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idolatrous plains, and on these moun- would enter the field, who might be tains and hills, and the echo shall more useful than we have been. I resound from hill to dale, nor die have ardently desired and fervently away till every vestige of idolatry shall prayed for the salvation of the poor be swept away to be seen no more Creeks—for some unknown cause the forever.

blessing has been withheld. Yet the (To be continued.]

Lord has in a small degree blessed our poor efforts. To his name be all the


Mr Compere has purchased a quarWe are happy to state, that contri

ter section of land near Montgomery,

where we shall reside for a season. butions for publishing the Scriptures in Mr C. and Charles D. Mallary and our Burmah continue to be made in all two servants left here on Monday last parts of the United States. Those for that place, with the intention of whose love to the divine word urges pleted we shall be obliged to bid adieu

raising a log cabin ; when it is comthem to take a part in the pleasing ser- to this cultivated spot, where we have vice may still aid the object, and are enjoyed a sweet mixture of joy and requested to forward their contribu

The Indian children are gotions.

ing with us. We are resolved to work

hard and to fare hard for their benefit. We announced that friends in the And O may the divine Being bless our Oliver-Street Baptist Church in New- feeble endeavors and provide for them York proposed to furnish 500 dollars. and us.

John Davis is too much grieved to The following were the sums contrib

occupy these buildings after we leave. uted:

It is a matter of deep regret that nothing William Colgate,


farther can be done for the improve

ment of him and Charles. The latter Bolles Colgate,


is an industrious and worthy youth. George Colgate,

50 Mr C. is endeavoring to obtain a situaThomas Purser,


tion for him near to our new home, to

which he can resort on the Lord's-day James Wilson,


and at other seasons. Garrat N. Bleecker, .

Capt. Walker returned from the ArJoshua Gilbert,

50 kansas about a month since. His acEbenezer Cauldwell, 50

count of that country is very favorable.

He informs us that there are
Theodore Clark,

about 1400 emigrants, from this nation, Wm. D. Murphy,

50 settled in the west. If provision is

made, it is supposed that a large num$500 ber will move there this spring. You

will be gratified to hear that John Reed

and Richard Furman,* bear a good INDIAN STATIONS.

character. They are both in the west.

It is said they conduct themselves with EXTRACT OF A LETTER FROM MRS propriety, particularly R. F. This af

fords us much satisfaction. s. COMPERE.

The case of our colored friends de. Withington Station, Apr. 4, 1829.

serves compassion. Anxious to enjoy

gospel privileges, their spirits are much We have declined going to South Carolina, and I am glad to say the way * These youths were pupils at the appears lighter and plainer. To give missionary station about three years, up the mission entirely; to leave our and are able to read the word of God liitle church in this land where the intelligibly. It must be encouraging heathen rage and imagine a vain thing; to the friends of missions to hear that and to abandon the few dear children, the labor and expense bestowed upon who are too much civilized to be hap- them have not been entirely lost. R. py among their savage relations; are Furman was supported by a Society difficulties to which we cannot be in the Baptist Church in Charleston, wholly reconciled. We entertained a S. C. and bears the name of their late hope that some more active missionary venerable pastor.


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depressed at the idea of our leaving • Eliza Greene, a full Cherokee, them. They would rather submit to fourteen years of age, can read, write, any thing than lose the word of God. and cast accounts, works well at the Pray for these few Ethiopian brethren needle, is able to cut out and inake up and sisters, that the Holy Spirit, the any garment worn by Indian men or Comforter, may dwell with them to es. women, can knit, spin, weave, and tablish their minds and direct them in cook well. She learns readily when the midst of much darkness. I hope at school, but is too much attached to Mr C. and John Davis will be able to the old Indian customs when she gets visit them sometimes after we leave home, which greatly retards her prohere.

gress.' The Indians of the Ufalee Town much regret our departure from the

It must gratify all those who are Nation. We are much attached to contributing to the reformation and them. They are worthy of attention. conversion of the Indians, to know Should nothing prevent, Mr C. will oc

that education, the arts of civilized life, casionally visit them. May the Lord reconcile us both to his will. Mr C. and the Gospel of Christ, are making is endeavoring to do the best he can progress among these untutored tribes. with the property at this place. The school at present contains twenty

one pupils.



