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2 Fit emblem of our mortal state!

Thus, in the scripture glass, The young, the strong, the wise, the great,

May see themselves but grass.
3 Ah! trust not to your fleeting breath,
Nor call


your own: Around you look – the scythe of death

Is mowing thousands down.
4 The grass, when dead, revives no more;

We die to live again:
But oh! if death should prove the door

To everlasting pain!
5 Lord, help us to obey thy call,

That, from our sins set free,
When, like the grass, our bodies fall,

Our souls may rise to thee.


C.M.-An abundant Harvest,
1 FOUNTAIN of mercy, God of love!

How rich thy bounties are!
The rolling seasons as they move,

Proclaim thy constant care.
2 When in the bosom of the earth

The sower hid the grain,
Thy goodness mark'd its secret birth,

Ånd sent the early rain. 3 The spring's sweet influence, Lord, was thine;

The plants in beauty grew:
Thou gav'st refulgent suns to shine,

And soft, refreshing dew.
4 These varied mercies from above

Matur'd the swelling grain;
A kindly harvest crowns thy love,

And plenty fills the plain.

5 We own and bless thy gracious sway,

Thy hand all nature hails;
Seed-time nor harvest, night nor day,
Summer nor winter, fails.


L.M.- Autumnal Hymn.
1 GREAT God! at whose all-powerful call,

At first arose this beauteous frame,
Thou bid'st the seasons change, and all

The changing seasons speak thy name. 2 Thy bounty bids the infant year,

From winter-storms recover'd, rise;
When thousand grateful scenes appear,

Fresh opening to our wondering eyes. 3 O! how delightful 'tis to see

The earth in vernal beauty drest,
While in each herb, and flower, and tree,

Thy blooming glories stand confest. 4 Aloft, full beaming, reigns the sun,

And light and genial heat conveys:
And while he leads the seasons on,

From thee derives his quickening rays. 5 Around us from the teeming field,

Spring the rich grain, or purple vine,
At thy command they rise to yield

The strengthening bread, or cheering wine. 6 Indulgent God! from every part,

Thy plenteous blessings largely flow:
We see—we taste- let every heart
With grateful love and duty glow.

C.M.--The Seasons ordained by God.
1 THE rolling year, Almighty Lord !

Obeys thy powerful nod :
Each season, as it silent moves,

Declares the present God.

2 Wak’d by thy voice, out steps the spring,

In living green new drest; On hills, in vales, through fields and groves,

Thy beauties stand confest.
3 The sun calls forth the summer months,

Nor do the hours delay;
The fruits with various colours glow

Beneath his ripening ray.
4 Thy bounty, Lord, in autumn shines,

And spreads a common feast;
He that regards his favourite, man,

Will not neglect the beast.
5 When winter rears her hoary head,

And shews her furrow'd brow,
In storms and tempests, frosts and snows,

How awful, Lord, art thou.
6 The rolling year, Almighty Lord!

Obeys thy powerful nod: Each season, as it silent moves,

Declares the present God.

C.M.- Uufruitfulness confessed. Jer. viii. 20.
1 ALAS! how fast our moments fly!

How short our months appear!
How swift through various seasons hastes

The still revolving year!
2 Seasons of grace, and days of hope,

While Jesus waiting stands,
And spreads the blessings of his love

With wide-extended hands.
3 But Oh! how slow our stupid souls

These blessings to secure! Blessings, which through eternal

years Unwithering shall endure.

4 Beneath the word of life we die;

We starve amidst our store;
And what salvation should impart,

Heightens our ruin more.
5 Pity this madness, God of love,

Ånd make us truly wise;
So from the pregnant seeds of grace

Shall glorious harvests rise.

551. P.M.--“We all do fade us a Leaf.Isa. Ixiv. 6. 1 SEE the leaves around us falling,

Dry and wither'd to the ground;
Thus to thoughtless mortals calling,

In a sad and solemn sound:
2 " Sons of Adam, (once in Eden,

Where, like us, he blighted fell,)
Hear the lesson we are reading;

Mark the awful truth we tell: 3 “ Youth, on length of days presuming,

Who the paths of pleasure tread,
View us, late in beauty blooming,

Number'd now among the dead. 4 - What though yet no losses grieve you,

Gay with health and many a grace,
Let not cloudless skies deceive you;

Summer gives to autumn place. 5 “ Yearly in our course returning,

Messengers of shortest stay,
Thus we preach this truth concerning,

Heaven and earth shall pass away. 6 « On the tree of life eternal,

O let all our hopes be laid ! This alone for ever vernal,

Bears a leaf that shall not fade.”

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L.M.- The Year crowned with Goodness. Ps. Ixv. 11.
1 ETERNAL source of every joy!

Well may thy praise our lips employ,
While in thy temple we appear,

Whose goodness crowns the circling year. 2 While as the wheels of nature roll,

Thy hand supports the steady pole:
The sun is taught by thee to rise,

And darkness when to veil the skies. 3 The flowery spring, at thy command,

Embalms the air, and paints the land;
The summer-rays with vigour shine,

To raise the corn, and cheer the vine. 4 Thy hand in autumn richly pours

Through all our coasts redundant stores,
And winters soften’d by thy care,

No more a face of horror wear. , 5 Seasons, and months, and weeks, and days,

Demand successive songs of praise;
Still be the cheerful homage paid

With opening light, and evening shade. 6 Here in thy house shall incense rise,

As circling sabbaths bless our eyes;
Still will we make thy mercies known,

Around thy board, and round our own. 7 O! may our more harmonious tongues,

In worlds unknown pursue the songs,
And in those brighter courts adore,
Where days and years revolve no more.

C.M.- Salvation approaching. Rom. xiii. 11.
1 AWAKE, ye saints, and raise your eyes,

And raise your voices high;
Awake and praise that sovereign love,

That shews salvation nigh.

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