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To God the Father's throne,
Perpetual honours raise,
Glory to God the Son,

To God the Spirit praise :
With all our pow'rs, eternal King,
Thy name we sing, while faith adores.

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ALL glory to th' eternal Three,
Thee, Father, thee, O Son, and thee,

The Spirit ever blest ;
That glory which through ages past
Unchang'd has stood, and yet shall last

When time has sunk to rest.


Love to the Brethren. (s. M.)

1 BLEST be the tie that binds

Our hearts in christian love;
The fellowship of kindred minds

Is like to that above.
2 Before our Father's throne

We pour our ardent pray’rs ;
Our fears, our hopes, our joys are one,

Our comforts and our cares.
3 When we asunder part,

It gives us inward pain ;
But we shall still be join'd in heart,

And hope to meet again.
4 This glorious hope revives

Our courage by the way;
While each in expectation lives

And longs to see the day.

United Prayer. (L. M.)
1 FEW are the hours when we can share

The comfort of united pray’r:
In Jesu's name together meet,

And put the world beneath our feet.
2 Yet, Lord, thy goodness we adore,

Which now assembles us once more;
Oh may we here thy presence find,

And serve thee with a thankful mind.
3 Teach us, though in a world of sin,
Heav'n's blest employment to begin,
To speak our great Redeemer's praise,
And love his name, and learn his ways.

4 Teach us to love as christians ought,

Nor keep one proud, or angry thought;
And when we meet, or when we part,

Oh may we still be join'd in heart!
5 Father, look down with pitying eye;

Our sins forgive, our wants supply;
Through stedfast faith, that works by love,
Prepare us for thy rest above.

1 GOD of our hope, to thee we bow,

Thou art our refuge in distress;
The husband of the widow thou,

The Father of the fatherless.
2 May we thy law of love fulfil,

To bear each other's burdens here,
Suffer and do thy righteous will,

And walk in all thy faith and fear. 3 Didst thou not give thy Son to die

For our transgressions, in our stead?
And can thy goodness aught deny

To those for whom thy Son hath bled ? 4 Then may our union, here begun,

Endure for ever, firm and free;
At thy right hand may we be one,
One with each other and with thee.

Jeremiah xiv, 3. (L.M.) 1 “CEASE thou from man,” O what to thee,

Can thy poor fellow mortals be?
Are they not erring, finite, frail,
What can their utmost aid avail ?
2 Their very love will prove a snare;

Then, if my heart becomes aware
Of its own danger, it will bleed,

For leaning on a broken reed.
3 Why does thy bliss so much depend
On earthly relative, or friend?
There is a Friend who changes never,
The love he gives is given for ever.

4 Go to that Friend, poor aching heart,

He knows how desolate thou art;
He longs, he waits, to make thee blest,
And in himself to give thee rest.

Luke xv, 18. (P. M.)
1 FATHER, again in Jesu's name we meet,

And bow in penitence beneath thy feet;
Again to thee, our feeble voices raise,

To sue for mercy, and to sing thy praise. 2 Oh! we would bless thee for thy ceaseless care,

And all thy work from day to day declare;
Is not our life with hourly mercies crown'd,

Does not thine arm encircle us around? 3 Alas! unworthy of thy boundless love,

Too oft our feet from thee, our Father, rove; But now, encourag'd by thy voice, we come,

Returning sinners, to a Father's home. 4 Oh! by that name, in whom all fulness dwells,

Oh! by that love, which ev'ry love excels,
Oh! by that blood, so freely shed for sin,
Open bless'd mercy's gate, and take us in.

(7's. sixes.)
1 HOLY Lord, our hearts prepare,

For the solemn work of pray’r;
Grant, that when we bend the knee,
All our thoughts may turn to thee:
And thy presence may be found,

Breathing peace, and joy around.
2 Lord, when we approach thy throne,
Make thy pow'r and glory known;
Thus may we be taught to call
Humbly on the Lord of all:
And with reverence and fear,
At thy footstool to appear.

3 Teach us, as we breathe our woes,

On thy promise to repose;
All thy tender love to trace,
In the Saviour's work of grace,
And with confidence depend,
On a gracious God and Friend.

A Farewell Hymn. (s. M.)
1 AND let our bodies part,

To different climes repair ;
Inseparably join'd in heart,

The friends of Jesus are.
2 O let us still proceed

In Jesu's work below;
And following our triumphant head,

To farther conquests go.
3 O let our heart and mind

Continually ascend,
That haven of repose to find,

Where all our labours end.
4 O happy, happy place,

Where saints and angels meet,
There we shall see each others face,

And all our brethren greet.
5 The church of the firstborn!

We shall with them be blest,
And, crown'd with endless joy, return
To our eternal rest!

Evening Hymn. (c.m.)
1 0 LORD, another day is flown,

And we, a humble band,
Are met once more before thy throne,

To bless thy fostring hand.
2 And wilt thou lend a listning ear

To praises weak as ours?
Thou wilt, for thou dost love to hear

The song which meekness pours.

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