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2 Be thou my counsellor,

My pattern and my guide,
And through this desert land,

Still keep me near thy side ;
O let my feet ne'er run astray,
Nor rove, nor seek the crooked way.
3 Jesus, my great High Priest,

Offer'd his blood and died;
My guilty conscience seeks

No sacrifice beside ;
His pow’rful blood did once atone,
And now it pleads before the throne.


Job xxxviii, 7. (7's.)
1 SONGS of praise the angels sang,

Heaven with hallelujahs rang,
When Jehovah's work begun,

When he spake, and it was done. 2 Songs of praise awoke the morn,

When the Prince of Peace was born:
Songs of praise arose, when he

Captive led captivity.
3 Heaven and earth must pass away,

Songs of praise shall crown that day;
God will make new heav'ns and earth,
Songs of praise shall hail their birth.

4 And will man alone be dumb,

Till that glorious kingdom come? No, the church delights to raise

Psalms and hymns and songs of praise ! 5 Saints below, with heart and voice,

Still in songs of praise rejoice;
Learning here by faith and love,

Songs of praise to sing above. 6 Borne upon the latest breath,

Songs of praise shall conquer death ;
Then amidst eternal joy,
Songs of praise their pow’rs employ.

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1 GOD is our refuge, tried and provid,

Amid a stormy world ; We will not fear, though earth be mov'd,

And hills in ocean hurl'd. 2 The waves may roar, the mountains shake,

Our comfort shall not cease;
The Lord his saints will not forsake;

The Lord will give us peace.
3 A gentle stream of hope and love,

To us shall ever flow;
It issues from his throne above,

It cheers his church below.

4 When earth and hell against us came,

He spake, and quell’d their pow'rs;
The Lord of hosts is still the same;

The God of grace is ours.

203 Colossians iii, 11. (c. m.)
1 I'VE found the pearl of greatest price,

My heart doth sing for joy;
And sing I must, for Christ I have,

All gold without alloy.
2 Christ is a Prophet, Priest, and King ;

A Prophet full of light;
A Priest, who stands 'twixt God and me;

A King, who rules with might.
3 This Christ, he is the Lord of lords,

He is the King of kings,
He is the Sun of Righteousness,

With healing on his wings.
4 Christ is my meat, Christ is my drink,

My med'cine and my health,
My peace, my strength, my joy, my crown,

My glory, and my wealth.
204 Psalm xxxiv, 1. (c. m.)
1 WHAT shall I render to my God,

For all his gifts to me?
Sing, heav'n and earth, rejoice and praise

His glorious majesty.

2 Bright cherubim ! sweet seraphim!

Praise him with all your might; Praise, praise him, all ye host of heav'n,

Praise him, ye saints in light. 3 Praise him, ye kings, the King of kings,

Praise him with one accord ; Let the whole earth, with all her tongues, • Prepare to praise the Lord. 4 Lord, let me praise thee while I live,

And praise thee when I die;
And praise thee when I rise again,

Through all eternity.


Romans xiii, 11. (c. M.)

1 AWAKE, ye saints, and raise your eyes,

And raise your voices high ; Awake, and praise that sov'reign love

That shows salvation nigh. 2 Fast on the wings of time it flies,

Each moment brings it near; Then welcome each declining day,

Welcome each closing year!
3 Not many years their round shall run,

Nor many mornings rise,
Ere all its glories stand reveal'd

To our admiring eyes.

4 Ye wheels of nature, speed your course;

Ye mortal pow'rs, decay ;
Fast as ye bring the night of death,

Ye bring eternal day. 206 Isaiah xxxii, 2. (L. m.) 1 AWAKE, sweet harp of Judah, wake,

Retune thy strings for Jesus' sake;
We sing the Saviour of our race,

The Lamb, our shield, and hiding-place. 2 When God's right arm is bar'd for war,

And thunders clothe his cloudy car, Where, where, O where shall man retire

T'escape the terrors of his ire ?
3 'Tis he, the Lamb! to him we fly,

While the dread tempest passes by ;
God sees his well-beloved's face,
And spares us in our hiding-place.

Psalm lxxvi. (s. M.)
1 GOD in his church is known,

The God of love and might;
He rears in her his earthly throne,

He tends her day and night. 2 The pow’rs of death and hell

In vain her peace oppose;
A word of his, the storm can quell,

And scatter all her foes.

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