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instantaneously faded away, the events of more remote days, the discussions of criticism, and the refinements of philological disquisition presented themselves at those intervals to his mind. This is no uncommon phenomenon in the history of human life. · After the resignation of his school he removed from Wakefield to Tadcaster, where he resided two years. Thence he went to York, and was afterward received into the house of his brother Mr. Francis Clarke at Scarborough, where he died; having survived his wife, by whom he had no issue, about eleven months. He was buried in the Church of Kirby-Misperton, the place of his nativity, February 11, 1761.

Several of his scholars *, desirous of paying a tribute to his memory, caused an elegant monu

* The List of them, as subjoined to the Resolutions unanimously adopted at Wakefield, August 29, 1793, at a Meeting summoned by advertisement to consult about some mode of commemorating “their late worthy Master,” will prove that he was as largely concerned, as his own preceptor (the Rev. Thomas Clark) had been, in educating the sons of the principal gentry in the county of York,' as well as those of other counties and countries.



Acklom, Jonathan, Esq. Wiseton near Bawtry.
Ambler, Charles.


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Amcotts, Wharton, Esq. Kettlethorpe, Lincolnshire.
Appleton, Teavil, Esq. Beverley.
Barker, Henry, Esq. Six Clerks' Office.
Barker, Thomas, Esq. Chapel Town near Leeds.
Becher, Rev. William, Southwell, Notts.
Bell, Ralph, Esq. Thirsk.
Bethell, William, Esq. Rise near Beverley.
Birch, T. Esq. Fulham near London.
Birch, Rev. James, Wishford near Salisbury.

Esq. Hull.
Blanchard, Dr. William, London.
Bowman, Rev. Thomas, Beverley.
Bradshaw, James, Esq. Darcy Lever near Manchester.
Broadley, Robert, Esq. Hull.
Brooksbank, Mr. J. Wakefield.
Buck, Samuel, Esq. Leeds.
Buckley, Capt. Scriven near Knaresborough.
Bucktrout, Mr. Jer. Wakefield.
Burton, Robert, Esq. Lincoln.
Burton, Thomas, Esq. Norwich.
Burton, Leonard, Esq. Ringstead near Thrapston.
Burton, Lieut. Col., ditto.
Burton, William, Esq. Somerby near Horncastle.
Butler, Ireland.
Cant, Rev.

Cartwright, Charles, Esq. Marnham near Tuxford.
Cartwright, Rev. Edmund, Doncaster.
Cayley, Sir George, Bart. Brompton near Scarborough,
Cayley, George, Esq. ditto.
Cheetham, Thomas, Esq. Exchequer.
Collins, James, Esq. Knaresborough.
Coltman, Thomas, Esq. Hagnaby near Spilsby.
Constable, Marmaduke, Beverley.
Constable, Rev. Archdeacon, Sigglesthorne.


ment to be erected in that church (executed

Cooke, George, Esq. Streethorpe near Doncaster.
Courtney, John, Esq. Beverley.
Cracroft, John, Esq. Hackthorn near Lincoln.
Cradock, Sheldon, Esq. Hartforth near Barnard Castle.
Dade, Rev. Thomas, Burton Agnes, Yorkshire.
Darley, H. Brewster, Esq. Aldby near York,
Disney, Dr. John, Sloane Street, Knightsbridge.
Edmonds, F. Esq. Worsborough near Barnsley.
Favel, Rev. Charles, Brington near Huntingdon.
Field, Joseph, Esq. Heaton near Barnsley.
Foord, Rev. Dr. Barnard, Beverley.
Fowler, John, Esq. Ketsby near Horncastle.
Gee, Rev. Richard, Beverley.
Gibson, Rev. Joshua, near Gainsborough.
Gill, Rev. William, Sherborne, Yorkshire.
Goodricke, Rev. Henry, York.
Goundrell, George.
Greame, Robert, Esq. Sewerby near Bridlington.
Green, William, Esq. near Wakefield.
Hammersley, -, Esq. Banker, London.
Harrison, Rev. Escrick near York.
Heald, Richard, Esq. Horncastle.
Hepworth, Rev. John, Graffham near Huntingdon,
Hewit, Rev. near Richmond.
Hudson, Rev.

