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257. All Things are yours. CALL'D by grace, the sinner see, Rich, though sunk in poverty; Rich in faith that God has giv'n, He's a legal heir of heav'n. All the searchless riches stor'd, In the person of our Lord; Wisdom, truth, and glorious grace, Everlasting love and peace.

All things that the cross procur'd,
Stand eternally secur'd;
All are your's, ye heirs of bliss,
Cancell'd sins, and righteousness.

All the promises we trace
In the records of his grace;
Richer far than mines of gold,
Half their wealth was never told.
Vict'ry o'er the King of Dread,
Strength the gloomy vale to tread ;
Faith within the vail to see,
Jesus enter'd there for thee.

All the bliss that seraphs know,
All the love that God can show,
All are your's, ye favour'd few,
Mansions, thrones, and kingdoms too.

258. Jesus the Healer of his People. 8.7dble.

JESUS heals the broken-hearted,

Oh! how sweet that sound to me! Once beneath my sin he smarted, Groan'd, and bled, to set me free:

By his suff'rings, death and merits,

By his Godhead, blood, and pain, Broken hearts, or wounded spirits,

Are at once made whole again. Broken by the law's loud thunder,

To the cross for refuge flee, O'er his pungent sorrows ponder,

"Tis his stripes that healeth thee; Oil and wine, to heal and cherish,

Jesus still to Israel gives ; Nor shall e'er a sinner perish,

Who in his dear name believes.
In his righteousness confiding,

Shelter'd safe beneath his wing,
Here they find a sure abiding,

And of cov'nant mercy sing,
Seek my soul no other healing,

But in Jesu's balmy blood,
He, beneath the Spirits sealing,

Stands thy great High Priest with God. 259. The Cross of Christ Foolishness to

them that perish. L. M.

of Jesus was, and is,
To them that perish foolishness;
But to the saint redeem'd by blood,
The wisdom, power, and grace of God.
No other way will God approve
The curse of Sinai to remove,
Or shew a smiling face on thee,
But the dear cross of Calvary.



While others on a sandy base,
For heav'n their expectation place;
The structure form'd of wood and hay,
The storms of wrath shall sweep away.
Yet while in Sinai's fetters bound,
Self-righteous mortals will be found,
Striving, alas! to enter in
That gate, for ever bar'd by sin.
Not so, the soul who feels within
A heart replete with ev'ry sin;
He to the blood of sprinkling goes,
Where pardon, love, and mercy flows.
We deem salvation's scheme compleat,
Where love supreme, and mercy meet;
The highest act that God could show,
Of grace to guilty worms below.

260. The lawful Captive delivered. 8. 8. 6. LED captive once at Satan's will,

We strove his mandates to fulfil,
And lov'd his service well;
But now subdu'd, we sing the grace,
That God reveals to rebels base,
Who sought the road to hell.

Be sov'reign love for ever blest,
That kindled, in Jehovah's breast,
A most vehement flame;
Let praise ascend to Jesus too,
Eternal honours are his due;
By him salvation came.

Sing, ransom'd sinners, lift your voice,
And in this covenant rejoice,

That God had made with thee;
Yet not with thee, but with thy Head,
Jesus the First-fruits of the dead,

The Resurrection he.
In him it stands, and ever stood,
Order'd in all things for thy good,

Ere time began to roll ;
Here stands forgiveness for thy sin,

And righteousness that's white and clean To clothe the naked soul,

261 Peter's Fall and Recovery. L* SEE, at the footstool of his Lord, A fallen saint by grace restor'd; That, from the saints, design'd to show, Eternal love shall ne'er withdraw. Here self-condemn'd, behold he lies, Nor dares to heav'n lift up his eyes ; While down his cheeks in torrents, roll The deep contrition of his soul. Once on the mount with Christ he stood, And found that season sweet and good; Yet now from thence he must retire, To wade through tribulation's fire. Here Peter found himself to be Weak as the infant on the knee ; And deeply humbled at his throne, Confess'd he stood by grace alone.

Hory to God, whilst in the flame,
Tho' he deny'd a Saviour's name,
That oaths nor curses could prevail
To make eternal mercy fail.

Go feed my lambs," saith Jesus, "now I've thee restor'd, and tell them how, By fire, I purge their dross and tin, And love their souls, but not their sin."

262. The Brazen Serpent. 8. 7. 4. MOSES once, as God directed,

Rais'd the brazen serpent high, Lest the tribes that he elected, Stung by fiery serpents, die; So let Jesus

On the gospel pole be rais'd.
As the Prophet bade the wounded
Look and live without a fee;
Let the gospel be resounded,
"Tis salvation full and free;
No co-working

With the Lamb for sinners slain. While the venom'd snake was hov'ring, Israel round the serpent stood; Oh! the cure, how great and sov'reign, "Twas the gift of Israel's God: Look believer,

To the Sacrifice for sin.

Here, when sin your feet entangle,
Let your eyes directed be;

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