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3 The fury of her foes

Fulfils but his decree :
Ye saints, on him your hopes repose,

And he your strength shall be.

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1 OH! Saviour, whom a holy morn,

Gave to our world below;
To mortal want and labour born,

And more than mortal woe.
2 Incarnate Word! by ev'ry grief,

By each temptation tried ; Who liv'd to yield our ills relief,

And to redeem us died. 3 If gaily cloth'd, and proudly fed,

In dang’rous wealth we dwell, Remind us of thy manger-bed,

And lowly cottage cell.
4 If press'd by poverty severe,

In anxious want we pine,
Oh may thy Spirit whisper near,

A poorer lot was thine. 5 Through this life's ever-varying scene,

From sin preserve us free;
Like as thou hast a mourner been,

May we rejoice with thee.


Psalm xlii, 7–9. (c. m.)
1 AFFLICTION is a stormy deep,

Where wave resounds to wave;
Though o'er my head the billows roll,

I know the Lord can save.
2 The hand that now withholds my joys,

Can yet restore my peace;
And he, who bade the tempest roar,

Can bid the tempest cease.
3 In the dark watches of the night,

I'll count his mercies o'er ;
I'll praise him for ten thousand past,

And humbly beg for more. 210

Isaiah ix, 2. (L. M.) 1 LORD! while the nations lay in night, One city shone with holy light; The good man's joy, the people's theme,

It was thine own Jerusalem. 2 Those glorious hours have pass’d away,

The gold is dross, the iron clay ;
And where thy saints and prophets knelt,

For ages have the godless dwelt.
3 They, who were guided by thy hand,

Now roam, unblest thro' ev'ry land;
Hated and scorn'd, as though they ne'er
Had known thy love, or felt thy care.

4 Scatter'd and scourg'd, they wander on,

Forget thy law, reject thy Son ;
Oh let thine anger cease to burn;
Return to them, O God, return!

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1 FOR mercies, countless as the sands,

Which daily I receive
From Jesus, my Redeemer's hands,

My soul, what canst thou give ? 2 Alas! from such a heart as mine,

What can I bring him forth?
My best is stain’d and dy'd with sin,

My all is nothing worth.
3 Yet this acknowledgment I'll make,

For all he has bestow’d;
Salvation's sacred cup I'll take,

And call upon my God.
4 The best return for one like me,

So wretched and so poor,
Is from his gifts to draw a plea,

And ask him still for more. 5 I cannot serve him as I ought,

No works have I to boast;
Yet would I glory in the thought,

That I shall owe him most.

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12 Hebrews iv, 8–9. (7's sixes.)
1 SOON, too soon, the sweet repose,

Of this day of God will cease;
Soon this glimpse of heaven will close;
Vanish soon the hours of peace;
Soon return the toil, the strife,

All the weariness of life.
2 But the rest which yet remains

For thy people, Lord, above,
Knows nor change, nor fears, nor pains,
Endless as their Saviour's love:
O may every sabbath here,
Bring us to that rest more near!


Genesis xix, 17. (L. M.) 1 MY God! and can I linger still,

With coward heart and wav'ring will,
Loth from my sins to be set free,

Still loth to give myself to thee?
2 My Maker! whose creative word,

Being, with all its powers, conferr'd;
I hold my all from thee alone,

Shall I not render thee thine own?
3 My Saviour! who didst drink for me

The bitter cup of agony;
Can I so long ungrateful prove,
To suff'ring, dying, pard’ning love ?

4 Spirit of life! whose voice within,

Oft warns my conscious soul of sin,
Still shall my heart to thee be clos'd,

And thou still griev'd, and still oppos'd ? 5 But is there mercy, Lord, with thee?

And hope for me? Yes, e'en for me!
And canst thou, wilt thou, yet forgive,

And look on me, and bid me live ?
6 O great, our highest thoughts above,

Untold, unfathomable love;
Lord, I with joy thy word receive,
And love, and wonder, and believe.

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1 LET me be with thee, where thou art,
My Saviour, my eternal rest;
Then only will this longing heart
Be fully and for ever blest.

2 Let me be with thee, where thou art,

Thy unveil'd glory to behold;
Then only will this wand'ring heart,
Cease to be false to thee, and cold.
3 Let me be with thee, where thou art,

Where spotless saints thy name adore ;
Then only will this sinful heart,
Be evil and defil'd no more.

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