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selves, whose examination, as well | season, and at death remingling as the baptism, of the whole was de- with its native Divinity. Found the ferred for the present.

people here much less anxious for

tracts than is usual-gave 30 or 40 Distribution of Tracts.

only. March 4. Moung San-lone, our

26. Gave 70 tracts on the wharf former teacher, sits daily on the ver- this morning. At eleven o'clock a andah to receive visitors, and gives funeral procession formed before our about 100 tracts a day.

house. They soon discovered we 6. In my morning walk, visited a had tracts, and in a few minutes so little village insulated from the rest thronged the house, that we were of the town by an arm of the river obliged to shut the doors and give and a swamp, where the people them through the grates. The proseemed to know less of our books cession soon moved on, but we had than I had usually found. On enter- given 4 or 500 tracts. ing, a man among a group called to 27. This morning gave 80 tracts ue,

“Where are you going?” San- to the boatmen at the wharves. lone replied, “ We are come to give 28. Gave 70 tracts at the wharves, the Lord Jesus Christ's books to all almost wholly to boatinen. I went who want.” In five minutes 20 or upon one wharf where were 10 or 30 men, women and children were 12 boats, and stood for some minutes gathered around us. We gave them without any one's observing the 20 tracts and portions of scripture. books. At length I opened one, and When several of the women urged a man standing near observing it to their suit for books, Sanlone said, be Burman, asked if I would give it “No, we can't give the women to him. Finding they were to be books." What, I replied, shall we given away, he cried out, “Halloo ! not give these women books? They boatmen, do you want these writhave souls as well as the men, and if ings? come.” Within 5 minutes, they do not believe in the Lord Jesus more than 30 men came and received Christ, they can never go to heaven, each a book. but must be punished for their sins Thermometer at 82, and we in a forever. “ Yes,” said Sanlone, “but free perspiration, our teacher wrapyour women can't read, let the men ping himself closely in his silk read, and you attend.” One elderly paso." I asked if he was cold, man seemed rather difficult in his “ Ta-site-ta-bouk-khyan-thee, seechoice of a book. He took a num- yah.” (A little cold, teacher.) ber, one after another, and after turning them over returned them, saying,

Curiosity of Children. they were good but he had read March 31. The children of the them. Where did you ever see these neighborhood have been troublesome books? “I have been to the teach- for some days, looking in at the winer's house in town, and brought them dows and making noises for the purhome.” I gave him a copy of He- pose of annoying us. Just at evenbrews. He seemed so much grati- ing I sat in the door, and began to fied, that I gave him, contrary to my converse kindly with a little fellow usual custom, a second book, John's who seemed to feel my attentions, gospel.

especially as I told him a few Eng: March 8. Visited a village, in lish words. A dozen little boys and which I learned that most of the girls in a few minutes gathered people do not worship images, but around, and greatly amused_themare believers in that atheistical phi- selves in trying to speak English losophy, dignified in other countries words. A middle-aged man, and by the name of Deism, which makes apparently a government man, eyed the human soul an emanation from me jealously, and many others came God, a portion of the Divine essence to spy what I was doing; and the inhabiting the human body for a poor children got many a reproof.



One old gray-haired woman said she ed at half past six o'clock this morn-
believed they had come because ing to pay his devotions to the great
they wanted Jesus Christ's writings, pagoda. I followed. Before a large
and ordered them home. Indeed image of Gaudama standing near
she was half right. Many a one the great pagoda, composed of beau-
asks for tracts whom I refuse, on the tiful white inarble and weighing, I
ground that he cannot read. Two should judge, two tons, all of one
little girls just then asked for books, piece, kneeled a female worshipper.
saying they could read. “ Well, Before her stood a marble cone
read and you shall have a book.” which she raised with considerable
They ran away, saying they would effort. After worship, as a test of
ask their mother, and quickly re- the efficacy of her prayers, she at-
turned, read, and received each a tempted again to raise it. But from
book. The children were so much some disadvantageous circumstances
pleased with their visit, that several in her manner of seizing the stone,
of our neighbors, I discovered, were to her surprise she failed. The
not a little vexed at it. In our even- group of natives around her rallied
ing walk, five or six of our little her with a hearty laugh.
visiters counted it a favor to be al-
lowed to follow.