We have been favored with the perusal of a brief sketch of the pupils

Mr Bingham's journal, at St. Maries,

from November to February, last, is at Valley Towns School, from Sept.

received. He continues to preach 1, 1927, to Dec. 31, 1829. In this sketch are exhibited the names, charac

to the Indians, and to the United States ter, and proficiency, of nearly 50 stu- garrison, with interesting prospects; dents. Many of the pupils have been and the school contains on an average named after their patrons. Several

about 30 pupils. We extract the folof the children have learned to speak ercises of one of the Indians.

lowing statement of the religious exEnglish, and have made encouraging progress in writing, reading, and arith

Jan. 17, 1829. This evening metic; and the females have acquired Shaw caine in to relate to me the

while engaged in my studies, Thomas a knowledge of domestic duties. Some, state of his mind. He said he had forafter exhibiting a gratifying progress in merly lived in sin. That after some their studies, have been clandestinely death of his little child, and for a short

time his mind was arrested by the taken from the school by their rela- time he felt concerned about himself; tions; but evinced their attachment but these impressions soon wore off, to their studies, by again returning to and he pursued his former course, the school, when opportunity present. until a few weeks before my arrival

here, when his mind was again awaed. Some have given pleasing evi- kened by the death of another child ; dence of Christian character, and made his former life was then laid open to a profession of religion. We extract his view, and his sins appeared like a a description of two individuals.

heavy burden; while laboring under

this burden, it was inpressed on his * Ann Judson, a Catawba, is just mind that God designed it for his good, removed from us. She is a member and that it was intended to reclaim of the church, can read, write, and him from sin. He said he was also cast accounts, work well at her needle, led to think, that is the child had lived, can spin and weave, and is ready at he should have placed his affections house work. We are well satisfied upon it, and not on his Maker. He with her experience and conduct, and said it was not only the case with quite sorry to part with her; but her himself, but also with the other Indians, father expects to leave the nation, and that since they had attended our meetwishes to take her with him.'

ings, a little light began to dawn into





their minds, and they were astonished dies' Boston Distributing Bible Associat their former ignorance, and dark- ation, judiciously circulating the

He informed us that a change sacred Word through the different had taken place in his mind, that had wards of the city. Dr Codman, Mr enabled him to give himself up to Palfrey, Nr Potter, and Mr Malcom, the Lord, that since then he had felt severally addressed the meeting, and as if he were in a new world. He urged weighty and animating considexpressed an unusual joy and satis- erations to excite to continued and infaction in receiving religious instruc- creased efforts for diffusing the Word tion, and said his whole mind was of life. constantly employed in meditating on God, and the things of another world; he enjoyed much confort in prayer,

SOCIETY, his mind was continually engaged in

Met at the house of the Secretary, it; while at work and when walking on Tuesday afternoon. At this meetabout, he often found himself uttering ing it was voted that a portion of the aloud accents of praise to the Redeem. Society's Tracts be gratuitously diser. It appears he has been very ac- tributed, and that 2000 pages be grant. tive in communicating the light he has ed to each Baptist minister who shall received, to the other Indians. He

call in season to receive them. In the said his wife, and her mother, were evening an appropriate sermon thinking seriously, on the subject of preached before the Society in the religion, and asked if they might be Third Baptist Meeting House, by Rev. permitted to come to our morning ser

A. Fisher, jr. from Eccl. ix. 10. After vice; their mother, he said, wanted which a collection was taken to aid in to come and see how white people printing Tracts in Burmah. worshipped God. On being informed we should be pleased to see them come, they were early at the house of God, and were as attentive as though they clock, Rev. Ebenezer Nelson, of West

On Wesnesday forenoon, at 10 o' could understand every word.”

Cambridge, delivered a Sermon at the Federal Street Baptist Meeting-house, on the interesting subject of Foreign

Missions, from Matt. xxviii. 18—20. ANNIVERSARIES IN BOSTON.

