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the waters : it is the glorious God, O taste, and see, how gracious the that maketh the thunder.

Lord is : blessed is the man that It is the Lord, that ruleth the trusteth in Him. sea ; the voice of the Lord is O fear the Lord, ye that are His mighty in operation : the voice of saints : for they that fear Him lack the Lord is a glorious voice. nothing.

The voice of the Lord breaketh The lions do lack and suffer hunthe cedar-trees : yea, the Lord ger : but they who seek the Lord breaketh the cedars of Libanus. shall want no manner of thing that

He maketh them also to skip is good. like a calf : Libanus also, and Si- Come, ye children, and hearken rion, like a young unicorn. unto me : I will teach you the fear

The voice of the Lord divideth of the Lord. the flames of fire ; the voice of the What man is he that lusteth to Lord shaketh the wilderness : yea, live : and would fain see good days? the Lord shaketh the wilderness of Keep thy tongue from evil : and Cades.

thy lips, that they speak no guile. The voice of the Lord maketh Eschew evil and do good : seek the hinds to bring forth young, and peace, and ensue it. discovereth the thick bushes : in The eyes of the Lord are over His temple doth every man speak the righteous : and His ears are of His honour.

open unto their prayers. The Lord sitteth above the wa- The countenance of the Lord is ter-flood : and the Lord remaineth against them that do evil : to root a king for ever.

out the remembrance of them from The Lord shall give strength the earth. unto His people : the Lord shall The righteous cry, and the Lord give His people the blessing of heareth them : and delivereth them peace.

out of all their troubles. Exhortation to praise and fear God. are of a contrite heart : and will

The Lord is nigh unto them that Psalm 34.

save such as be of an humble spirit. WILL alway give thanks unto Great are the troubles of the I

the Lord : His praise shall righteous : but the Lord delivereth ever be in my mouth.

him out of all. My soul shall make her boast He keepeth all his bones : the Lord : the humble shall hear that not one of them is broken. thereof, and be glad.

But misfortune shall slay the O praise the Lord with me : and ungodly : and they that hate the let us magnify His name together. righteous shall be desolate.

I sought the Lord, and He heard The Lord delivereth the souls of me : yea, He delivered me out of His servants : and all they that all my fear.

put their trust in Him shall not be They had an eye unto Him, and destitute. were lightened ; and their faces were not ashamed.

Thanksgiving for the fruits of the Lo, the poor crieth, and the

earth, with allusion to spiritual Lord heareth him : yea, and saveth

fruits. him out of all his troubles.

Psalm 65. The angel of the Lord tarrieth TTHOU, O God, art praised in round about them that fear Him : and delivereth them.

the vow be performed in Jerusalem.


T Sion ? anddunto Thee shall I


the pit.

Thou that ,hearest the prayer : Thanksgiving for recovery from unto Thee shall all flesh come.

sickness. My misdeeds prevail against

Psalm 30. me : O be Thou merciful unto our

WILL magnify Thee, O Lord, sins.

Blessed is the man whom Thou not made my foes to triumph over choosest, and receivest unto Thee : he shall dwell in Thy court, and shall be satisfied with the pleasures Thee : and Thou hast healed me.

O Lord, my God, I cried unto of Thy house, even of Thy holy

Thou, Lord, hast brought my temple.

soul out of hell : Thou hast kept Thou shalt shew us wonderful things in Thy righteousness, O God my life from them that go down to of our salvation : Thou that art the

Sing praises unto the Lord, O hope of all the ends of the earth, and of them that remain in the ye saints of His : and give thanks

unto Him for a remembrance of broad sea.

His holiness. Who in His strength setteth

For His wrath endureth but the fast the mountains : and is girded twinkling of an eye, and in His about with power.

Who stilleth the raging of the pleasure is life : heaviness may ensea : and the noise of His waves, the morning.

dure for a night, but joy cometh in and the madness of the people.

And in my prosperity I said, I They also that dwell in the ut- shall never be removed : Thou, termost parts of the earth shall Lord, of Thy goodness hast made be afraid at Thy tokens : Thou


hill so strong. that makest the outgoings of the

Thou didst turn Thy face from morning and evening to praise

me : and I was troubled. Thee.

Then cried I unto Thee, O Thou visitest the earth, and Lord : and gat me to my Lord blessest it : Thou makest it very right humbly. plenteous. The river of God is full of wa- blood : when I go down to the pit ?

