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Let me be with Thee where Thou art,
Thy unveil'd glory to behold;

Then only will this wandering heart
Cease to be treacherous, faithless, cold

Let me be with Thee where Thou art,
Where spotless saints Thy Name adore;

Then only will this sinful heart
Be evil and defiled no more!

Let me be with Thee where Thou art,
Where none can die, and none remove,

Where neither death nor life will part
Me from Thy Presence and Thy love!

C. Elliott



O happy soul, that lives on high,
While men lie grovelling here!

His hopes are fix'd above the sky,
And faith forbids his fear.

His conscience knows no secret stings;

While peace and joy combine To form a life, whose holy springs

Are hidden and divine.

He waits in secret on his God,

His God in secret sees;
Let earth be all in arms abroad,

He dwells in heavenly peace.


His pleasures rise from things unseen,

Beyond this world and time,
Where neither eyes nor ears have been,

Nor thoughts of sinners climb.

He wants no pomp, nor royal throne,

To raise his figure here:
Content and pleased to live unknown,

Till Christ, his Life, appear.

He looks to Heaven's eternal hill,

To meet that glorious day;
And patient waits his Saviour's will,

To fetch his soul away.

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Is Resignation's lesson hard?

Examine, we shall find
That duty gives up little more

Than anguish of the mind.

Griefs most inglorious coward tears
From brutal eyes have ran;

Smiles, incommunicable smiles,
Are radiant marks of man.

They cast a sudden glory round
The illumined human face;

And light in sons of honest joy
Some beams of Moses' face.

Resign, and all the load of life
That moment you remove;

Its heavy tax, ten thousand cares
Devolve on One above;

Who bids us lay our burden down

On His Almighty hand; Softens our duty to relief,

To blessing, His command.

For joy what cause? how every sense

Is courted from above!
The year around with presents rich,

The growth of endless love!

But most o'erlook the blessings pour'd,
Forget the wonders done,

And terminate, wrapt up in sense,
Their prospect at the sun.

From that, their final point of view,
From that, their radiant goal,

On travel infinite of thought
Sets out the nobler soul—

Broke loose from time's tenacious ties
And earth's involving gloom,

To range at last its vast domain,
And talk with worlds to come.

Who would not with an heart at ease,
Bright eye, unclouded brow,

Wisdom and goodness at the helm,
The roughest ocean plough?

Thy will is welcome, let it wear

Its most tremendous form; Roar waves! rage winds! I know that Thou

Canst save me by a storm.

For what is Resignation? 'tis

Man's weakness understood;
And wisdom grasping with an hand

Far stronger, every good.

E. Young



My conscience is my crown:
Contented thoughts my rest;

My heart is happy in itself;
My bliss is in my breast.

Enough, I reckon wealth;

A mean, the surest lot;
That lies too high for base contempt,

Too low for envy's shot.

My wishes are but few,

All easy to fulfil:
I make the limits of my power

The bounds unto my will.

I feel no care of coin;

Well-doing is my wealth: My mind to me an empire is

While Grace affordeth health.

I wrestle not with rage,
While fury's flame doth burn;

It is in vain to stop the stream,
Until the tide doth turn.

But when the flame is out,
And ebbing wrath doth end;

I turn a late enraged foe
Into a quiet friend;

And taught with often proof,

A temperM calm I find To be most solace to itself,

Best cure for angry mind.

No change of fortune's calms
Can cast my comforts down;

When fortune smiles, I smile to think.
How quickly she will frown;

And when, in froward mood,

She moved an angry foe,
Small gain I found to let her come,

Less loss to let her go.

R. Southwell



Return, O wanderer, to thy home;

Thy Father calls for thee:
No longer now an exile roam,

In guilt and misery,
Return, return!

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