Our limits will not admit of an analysis During the last week in May, nu

of this interesting discourse; but it merous benevolent institutions cele

was heard with a fixed attention, and brated their anniversaries in Boston, exhibited the claims of this cause on which called an assemblage of minis: the disciples of Christ in a manner ters and brethren from the various calculated to excite awakened zeal sections of the State. The interviews and holy ardor in this noble enterprise. were highly interesting to the friends

MASSACHUSETTS BAPTIST CHARIof the Redeemer, and had a happy influence in elevating religious joys, and increasing Christian activity. It is be- This Society held its annual meetlieved that many returned to their dif. ing at 12 o'clock on Wednesday, at the ferent fields of labor with quickened Federal Street Meeting house. Its zeal and enlarged philanthropy. object is to render pecuniary aid to the

widows and children of deceased Baptist ministers in the State of Massachusetts.

As many of the ministers The annual meeting of this Society of Christ obtain only sufficient means was held at the Old South Meeting for their annual support, it is apparHouse, on Monday evening, May 25. ent that their families must general

The Report of the Executive Com- ly be left in destitute circumtancess mittee was read by Dr Wisner, and at their decease. It is therefore stated that the Society purchased the earnestly hoped that the funds of this last year 1208 Bibles and 2030 Testa- Society may be greatly increased. ments. There have been distributed The Boston and Salem Associations, in the same time 96 large ibles, 1102 and probably some others, have transsmall, 122 large Testaments, and 2433 ferred their funds to this Society; and small ones. Honorable mention was it is desirable that each Association in made of the efficient labors of the La- the State should make this Society the





depository of their funds and annual religion commenced a year ago. At contributions, and make a general that time, a church was organized coneffort to extend its means, and enlarge sisting of 13 members.

It is now the sphere of its usefulness.

increased to 36. “Often,” he says, my visits to

this place, has GENERAL CONFERENCE.

my spirit been refreshed. "My hands On Wednesday afternoon, at 3 o'clock, have been strengthened in my work a General Conference of Baptist min- when I have seen the numbers who isters and brethren was held at the would flock together from the neighFederal-Street Baptist Meeting House. boring hills, under very unfavorable Rev. Joseph Grafton, Moderator. The circumstances, and the eagerness with important subjects of State Conven- which they would listen to the word tions, Sabbath Schools and Bible Class. of life. The secluded and indigent es, Literary Institutions, Prayer for the situation of this people renders it imincrease of ministers, and Pastoral practicable for them to do much for Duties, were urged with Christian the support of the ministry. I view zeal and fervid eloquence on the nu

them in the fullest sense, objects of merous congregation which mingled in charity, and on them your beneficence the services. The Rev. Messrs. Jon- has not been bestowed in vain. They athan Going, C. 0. Kimball, c. P. wish me to be their organ to express Grosvenor, D. Sharp, and H. Loomis, their gratitude to the Society, and to severally took a part in the addresses solicit a continuance of your liberon this occasion. Much important

ality.” information was communicated; the

This Missionary brother also laborwas productive of animated ed several weeks at Woodstock. Here pleasure; and a deep conviction ap

he had the satisfaction of witnessing a peared to be impressed on the audi- work of grace; and was called upon ence, of the importance of unreserved almost at every visit, to administer the devotedness to the interests of Imman- ordinance of baptism. The church uel's kingdom.

has increased within the past year, from fifteen to thirty-seven. At Heb

ron and Woodstock, Mr H. succeeded BAPTIST MISSIONARY SOCIETY OF in establishing Bible Societies, so that,

tu use his own language, “the prosThis Society met on Wednesday pect now is, that their destitute will evening, at the Federal Street Baptist soon be supplied with that precious Meeting House.

book.” At Paris he spent one Sabbath Dr. Sharp, the Secretary, read the and baptized 8 persons. The work of following Report:

God still prevails in that place; and it In performing the service intrusted is expected that a church will soon be

constituted. to us at the last anniversary of this Society, we appointed the Rev. John

Vermont. Haynes as our Missionary for three months in the State of

Mr Peter Chase has been employed

by the Board as their Missionary for 6 Maine.

months. His sphere of action has been The manner in which he has fulfille chiefly limited to two towns. In a letter ed his appointment has been highly to the Secretary, dated last September, satisfactory to the Board. A small he remarks: “I have succeeded, with church at West Hebron have express- the blessing of God, in gathering two ed to us their grateful acknowledg- little companies of disciples in Willis. ments for the seasonable visits they ton and Huntington. I have generally received from him. The Board have visited Huntington once in two weeks, heard with much pleasure that a and have almost every time had one to member of that church has erected baptize. The number has increased a house of worship at his own expense, since last winter, from 8 to 20, all which cost about twelve hundred dol- heads of families. There is no meetlars. It is believed, that with a little ing-house in the town; but the prosaid, this congregation will become pect is good, that with continued exerpermanently established, and may be tion we shall have one soon.” At the means of doing much good.

