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Mark. Luke. John.


33 And he took him aside from the multitude, and put his fingers into hit cars, and he spit, and touched his tongue.

34 And looking up to hea-
ven, he sighed, and faith un-
to him, Ephphacha, that is,
Be opened.

35 And straightway hit
ears were opened, and the
string of his tongue was loaf-
ed, and he spake plain. •

31$ And he charged them

that they should tell no man:

but the more he charged them,

ft much the more a great dori

they published />,

37 And were beyond measure astonished, laying, He

hath done all things well : he

maketh both the deaf to hear,

and the dumb to speak.

30 And great multitudes *fc|

came unto him, having with

them those that were lame,

blind, dumb, maimed, and

many others, and cast them

therefore stepping aside with the roan, put his Fingers into his Ears, and touch'd his Tongue with Spittle, not with a design'to core him by that* outward application, but to give as M were, according to his custom, some Emblem of the invisible Power by which he acted. Then Wring op his Eyes To Heaven, he sialscL jsbemg sensibly touch'd with the Miseries of Mankind, and seid in the SvriZ Language, Be-yen d Which words were no sooner spoken, but the man recover'd the perfect use both ot hisfiatsand Tongue.

. Now Jesus forbad -the man that was cur'd, &tti those that brought him, to divulge the matter;, but the more he charged them, the more officious were they in publishing the Miracles of rheir Benefactor; Wherefore all men we*e struck with the greatest admiratiort, and readily acknowledge he had performs all the Miracles flatnh fad foretold fliould be wrought by th« Meffiah, in these words: eh. 3* «. The Eyes of the Blind ///all be opened, and the Ears of the Deaf Jhall be unstop dinasmuch as he had made the Deaf to hear, the Blind to fee, and the Dumb to speak' forthde reasons abundance of People flock d to him from all parts, and brought With them the-Lame, *he Blind, the Deaf and Maiœ'd, and many other sick persons

Matthew. Mark. Lo>k«. John.

Chap. xv.

down at Jesus feet, and he healed them.

, 31 Insomuch that the multitude wondred when they fcw the dumb to speak, the maimed to be whole, the lame to walk, and the blind' K> sec: and they glorified the c H A P. VHI.

God of Israel.

(kt1 * TN those days the multU

1 tude being very great,

and having nothing to eat,

32 Then Jesus called his Jesus called his

disciples to him, and laid, disciples unto him, and faith

unto them, I have compassion a I have compassion on the on the multitude, because multitude, because they have they continue with me now now been with me three days,

sons who were laid at Jesm's feet, to be Healed of their Infirmities^ and were all' cur'd by him with a word's speaking, insomuch that all men were amaz'd to bear those that a moment before were dumb,, to speak plainly \ and to see Cripples immediately use their Limbs as freely as it they had never ail'd any thing: and they glorified God, who conser'd by the means of Jesus such great Benefit* on the Jewi/h Nation.


Jesus feeds four thousand men with seven Leaves And a-few Fijbes: Goer to Dalmanutha. The Pharisees are frustrated in their expectations of a Miracle from him. He returns to the other ftde of the Laker and discourses concerning the Liven of the Sadduces and Pharisees. He fails to Bethsaida, where he cures a stekper/on. From thence he goes to the Territory of Carfarea Philippi. He asks his Disciples on the Road what opinion the generality had of himy and what theirs was j and then ttils them he must die, and they suffer many things far his fake* *

A Bout this time, a great Multitude being with Jesiu, and his Apostles in the Deserts near Dccapelf, and unprovided of Provisions, he call'd his Apostles to hint, telling 'em* he pitied the Multitude who had Sot three days followed




three days, and have nothing to eat: and I will not fend them away fasting, lest they faint in the way.

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33 And his disciples fay unto him, Whence should we have so much bread in the wilderness, as to fill so great a multitude?

34 And Jesus faith unto 'them, How many loaves have ye? and they said, Seven,

and a few little fishes.

