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God was manifest in the flesh.-1 Tim. iii. 16.

And He hath on his vesture and on his thigh a name written, KING OF KINGS, AND LORD OF LORDS.-Rev. xix. 16.

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The Word, the uncreated Son,

When finite things began to be,
Existing, God with God alone,

Thou wast from all eternity!
God, in Thy Father's bosom laid,

Ineffably begot by Him,
Thou wast before the worlds were made,
God independent and supreme.

All-wise, all-good, Almighty Lord,

God over all Thou always art,
Jehovah's everlasting Word

Spoken into Thy creatures's heart :
With God essentially the same,

Distinct in personality,
Thou art the absolute I AM,
And all things made were made by Thee.




REMEMBER the Sabbath day, to keep it holy.- Exod. xx. 8.

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Dear is the hallow'd morn to me,

When village bells awake the day ;
And by their sacred minstrelsy

Call me from earthly cares away.

And dear to me the winged hour

Spent in Thy hallow'd courts, O Lord ! To feel devotion's soothing power,

And catch the manna of Thy word.

And dear to me the loud Amen

Which echoes through the blest abode, Which swells, and sinks, and swells again,

Dies on the walls, but lives to God.

And dear the rustic harmony,

Sung with the pomp of village art ; That holy, heavenly melody,

The music of a thankful heart.

In secret I have often pray'd,

And still the anxious tear would fall ; , But on Thy sacred altar laid,

The fire descends, and dries them all.

Oft when the world, with iron hands,

Has bound me in its six days' chain,
This bursts them like the strong man's bands,
And lets my spirit loose again.

Then dear to me the Sabbath morn,

The village bells, the shepherd's voice ; These oft have found my heart forlorn,

And always bid that heart rejoice.
Go, man of pleasure, strike the lyre,

Of broken Sabbaths sing the charms ;
Ours be the prophet's car of fire,
That bears us to a Father's arms !


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