Interference with Tract Distribution.
Burman division of Time.

The city is divided into wards of
April 1. Burman worship-day. ten houses each. Over each of these

The This recurs at every change of the wards is placed a petty ruler.

It is a fact worthy of remark tyranny which they exercise over that, though their worship-day is not those of their ward will be seen by

a little circumstance which occurred the same with any one day of our week, and though their year and this morning. I visited 4 or 5 month are not divided into weeks wharves along the bank of the river. corresponding to ours, yet they name

Generally the people received the their days by sevens, as we do; as if tracts with eagerness. On the sectheir week had once been the same

ond wharf, however, a

man after with ours, but they had changed taking a tract returned it, as if afraid their worship-day, which always to receive it, and none were disposstrongly marks a division in the time, ed of the re. On the two next, the on changing their religion. Their boatmen took them as fast as I could worship-day being changed agrees give them. On the next I was about with no one day of their former week, to give, and a number had risen in rendering the old division obsolete, their boats to come, when a man bethough the names of the days by hind me sharply hallooed and shook sevens still continues, Sunday being his head, and not a tract was given reckoned the first, and Saturday the there. However, during an absence

from my house of one hour I disThe days are named from the

tributed 200, giving, as in all cases,

sun, moon and planets thus :

to none but such as seem anxious to

receive, refusing many and never
Ta-ning-ga-nwa, the Sun, Sunday. giving unless the applicant comes in
Ta-nin-la, the Moon, Monday.,
Mars, Tuesday.

person. Bod-da-hoo, Mercury, Wednesday,

Burman Festival.
Kyah-tha-ba-da, Jupiter, Thursday.
Thouk kya,
Venus, Friday.

April 5. Gave 100 copies of the
Saturn, Saturday. Investigator, and 50 of the Cate-

chism and View of the Christian Query. Is this division of time Religion, on he wharves and at a into periods of seven days, derived feast. The feast was, as usual, under from that which God made at the a cover in the street. A Burman creation ?

feast consists not only of eating and The Woongee and his train pass. drinking, but of worship and almost



constant music and dancing, such as to this a favorable cliange took place. it is. In this instance, when I first For ten days past I have been getpassed through the assembly, two ting out a little, and have visited Safemales were dancing to the sound gaing, Ummerapoora, some neighof drums and a hoarse kind of boring villages and various parts of bugle, but without any reference the city, partly with a view to beneeach other. Twelve priests, in their fit my health, and partly to give yellow robes, sat on one side of the books and preach the Gospel. This cloth enclosure, one of them repeat- morning I visited three villages west ing a prayer, to which 20 or 30 men of the city. In two of them but few and 3 or 4 women, sitting before listened; but in the other a fine them on mats, responded. This group came out of their houses, and closed, the priest with breathless sat down on the ground around me. rapidity continued his voice in what | After speaking about ten minutes, I they call preaching the law, in pali, perceived an old man apparently a dead language, probably not un- inaking signs for me to stop: I derstood by an individual present paused and looked him steadily in beside the priests. This, however, the face, when the venerable old was of no consequence, as there was man, partly rising, bade me go on, so much noise, that the spreaching saying, “ You teach new things, but could not have been understood even what you say appears to be wise, if it had been in Burman. I improved and we would like to hear more. the opportunity to supply 15 or 20 | After preaching a few minutes longe who asked, with tracts. No images er, the old man said, “What will were present.