Rev. ---, Scarborough.
Ingram, F. Esq. Wakefield.
Kenyon, Sheffield.
Langton, Bennet, Esq.
Lonsdale, Rev. J., New Miller Dam near Wakefield.
Lumley, Rev. Thomas, Dalby near Malton.
Mackenzie, Robert, Esq.


by Messrs. King, statuaries, Bath, at an expense

Maddison, Lieut. Col., Stainton near Raisin, Lincolnshire.
Maister, Henry, Esq. Hull.
Marwood, William, Esq. Busby near Stokesley.
Middleton, Rt. Hon. Henry, Lord, Wollaton, Notts.
Molyneux, Sir Francis, Bart. Wellow near Ollerton.
Naylor, Mr. Wakefield.
Nevile, George, Esq. Thorney, Notts.
Newby, near Skipton, Craven.
Norton, Hon. Fletcher.
Otley, Drury, Esq.
Otley, William, Esq. Cambridge.
Parkinson, Mr. Hetton near Skipton.
Peareth, William, Esq. Newcastle.
Pindar, Rev. Dr., Kentbury near Newbury, Berks.
Pocklington, R. Esq. Winthorpe near Newark.
Pocklington, J. Esq. Muskham near ditto
Preston, Rev. J., Askham near York.
Pymont, Mr., Lofthouse near Wakefield.
Redfearn, Sheffield.
Rickaby, J. Esq. Bridlington Quay.
Ridghill, Rev. J., Welburn near Lincoln.
Robinson, Rev. H., Beverley.
Robinson, Mr., Wakefield.
Rolfe, Edmund, Esq. Heecham near Lynn.
Roundell, Rev. W., Marton near Skipton.
Rudd, Rev. Bedale, Yorkshire.
Sayle, Benjamin, Wentbridge.
St. Quintin, Sir William, Bart. Scampston near Malton.
Seymour, Rev. near Richmond.
Shepherd, Rev. Archdeacon, Duke Street, Westminster.
Shepherd, Rev. Henry, Beverley.
Sketchley, Samuel, Esq. Newark.
Slater, R. Esq. Chesterfield.



of fifty-five guineas) on which are engraven the following lines :

Slingsby, Sir Thomas, Scriven near Knaresborough.
Smith, Francis, Esq. New Buildings.
Snaith, Rev.

Patrington near Hull.
Spencer, Rev. T., Trin. Coll. Cambridge.
Squire, Esq. Islip near Thrapston.
Stagg, Mr., Richmond.
Standish, Sir Frank, Duxbury, Lancashire.
Staveley, General Miles.
Stevens, Rev. Trinity College, Cambridge.
Strangeways, Esq. York.
Strickland, Sir George, Bart. Boynton near Bridlington.
Swire, Dr. Samuel, Melsonby near Otley.
Swire, Mr. John, Hallifax.
Sykes, Joseph, Esq. Hull.
Thompson, Rev. Thomas.
Thomson, Hon. Sir Alex., Chief Baron of the Exchequer.
Thorold, H. Esq., Lincoln.
Tomline, Marmaduke, Esq. Riby Grove, near Caistor.
Tomlinson, Rev. W. Waltham near Grimsby.
Trollope, W. Esq., Six Clerks' Office.
Trollope, Rev. Antony, near Buntingford, Herts.
Tucker, Samuel, Esq. Moorgate near Rotherham.
Turbut, Esq. near Doncaster.
Vavasour, Esq. Heath near Wakefield.
Uvedale, Rev. Ambrose, Suffolk.
Walker, Mr. Wakefield.
Walls, Rev. Edwird, Spilsby, Lincolnshire,
Wallis, Dr. College of Physicians, London.
Wastell, Henry, Esq. London.
Webster, Rev. Thomas, Hull.
Weighton, near Selby, Yorkshire.
Wells, Rev. Dr. Willingham near Gainsborough.
Wilkinson, Rev. James, Sheffield.


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