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6th P. M. 6 lines 78.
The Spirit of God dwelleth in you.
ABBA Father, hear thy child,
Hear, and all the graces shower,
All the joy, and peace, and power;
All my Saviour asks above,
All the life and heaven of love.
2 Lord, I will not let thee go
Till the blessing thou bestow :
Hear my Advocate divine :
Lol to his my suit I join :
Join'd to his, it cannot fail :
Bless me; for I will prevail.
3 Heavenly Father, life divine,
Change my nature into thine;
Move, and spread throughout my soul,
Actuate, and fill the whole :
Be it I no longer now
Living in the flesh, but thou.
4 Holy Ghost, no more delay;
Coine, and in thy temple stay:
Now thine inward witness bear,
Strong, and permanent, and clear:
Spring of life, thyself impart;

Rise eternal in my heart. 468

2d P. M. 6 lines 88. The sanctifying and sealing Spirit. TATHER of everlasting grace,

Thy goodness and thy truth' we praise,
„Thy goodness and thy truth we prove;
Thou hast, in honour of thy Son,
The gift unspeakable sent down,

Spirit of life, and power, and love.

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2 Send us the Spirit of thy Son,
To make the depths of Godhead known,

To make us share the life divine :
Send bim the sprinkled blood to apply;
Send him our souls to sanctify,

And show and seal us ever thine.
3 So shall we pray, and never cease;
So shall we thankfully confess

Thy wisdom, truth, and power, and love;
With joy unspeakable adore,
And bless and praise thee evermore,

And serve thee as thy hosts above :-
4 Till, added to that heavenly choir,
We raise our songs of triunph higher,

And praise thee in a bolder strain;
Outsogr the first-born seraph's flight,
And sing, with all the saints in light,

Thy everlasting love to man.

C. M,
Blessedness of adoption.

A To say,--My Father, God!
Lord, at thy feet I fain would lie,

And learn to kiss the rod.
9 I would submit to all thy will,

For thou art good and wise;
Let each rebellious thought be still,

Nor one faint murmur rise.
8 Thy love can cheer the darkest gloom,

And bid me wait serene,
Till bopes and joys immortal bloom,

And brighten all the scene.
My Father, God, permit my heart
To plead her humble claim,
And Ask the bliss those words impart,

In my Redeemer's name.


3d P. M. 4 68 & 2 8
The witness of the Spirit.
ARNEST of future bliss,

Thee, Holy Ghost, we hail;
Fountain of boliness,

Whose comforts never fail;
The cleansing gift on saints bestow'd,
The witness of their peace with God.
2 By thee, on earth, we know

Ourselves in Christ renew'd;
Brought by thy grace into

The family of God;
of his adopting love the seal,
And faithful teacher of his will,
3 Great Comforter, descend

In gentle breathings down;
Preserve us to the end,

That no man take our crown;
Our Guardian still vouchsafe to be,
Nor suffer us to go from thee.

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4th P. M. 886, 886. The inward witness. THOH great mysterious God anknown,

led E'en from my infant days;, Mine inmost soul expose to view, And tell me if I ever knew

Thy justifying grace.
2 If I have only known thy fear,
And follow'd, with a heart sincere,

Thy drawings from above;
Now, now the further grace bestow,
And let my sprinkled conscience know

Thx sweet forgiving love.

3 Short of thy love I would not stop, A stranger to the Gospel hope,

The sense of sin forgiven;
I would not, Land, my soul deceive,
Without the inwand witness live,

That anle-juist of heaven.
4 If now the witness were in me,
Would he not testify of thee,

In Jesus reconciled! And should I not with faith draw nigh, And boldly, Abba, Futher, cry,

And know myself thy child!
5 Father, in me reveal thy Son,
And to my innlost soul make kuown

Huw merciful thou art;
The secret of thy love reveal,
And by thy hall'wing Spirit dwell

Forever in my heart. 472

C. M. Delightful assurance. COV'REIGN of all the worlds on high,

Allow my humble claim;
Nor while, unworthy, I draw nigh,

Disdain & Father's name. 9 My Fatber, God! that gracious word

Dispels my guilty fear;
Not all the notes by angels heard

Could so delight my ear.
3 Come, Holy Ghost, thyself impress
Apd show that in the Father's grace

I share a filial part. 4 Cheer'd by that witness from op high,

Unwav'ring I believe;
And Abba, Father, humbly cry;

Nor can the sign deceive.


L. M.

The bliss of assurance.

Whó feel the joys of pardon'd sin; Should storms of wrath shake earth and sea,

Their minds have heaven and peace within. 2 The day glides sweetly o'er their heads,

Made up of innocence and love; And soft, and silent as the shades,

Their nightly minutes gently move. 8 Quick as their thoughts, their joys come on,

But fly not half so swift away: Their souls are ever bright as noon,

And calm as summer evenings be. 4 How oft they look to the heavenly hills,

Where groves of living, plensure grow; And longing hopes, and cheerful smiles,

Sit undisturbid upon their brow. 5. 'They scorn to seek earth's golden toys,

But spend the day, and share the night, Ip numb'ring o'er the richer joys

That heaven prepares for their delight. 474

3d P. M. 4 68 & 2 88
Abba, Father."
ARTISTE. MY soul, arise;

Shake off thy guilty fears;
The bleeding Sacrifice

In my behalf appears :
Before the throne my Surety stands,
My name is written on his hands.
2 He ever lives above,

For me to intercede;
His all-redeeming love,

His precious blood, to plead;
His blood atoned for all our face,
And sprinkles now the throne of grace.

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