35 And he commanded the 'multitude to fit down on the ground.

36 And he took the seven loaves and the fishes, and gave thanks, and brake them, and gave to his disciples, and the disciples to the multitude.


and have nothing to eat:

3 And if I send them away fasting to their own houses, they will faint sby the way:

for divers of them came from far.

4 And his disciples answered him, From whence can a man satisfy these men with bread here in the wilderness?

5 And he asked them, How many loaves have ye? And they said, Seven.


6 And he' commanded the people to sit down on the ground:

and he took the seven loaves, and gave thanks, and brake, and gave to his disciples to set before them: and they did set them before the people.

7 And they had a few small fishes: and he blessed, and commanded to set them also .before them.

him, and were now destitute of Victuals: If, said he, we dismiss them fasting, 'tis to be fear'd, in the condition they now are, that many of 'em, who live at a great distance, will perish on the Road. The Disciples who, as we have related, took not sufficient notice of the Miracle whereby he entertained 5000 men with five Loaves and two Fishes, told him they could not find Bread sufficient in that desert Country to satisfy such a Multitude. But Jesus ask'd them how many Loaves they had for themselves •, they told him. seven. After this he commanded the whole Multitude to sit down on the Ground \ and having receiv'd the Loaves, he blessed them, and breaking them gave the Fragments to his Apostles to be distributed among the People.

The Apostles had a few small Fishes besides, which he likewise commanded them to distribute among the Multitude, who made a full Meal of the Loaves and

Fishes j

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Fillies •, and the broken pieces and scraps that were left, fill'd seven Baskets. Now there were about four thousand Men, besides Women and Children, who were thus miraculously fed. Jesus therefore, that he might not be continually molested with such a Crowd, who 'twas likely followed him rather to be fed than to be instructed, went on board a little Vessel with his Apostles, and sail'd over to the Coast of Dalmanutha, not far from Magdata. Being landed there, several S adduces and Pharisees came and disputed with him concerning his Authority, requiring some Miracle from Heaven as a demonstration of nis divine Million. Jesus replied to this purpose: If the Sun sets bright, and the Sky looks red, you think it a token of fair Weather the day after -, and in the morning, if the Sky be red and lowering, you account it the Forerunner of a Tempest. O ye Counterfeiters of Virtue, you can use your reason and experience in predicting the change of the Weather \ Why do you seemso wholly void of Reason,as not to beable to tell, whether the Signs of those times which you still expect, have not already happen'd accord.

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c to A P. VIII.

12 And he sighed deeply in his spirit, and faith,

Why doth this generation
seek after a sign? verily I fay
unto you, There shall no sign
be given to this generation.

13 And he left them,
and cntrng into the ship again,
departed to the other side.


14 Now the disciples had forgotten to take bread,

neither had they in the ship with them more than one loaf.

1 $ And he charged them, saying, take heed, beware ot the leven of the Pharisees, and of the leven of Herod.

\6 And they reasoned among themselves, faying, It is because we have no bread.

17 And when Jesus knew it, he faith unto them, Why reason ye i

Luke. John.

tag to the Predictions of the Prophets? In which words Jesus hinted at the Signs ■ of the coming of the Messiah. Then fetching a deep sigh because of their Malice \ This wicked Race, fidd he, whose Minds are alienated from the Service of God, expect a Mirade in confirmation of my being sent from Heaven, as if I had not perform'd any j but there shall be none granted to them for a demonstration of this Truth, except something that shall happen to me like what befel the Prophet Jonas. Afterwards he left that Country, and sailed over to the western side of the lake: Now the Apostles had forgot to buy bread, and had but one Loaf with them in the Vessel. As they were fairing over, irhappen'd that Jesus admoniuYd them diligently to beware of the Leven of the Pkmsees, and of Herod, and the rest of the Sadduces. The Apostles reflecting upon their not having bought Bread, thought that Jesus had upbraided them with their negligence, in obscure terms, and caution'd them against buying any for the future ot those, who were addicted to either of the Sects meption'd.

Jesus observing their mistake, thus rebukd them : O you who have fueh mean Notions of tie Goodness and Power of God, what makes you imagiu that your


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