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“Thence hope directs her eagle eye,

And longs to see Him rend the sky." resting place is God's word; and it is only by taking hold of this, that As things evil, so things in themthe soul can rise. “He that testi- selves good, have had a tendency to fieth these things saith, Surely I avert the Church's eye from the come quickly." Faith is nothing Lord's coming. “Compared (says more than so to believe the words one) with the cross and an interest of God, as to be affected by them, in it, it is of little consequence and influenced to act as they require. whether we believe that the Lord Professor, try your heart by this will come before his kingdom on test; see what is the precise nature earth, or afterwards.” Another says, of your connexion with God's word : Millions are perishing in their is it a connexion of the head or of sins; let us not stand disputing, but the heart?

go and send them the gospel.” * Further we observe, that the pe. Very true: to cling to the cross is culiarly worldly, bustling spirit of the soul of all religion, to preach the times, is opposed to a steady the gospel to every creature is our and influential expectation of things bounden duty; but did not the aposfuture ! and more especially of the tles do both these, and “wait for coming of Christ.

The more we Christ from heaven,” and “ look for are mixed up with, and conformed that blessed hope ? and do not they to this world, the less sympathy exhort us to do the same? Can we shall we have with heaven. Those spare any motives that may stimu. who have more to do with this late to duty, or any considerations world's politics, and this world's which may help to make us happy ? business, than a single eye to Should we believe in Jesus any the God's glory calls upon them to less, if we expected soon "to see him have, become as it were identified, as he is?” Should we labour less if not with its vices, yet with its diligently, if we thought he would spirit; and consequently do not soon call us to give an account of ardently wish to leave it, nor sin our stewardship?"--Assuredly not. cerely wish that it might be displaced, to make way for another and (9) Scriptural Reasons to shew better state of things. We do not that it is the duty and privilege of speak against patriotism ; this and Christians to send the Gospel to the a political spirit, are often as distinct Jews. ,as superstition and religion. We

Dewsbury: Cullingworth, 1835, 12mo. pp. 24. do not speak against industry, but covetousness; and the question A useful Tract for distribution by simply is this :-Is there not more those who advocate the cause of the clamour about worldly kingdoms, Jews, and who also look for the and more craving for worldly good, literal Restoration of Israel ; though among those who profess religion, we fear, that the very circumstance than there is patient waiting for which commends it to our judgment, Christ's coming, and seeking first viz. its taking a correct Scriptural the kingdom of God? Hope can and prophetical view in the general, not be healthy and clear-visioned in is just what will prevent its being this world's atmosphere; the soul circulated or approved by those to that would be cheered by her dis- whom it is most calculated to be of coveries, must get above it; even use. on Calvary.

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(10) A Few Suggestions (with Word of Warning.The very examples) on the prevailing mode of title to it, a defence," when there Scripture Interpretation : addressed was no danger to be apprehended, particularly to the spiritual and evan is somewhat burlesque, like a giant gelical Ministers of the present day. buckling on armour against the asBy ONE OF THEMSELVES.

saults of a grasshopper or a gnat.

Besides that the “Reply," which Lond. Nisbet, 1836, 12mo. pp. 58. 9d.

Mr. Pym condescends to notice, is An able little Tract, written by published anonymously, it so evione who is evidently well acquainted dently betrays the writer of it to be with his subject and with the works entirely ignorant both of the Scripof writers on prophecy, from whom tural arguments, and of all the conhis expositions are sometimes taken. troversial facts of the case, that even We subjoin a list of texts which the antimillennarians, if unprejudiced, Reader will find treated of and vin would cast away his book, as undicated on millennarian principles. worthy of their attention ; whilst viz :—Heb. 11.5 ; 2 Pet. 111. 3–14; the prejudiced will, on the other Haggai 11. 1-9; Joel 11. 28–32; hand, not be induced to read Mr. Psalm cx. 3 ; Isaiah xxviii. 10; 1 Pym’s “ defence.” We agree howCor. xv. 51-54; John xvIII. 36, ever with our friend, that the attack 37 ; 2 Sam. XXIII. 5; Rev. xx. 6; is likely indirectly to benefit the 1 Pet. 3—-25; 1 John 11. 2.

cause; though for a different reason

from that which he assigns.—We (11) A Defence of A Word of think it will do good by exhibiting Warning in the Last Days, by the the weakness of the opponents of Rev. W. Pym, M.A. Vicar of Wil the doctrine he upholds. It has lian, Herts. In answer to an anony done good likewise already, in that mous Replyto the same.

it has caused Mr. Pym, to bring out Lond. Nisbet, 24mo. pp. 108.

some of the points for which he

contended in his Word of WarnWe almost question whether it ing," with greater clearness and was worth the while of the able and conviction, and so far therefore the esteemed Author of this tract to take “Defence” is a real auxiliary to any notice of the attack on his that work.

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We here bring our Work rather abruptly and unexpectedly to a termination, to which we are compelled by constraining reasons, which will be found stated on the Cover of this Number. In taking leave of our Readers, we most sincerely pray for them, that the very God of peace may sanctify them wholly ; and i hat their whole spirit and soul and body may be preserved blameless unto the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ ! Faithful is he that hath promised, who also will do. (1 Thess. v. 23, 24.)


Printed by T. & G. Turrey, Netford.

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