become of us who worship these 7. Some hatred to the tracts was pagodas ? “ You will be punished manifested this morning ; one was for not worshipping the living God." torn in pieces and thrown into the “Why shall we be punished for worriver, as soon as my back was turned. shipping idols ? " “ Does not the And I do not wonder. It was the king punish rebels ? " “ Yes." “Investigator," which exposes not "Why does he punish them ? " " Beless than half a dozen falsehoods in cause they despise his majesty, and their sacred book. More than 1500 / break his laws ? "

“ Just so you copies of this tract I have scattered who worship gods of gold, of silver, within 3 weeks, 154 this morning. and of stone, despise the great God (To be continued.)

who made you, and thus you transgress the divine law, which says, * You must love God with all the

heart, and love your neighbor as MR. KINCAID TO DR. BOLLES.

yourself.'» Ava, August 13, 1834. I intend to make excursions every Rev. and very dear Sir,

morning, and preach to groups of I am just now made acquainted people. This I can do till 8 or 9 with the fact, that a Government o'clock in the morning ; after this, mail is to be sent off tomorrow over the sun becomes too painful to be land to Calcutta. My last journal out. More or less visit the house accompanied with a letter was sent every day. Now and then we have off on the first of July. At that time some who appear to be diligent inI was only just able to hold my pen, quirers after truth. There are four though I had continued to conduct persons for whom I cherish a comworship every evening, and occasion- fortable hope that they have passed

Two have ally converse with inquirers; but from death unto life. about the middle of July my strength been talking about baptism; but entirely failed, and I felt myself ap- when (if ever) they will venture all proaching the home of redeemed for Christ, I cannot say. Baptism spirits. I was advised to leave Ava, brings the faith of a convert to a but just as I was making up my mind severe test. The faith of primitive



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times is not shed abroad in Burmah, it so: this divine law must be more and I am confident that there will important than any history.” He then not be great accessions to the church inquired, “How is a person to know in Burmah Proper, till there is more that he is a believer, and that he will faith in us who preach and in those be saved from all his sins ? " I gave w become disciples. Those who a short relation of my own Christian have been baptized, appear very experience, particularly the peace I well; and this to me is an omen of felt when the eyes of my underfuture prosperity to the cause in standing were first opened to see Ava. Ko Kai is not second to any the beauty of the divine character. one in the Burman church: he is He listened, with the most eager daily studying the Scriptures; and, attention, to every word. I urged in many respects, has become a val- the importance of venturing all on uable assistant. I could wish you Christ, who alone can save us from was personally acquainted with them our sins and present us pure and all. I know it would call forth sen- holy before the throne of God. timents of gratitude to God for this I have before written to you on rich display of saving grace. How- the subject of schools. The one ever, as we do not expect to meet in Mrs. Kincaid got up last October, time, we look forward to a more encourages us to believe that much happy meeting, where the redeemed good might be done in this departof every nation will assemble. In ment. The whole number of scholthat blessed assembly, you will meet ars is fourteen, though only eight with some precious souls who first are now in school. Elizabeth Nelheard of Jesus in Ava. You, my son is a fine scholar; and all kinds dear sir, and others who have, for so of plain sewing she does exceedingmany years, toiled and prayed for ly well. Others are making good the salvation of Burmah, must feel a progress for the time they have been peculiar thrill of joy, when you look in school. It would be easy to obover this great nation, and see the tain a large female school, if we Iruth taking root. I sometiines think could teach them needle-work as the day is not distant, when streams well as letters. We hope, before of living water will break forth in long, a box or two of such things as this long degenerate land.

