admire that we

Should find a welcome place. 2 What strange surprising grace is this,

That such poor souls have room!
Our Saviour takes us by the hand,

Our Jesus bids us come.

e what we

3 Ye saints below, and hosts of heaven,

Join all your praising powers;
No theme is like redeeming love, ?

No Saviour is like ours. 4 Had we ten thousand hearts, dear Lord!

We'd give them all to thee; ; Had we ten thousand tongues, they all

Should join the harmony.

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PREAD of heaven! on thee we feed,
D For thy flesh is meat indeed:
Ever let our souls be fed

With the true and living bread!
2 Vine of heaven! thy blood supplies

This blest cup of sacrifice:
Lord! thy wounds our healing give,

To thy cross we look and live.
3 Day by day with strength supplied,

Through the life of him who died:
Lord of life! O let us be
Rooted, grafted, built on thee!


C. M.
REMEMBER Thee, redeeming Lord !
IU While memory holds her place,
Can we forget the Prince of life,

Who saves us by his grace? 2 The Lord of life, with glory crowned,

On heaven's exalted throne,
Remembers those for whom, on earth

IIe heaved his dying groan.


3 His glory now no tongue of man

Or seraph bright can tell: Yet 'tis the chief of all his joys

That souls are saved from hell. 4 For this he came and dwelt on earth;

For this his life was given; For this he fought and vanquished death;

For this he pleads in heaven. 5 Join, all ye saints beneath the sky,

Your grateful praise to give;
Sing loud hosannas to the Lord,
Who died that we might live.

8s & 7s.
COME, thou everlasting Spirit, "

Bring to every thankful mind
All the Saviour's dying merit,

All his sufferings for mankind: True recorder of his passion,

Now the living faith impart; . . Now reveal his great salvation

Unto every faithful heart. 2 Come, thou Witness of his dying; i

Come, Remembrancer divine;
Let us feel thy power applying foren

Christ to every soul of thine.
Let us groan thine inward groaning;

Look on him we pierced, and grieve; All partake the grace atoning,

All the sprinkled blood receive. 335

88 & 7s. WHILE in sweet communion feeding W On this earthly bread and wine,

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