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That they might feel their Sins forgiv'n,

And find in Him their Peace and Heav'n. 6 His Peace He to His Children left,

When of liis Life He was bereft;.
When he was fastened to the Tree,

Those Wounds did buy that Peace for me. 7 Lord! I am Thine, then take me now,

Lo, at Thy Feet my Soul I bow,
Alham'd that I no sooner ran
To Thee the Saviour of loft Man.

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Who can hurt me in this Place,
Fenc'd and fortify'd by Grace ?

Deareft City, I am thine :
And thy Happiness is mine.

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Cease not to let Thy Zeal our Breasts in

Spire, Till high exalted to Thy heavenly Chois. 90 let Thy Unction overflow our Hearts,

Which Life and Spirit to the Soul imparts, And when our Tongues are faint and parch'd,

and dry, Let Grace renew them, and fresh Strength

supply. 10 And now what shall we more of Thee de

Which we find not compleated to our

Hand ?
Bless us with many gracious happy Days,
And Aill enlarge our Plan to speak Thy


XXVI. in Rom Life and Grace (this we are bold

T Before an erring World t' assert)
Nothing one Moment does withhold

One Man, but his unwilling Heart : .
In our dear Lord there's no Delay,

Fixt is His Will, and plain His Way. 2 Should any Soul of serious Frame,

That long has feem'd to seek His Face, Its tedious Tasks and Trials name • Preparatory Steps to Grace :


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