I mentioned in a former letter will I am happy to state that Govern- come on for Ava schools. It is ment has manifested no hostile feel- wonderful, Sir, what influence our ings for a long time. Perhaps it is school children have over their pabecause less has been done, for two rents and relatives. When they get months past, than what was done permission to go home for a day, before. One of the princes frequent- they beg for some tracts to take to ly sends for me to visit him. At their friends, and they induce them first, he seemed to be anxious only to come out and hear the Gospel. about science; but, of late, he has The mother of Mary Connell comes become a student in the Scriptures. frequently; and she says she can no He says, that St. Paul's Epistle to longer worship idols. Moung Oug, the Romans is wonderful beyond (12 years old) by repeating the Catany thing he ever read. I found echism to his parents, has induced him one evening comparing several them to come to worship on Lord's passages together: he had the places day. Could Christian females in marked which speak of the law of America see the wants of this great faith. I said, “ Your lighness will metropolis, they would rejoice to be much gratified in reading the Old have it in their power to do some

Testament Scriptures." "Why?” thing to elevate the female charac-
he inquired. “Those writings give ter, and pour into their hearts the
an account of the most wonderful hope of future bliss.
events from the beginning of the Kindly remember me to the Board.
world to the coming of Christ. “Be I beg an interest in your prayers,


that I may be guided in the path of over us. On the 5th of this month, duty. From your unworthy brother, early in the morning, I was summon


ed before a high court of the empire. To Rev. Dr. BOLLES.

All the noblemen and an immense

crowd of the common people were P.S. Since I have been in Ava, gathered together in the great court. I have given away more than a ream As soon as I entered the great black of letter-paper. If a prince or no- book was called for, and chapter after bleman wants five or six sheets of chapter was read, in which they had paper, he sends a polite message, attempted to draw a full length porand asks the favor of a few. I can- trait of my character. I did not feel not well refuse, and this is the way myself worthy of so good a character my paper has gone. I shall be un- as this testimony would go to estabder the necessity of doing the same lish-in one word, they read from in future, and will not some breth- their record, that the American teachren, who feel interested in the cause er had come to the golden city; had here, supply me with a ream now stirred up great numbers of the peoand then; also a few rolls of good ple to despise the gods and religion sealing-wax. Paper is high in Ben- of Burmah ; was disturbing the pubgal. A few days since, the queen's lic peace; was preaching a law brother sent to me for a pair of scis- which the king, the princes, and the

We had but one pair in the nobles did not approve, and was givhouse, and was obliged to send him ing books which taught a foreign such word. A few trifling things of religion—this, and a good deal more, this kind would, I think, be service- they read, and no voice was heard able, situated as I am.

but the reader. The journal to which allusion is made which I could not listen in silence. In

At length they read a chapter to in the preceding letter, appeared in the substance it was this : “ About seven Magazine for May. A continuation of it, months ago the American teacher to Sept. last, has been received at the promised to preach no more, and give Missionary Rooms, and will be published no more books; but disregarding that in our next number. Meanwhile, we can promise, he had gone on ever since, not witirhold from our readers the follow- preaching and giving the books in ing extract of a letter addressed by Mr. every direction.” K. to Dr. L. C. Paine, and published in

I replied, I never heard of such a the Baptist Register. In a letter to the ised to give no more of the Investi

promise before ; but that I had promrespected editor of that paper,


gator; and that the Woongees gave Clyde, N. Y., Dr. P. remarks of Mr. me permission to preach and give K.'s communication,-It contains much the sacred scriptures. interesting information from that perse - I had no sooner said this, than a vering and daring missionary—later, too, Woongee, in a boisterous and angry than any which I have seen from that im- manner, said, He knew nothing about portant and memorable station. To the our book, and that I had promised to friends of the missionary cause every give no books.

A Woon Douk then took up the where, I would urge the feeling appeal of Mr. Kincaid "Pray for us; pray for about the distinction I made, and

subject--said, They knew nothing the little band of redeemed souls in were determined to put down all Ava."

preaching and all books which taught Ava, Nov. 10, 1834. a foreign religion.

I remonstrated with them-told ***If you see my journal, you will them about the Mahomedans and know what we have been doing, and Papists, who are not molested; they what our prospects have been; but became more vehement and rude, just now a threatening storm hangs said these people did not preach and

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