What profit is there in my ter : Thou preparest their corn,

Shall the dust give thanks unto for so Thou providest for the Thee : or shall it declare Thy truth? earth.

Hear, O Lord, and have mercy Thou waterest her furrows, Thou


: Lord, be Thou my sendest rain into the little valleys helper. thereof : Thou makest it soft with

Thou hast turned my heaviness the drops of rain, and blessest the into joy : Thou hast put off my increase of it.

sackcloth, and girded me with gladThou crownest the year with Thy goodness : and Thy clouds drop

Therefore shall every good man fatness.

sing of Thy praise without ceasing : They shall drop upon the dwell


my God, I will give thanks unto ings of the wilderness : and the

Thee for ever. little hills shall rejoice on every side

Thanksgiving for escape from The folds shall be full of sheep :

danger. the valleys also shall stand so thick

PSALM 124. with corn, that they shall laugh F the Lord Himself had not been and sing.

on our side, now may Israel



say : if the Lord Himself had notness : for so He giveth His beloved been on our side, when men rose sleep. up against us ;

Lo, children and the fruit of the They had swallowed us up quick : womb : are an heritage and gift that when they were so wrathfully dis- cometh of the Lord. pleased at us.

Like as the arrows in the hand of Yea, the waters had drowned the giant : even so are the young us : and the stream had gone over children. our soul.

Happy is the man that hath his The deep waters of the proud : quiver full of them : they shall not had gone even over our soul. be ashamed when they speak with

But praised be the Lord : who their enemies in the gate. hath not given us over for a prey Comfort in God's word and keepunto their teeth.

ing His commandments. Our soul is escaped even as a bird out of the snare of the fowler :

Part of Psalm 119, v. 41. the snare is broken, and we are delivered.

unto me, O Lord : even Thy Our help standeth in the name salvation, according unto Thy word. of the Lord : who hath made hea

So shall I make answer unto my ven and earth.

blasphemers : for my trust is in Thy

word. Psalm which may be said after a

O take not the word of Thy truth Marriage.

utterly out of my mouth : for my Psalm 128.

hope is in Thy judgments. LESSED are all they that fear So shall I alway keep Thy law:

the Lord : and walk in his ways. yea, for ever and ever. For thou shalt eat the labour of

And I will walk at liberty : for I thine hands : 0 well is thee, and seek Thy commandments. happy shalt thou be.

I will speak of Thy testimonies Thy wife shall be as the fruitful also, even before kings : and will vine : upon the walls of thine house. not be ashamed. Thy children like the olive

And my delight shall be in Thy branches : round about thy table. commandments: which I have loved. Lo, thus shall the man be bless

My hands also will I lift up unto ed : that feareth the Lord.

Thy commandments : which I have The Lord from out of Sion shall loved : and my study shall be in so bless thee : that thou shalt see Thy statutes. Jerusalem in prosperity all thy life

V. 57. long;

THOU art my portion, O Lord : Yea, that thou shalt see thy chil. dren's children : and peace upon law. Israel.

I made my humble petition in After a Birth in the Family:

Thy presence with my whole heart : Psalm 127.

o be merciful unto me, according XCEPT the Lord build the to Thy word.

I called mine own ways to relost that build it.

membrance : and turned my feet Except the Lord keep the city : unto Thy testimonies. the watchman waketh but in vain. I made haste, and prolonged not

It is but lost labour that ye haste the time : to keep Thy commandto rise up early, and so late take ments. rest, and eat the bread of careful- The congregations of the ungodly

I hear with my whole heart:

have robbed me : but I have not understanding : that I may know forgotten Thy law.

Thy testimonies. At midnight I will rise to give It is time for Thee, Lord, to lay thanks unto Thee : because of Thy to Thine hand : for they have derighteous judgments.

stroyed Thy law. I am a companion of all them For I love Thy commandments : that fear Thee : and keep Thy com- above gold and precious stone. mandments.

Therefore hold I straight all Thy The earth, O Lord, is full of Thy commandments : and all false ways mercy : 0 teach me Thy statutes.

I utterly abhor,
V. 73.

V. 145.
THY hands have made me and
fashioned me : 0 give me un-

O derstanding, that I may learn Thy Thy statutes. commandments.

