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2 Might I enjoy the meanest place
Within thy house, O God of grace;
Not tents of ease, or thrones of power,
Should tempt my feet to leave thy door,
3 God is our sun, he makes our day;
God is our shield, he guards our way
From all assaults of hell and sin,
From foes without, and foes within.
4 All needful grace will God hestow,
And crown that grace with glory too;
He gives us all things, and withholds
No real good from upright souls.
50 God our King, whose sovreign sway
The glorious hosts of heaven obey,
And devils at thy presence flee,
Blest is the man that trusts in thee.

L. M.
Sulemn reverence.
TTERNAL Power, whose high abode

Beconies the grandeur of a God :
Infinite lengths, beyond the bounds
Where stars revolve their little rounds:
? Thee while the first archangel sings,
He hides his face behind his wings :
And ranks of shining thrones around
Fall worshipping, and spread the ground.
3 Lord, what shall earth and ashes do !
We would adore our Maker too;
From sin and dust to thee we cry,
The Great, the Holy, and the High.
4 Earth, from afar, bath heard thy fame,
And worins have learn'd to lisp thy name :
But 01 the glories of thy mind
Leave all our soaring thoughta behind.

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5 God is in heaven, and men below:
Be short our tunes; our words be few :
A solemn rev'rence checks our songs,
And praise sits silent on our tongues.

L, M.
Living bread.
TPY presence, gracious God,

afford ;
Now let thy voice engige nur ear,
And faith be mix'd with what we hear.
2 Distracting thoughts and cares remove,
And fix our hearts and hopes above;
With food divine may we be fed,
And satisfied with living brend,
3 To us the sacred word apply,
With sov'reign power and energy ;
And may we, in thy faith and fear,
Keduce to practice what we hear.
4 Father, in us thy Son reveal;
Teach us to know and do thy will:
Thy saving power and love display,
And guide us to the realms of duy.

C. M. Invoking God's presence and blessing.

TITHIN thy house, O Lord our God, Make this a place of thine abode,

And shed thy blessings here.
2 As we thy mercy-seat surround,

Thy Spirit, Lord, in part:
And let thy Gospel's joyful sound,

With power reach every heart.
3 Here let the blind their sight obtain;

Here give the mourner rest; Let Jesus here triumphant reign.

Futhroned in every breast,

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44 P. M. ,

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4 Here let the voice of sacred joy

And fervent prayer arise,
Till higher strains our tongues employ,
In bliss beyoud the skies.


L. M
How dreadful is this place!
THOU, whom all thy saints adore,
And bow our inmost souls before

Thy glorious, awful Majesty.
9 We come, great God, to seek thy face,

And for thy loving kindness wait;
And O, how dreadful is this place!

'Tis God's own house, 'tis heaven's gate 3 Tremble our hearts to find thee nigh;

To theo our trembling hearts aspire :
And lo! we see descend from high

The pillar and the fame of fire.
4 Still let it on the assembly stay,

And all the house with glory fill :
To Canaan's bounds point out the way

And lead up to thy holy hill.
6 There let 118 all with Jesus stand,

And join the gen'ral Church above,
And take our sents at thy right hand,

And sing thine everlasting love.


4th P. M. 886, 886.
God's glorious présence.
THOU God of power, thou God of love,

Whose glory fills the realms above,
W Lose praise Archangels sing,
And veil their faces while they cry,
Thrice Holy, to their God Most High,

Thrice Holy, to their King

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2 Thee as our God we too would claim,
And bless the Saviour's precious Nane,

Through whom this grace is given;
He bore the curse to sinners due,
He forms their ruin'd souls anew,

And makes them heirs of beaven.
3 The veil that hides thy glory rend,
And here in saving power descend,

And fix thy blest abode;
Here to our hearts thyself reveal,
And let ench waiting spirit feel

The presence of our God. 32

C. M.
A blessing from God's presence.
TREAT Shepherd of thy people, hear;

Thy presence now display;
We kneel within thy house of prayer;

O give us hearts to pray.
2 The clouds which veil thee from our sight,

In pity, Lord, remove;
Dispose our minds to hear aright

The message of thy love.
3 Help us, with holy fear and joy,

To kneel before thy face;
O make us, creatures of thy power,

The children of thy grace. 33

L, M.
Faith reveals God's presence.
TOT here, as to the prophet's eye,

The Lord upon his throne Appears;
Nor seraph tongues responsive cry,

Holy! thrice holy ! in our ears: 9 Yet God is present in this place,

Veil'd in serener majesty;
So full of glory, truth, and grace,

That faith nlone such light can see.

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% Nor, as he in the temple taught,

Is Christ within these walls reveald, When blind, and deaf, and dumb were brought

Lepers and lame--and all were heal'd :
4 Yet here, when two or three shall meet,

Or thronging multitudes are found,
All may sit down at Jesus' feet,
And hear from him the joyful sound.



C. M
The promised blessing.
CER, Jesus, thy disciples see;

The promised blessing give;
Met in thy name, we look to thee,

Expecting to receive.
2 Thee we expect, onr faithful Loruba

Who in thy name are join'd;
We wait, according to thy word,

Thee in the midst to find.
3 With us thou art assembled here,

But 0, thyself reveal;
Son of the living God, appear!

Let us thy presence feel. 4 Breathe on us, Lord, in this our day,

And these dry bones shall live;
Speak peace into our hearts, and say,
The Holy Ghost receive.
Whom now we seek, O may we meet,

Jesus, the crucified;
Show us thy bleeding hands and feet,

Thou who for us hast died.
6 Cause us the record to receive

Speak, and the tokens show"O be not faithless, but believe

Io me, who died for you,"

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