Williston it was proposed to build a Mr Haynes spent three weeks at house 30 feet by 40, the upper part of Hamblen's Grant, where a revival of which was to be used as an Academy, JULY, 1829.



and the lower room as a place of wor- For several years, however, Mr ship.

Jobn M. Peck has been aided by this Massachusetts.

Society. His services in Missouri,

Illinois and Indiana, in the Bible, Tract, Agreeably to a request of the Board, Sabbath School and Missionary cause, our esteemed brother, Wm. Bentley, have been great and successful. It has visited Billerica, and remained there long been with him the sowing time, seven weeks. His conversation and

but he now begins to reap the harvest. preaching were attended with a di- In a letter received from him since the vine blessing. Many, it is believed, above was written, giving an account were turned from the error of their of three months' labor under the patways, and received the gospel. He

ronage of the Board, he expresses had the happiness of baptizing nine great confidence that his efforts to persons, on a profession of their faith, promote the interests of literature and and of assisting in the constitution of a

religion will be followed with the blesschurch consisting of twenty-seven ing of God. He writes, that “withmembers.

in two years, more has been gained Rev. John Peak has spent 3 months

to the cause of Christ in improving in the service of the board. In Har- the condition of society and bringing wich and vicinity he labored 5 weeks, forward plans of usefulness, than in preaching and visiting from house to the former period of six or eight years. house. He found professors of religion Years have been employed in toils, in a declining state. They were scat- privations and difficulties, to break up tered as sheep without a shepherd, the fallow ground, and prepare it for His age and experience, qualified the reception of the crop, which now him to set in order the things that begins to produce the blade, and the were wanting. And in a good degree ear, and now we look forward with he succeeded. He attended three church meetings, and administered the joyful prospect to a future harvest of

full corn in the ear.” It is presuined Lord's Supper to a people who had not

the Society will be gratified to learn enjoyed this privilege for 18 months. that the Literary and Theological SemiSince this visit, the Society have taken

nary at Rock Spring, established by down their old meeting-house, remov.

the laudable efforts of Mr Peck, is in ed it to the centre of the town, and

successful progress.

On the last Saberected it anew.

bath in April, six of the pupils, having He concludes his journal by stating, given hopeful evidence of their conthat, during his mission, he has preach- version, were baptized, and joined the ed 59 times, attended 8 church meet- church lately constituted there. ings, administered the Lord's Supper 6

A religious weekly newspaper has times, and made pastoral visits to more

also been established at Rock Spring, than 100 families. He experienced called, “The Pioneer of the Valley of much consolation in dispensing the gos- the Mississippi.” Judging from the pel to the destitute, in conversing with character of the two numbers we have established Christians and anxious in- received, we confidently expect that quirers, and in praying with the afflict- its influence will be salutary. ed and dying.

The Board have made appropriations States bordering on the Mississippi. in Illinois and ihe other in Missouri,

to two Auxiliary Mission Societies, one In these States there is an immense, with a view of encouraging their pious ly important field for Missionary la- and charitable efforts. From the Misbor. The tide of emigration has long sionaries employed by these two Sobeen flowing to the West, and there cieties, under the direction of your are thousands of new settlers in the fer- Board, the most gratifying intelligence tile and extensive Valley of the Mis- has been received. But as this has sissippi, who have no suitable means already been published in the Ameriof religious instruction. Your Board can Baptist Magazine and the Chrishave often been deeply affected with tian Watchman, it is deemed unnecesthe statements they have received from sary to repeat it. It may be sufficient that portion of our country. But they to say, that in several districts where have been able to do little more than these pious men have labored, interestto mourn, and to pray the Lord of the ing revivals of religion have taken harvest that he would send forth la- place. borers; for truly the harvest is great, Permit us to express the earnest hope but the laborers are few.

that the wants of this vast region will

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