Yea, even unto Thee do I call : They that fear Thee will be glad help me, and I shall keep Thy teswhen they see me : because I have

timonies. put my trust in Thy word. I know, O Lord, that Thy judg-unto Thee : for in Thy word is my

Early in the morning do I cry ments are right : and that Thou of

trust. very faithfulness hast caused me to

Mine eyes prevent the nightbe troubled.

watches : that I might be occupied 0 let Thy merciful kindness be

in Thy words my comfort : according to Thy

Hear my voice, O Lord, accord word unto Thy servant.

ing unto Thy loving kindness : 0 let Thy loving mercies come

quicken me, according as Thou art unto me, that I live : for Thy may

wont. law is my delight. Let the proud be confounded, persecute me : and are far from

They draw nigh that of malice for they go wickedly about to de

Thy law. stroy me : but I will be occupied in

Be Thou nigh at hand, O Lord : Thy commandments.

for all Thy commandments are Let such as fear Thee, and have

true. known Thy testimonies : be turned

As concerning Thy testimonies, unto me. O let my heart be sound in Thy Thou hast grounded them for ever.

I have known long since : that statutes : that I be not ashamed. V. 121.

V. 153. I

DEAL with the thing that is O cand deliver me : for I do not

lawful and right : 0 give me not over unto mine oppressors. forget Thy law.

Make Thou Thy servant to de- Avenge Thou my cause, and delight in that which is good : that liver me : quicken me, according to the proud do me no wrong.

Thy word. Mine eyes are wasted away with Health is far from the ungodly : looking for Thy health : and for for they regard not Thy statutes. the word of Thy righteousness. Great is Thy mercy, O Lord :

O deal with Thy servant accord quicken me, as Thou art wont. ing unto Thy loving mercy : and Many there are that trouble me, teach me Thy statutes.

and persecute me : yet do I not I am Thy servant, O grant me swerve from Thy testimonies.



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It grieveth me when I see the For Thou art the God that hast transgressors : because they keep no pleasure in wickedness : neither not Thy law.

shall any evil dwell with Thee. Consider, O Lord, how I love Such as be foolish shall not Thy commandments : 0 quicken stand in Thy sight : for Thou me, according to Thy loving-kind- hatest all them that work vanity.

Thou shalt destroy them that Thy word is true from everlast- speak leasing : the Lord will abhor ing : all the judgments of Thy both the blood-thirsty and deceitful righteousness endure for evermore.

But as for me,

I will come into V. 169.

Thine house, even upon the multiET my complaint come before tude of Thy mercy : and in Thy derstanding, according to Thy holy temple. word.

Lead O Lord, in Thy rightLet my supplication come before eousness, because of mine enemies : Thee : deliver me, according to make Thy way plain before my Thy word.

face. My lips shall speak of Thy For there is no faithfulness in praise : when Thou hast taught me his mouth : their inward parts are Thy statutes.

very wickedness. Yea, my tongue shall sing of Their throat is an open sepulThy word : for all Thy command-chre : they flatter with their ments are righteous.

tongue. Let Thine hand help me : for I

Destroy Thou them, O God; have chosen Thy commandments.

let them perish through their own I have longed for Thy saving imaginations : cast them out in the health, O Lord : and in Thy law multitude of their ungodliness; for is my delight.

they have rebelled against Thee. O let my soul live, and it shall

And let all them that put their praise Thee : and Thy judgments trust in Thee rejoice : they shall shall help me. I have gone astray like a sheep Thou defendest them ; they that

ever be giving of thanks, because that is lost : O seek Thy servant, love Thy name shall be joyful in for I do not forget Thy command

Thee ; ments.

For Thou, Lord, wilt give Thy

blessing unto the righteous : and Trust in God for defence against with Thy favourable kindness wilt enemies.

Thou defend him as with a shield.


Psalm 62.

PONDER, my words, O Lord :
o career mom editat the voice you

Y soul truly waiteth still upon

of my calling, my King and my salvation. God : for unto Thee will I make He verily is my strength and my my prayer.

salvation : He is my defence, so My voice shalt Thou hear be- that I shall not greatly fall. times, O Lord : early in the morn- How long will ye imagine mising will I direct my prayer unto chief against every man : ye shall Thee, and will look up.

be slain all the sort of you; yea,

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