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but these when enlightened by the truth, will seek to hide their faces. Yes, they will cease viewing an Ecclesiastical body, created by the people and under the control of Lay-men, as a Monster.

True it has been whispered, that if some Ministers, aid the General Synod, they must lose their bread. Be it so, and Gerhard, determined to do his duty, if he should lose his bread. Read 'his hymn Defiehl du deine Wege." But Gerhard, did not lose his bread, his Master rewarded him with an abundance, for his faithfulness. , Thurs will he now sustain his Servants. We however deny that the people of a Christian community, will oppose Synod or Seminary if the Ministers give the character of each, to their people, as they are hound to do.

What would be thought of a Military or Civil officer, were he afraid to declare the true state of matters, and pursue measures, called for, by the cowardly and ignorant ? In this our beloved Re

post: And, is the salvation of a soul, of less importance than temporal matters ? Arise then, if there are any people, who give bread to a Minister, who is afraid to do his duty, lest he lose his bread -arise, if the Minister does not impart to you, instruction as to your Christian duties in general, & discharge that unfaithful steward, or require him to repent. Save your own souls, hy sustaining men, who will at all risks, do their duty. In the Lutheran church the People rule. Your General Synod and its Theological Seminary, as your property, is under the control of Lay-members, and if they find any institution in the church curtailing their rightful liberties, or not calculated to promote the welfare of souls, they have the power to annihilate them.--Editor.


In assenting to the wish of the Rev. B. Kurtz, that the following letter from him, be inserted, we cannot but remark, that the error which he notices, occurred no doubt, from the circumstance, that he only requested to enter his protest, against the resolution adopted in reference to Streit's legacy. Errors are unavoidable, in recording the proceedings of a body, especially when the Secretary is obliged to note them in haste whilst discussions are going on. We recollect that a very accurate Secretary, some years ago, stated in the minutes, that a certain member had been elected President, when we were actually chosen.-Editor.


INTELLIGENCER. F Dear Brother-In looking over the minutes of the last Synod of Maryland, held in Taneytown, as published in the Intelligencer for the month of December last ; I noticed a mistake in the Resolution respecting Streii's legacy, which I think, justice to the parties concerned, by all means requires to he corrected. The Resolution alluded to, reads thus : "Resolved, that the proportion falling to this body, should, after the example of our sister Synod of", est Pennsylvania, go into the funds of our Seminary, Rev. B. Kurtz ONLY IN THE NEGATIVE, requested that his protest against the above resolution, be spread on the minutes.” It is a fact that I was decidedly and conscientiously opposed to the foregoing resolution, and after its adoption, requested that my protest against it should be recorded; but it is not a iact that I alone was in the negative. There were nearly a half dozen of the brethren with whom I had the ho nor to vote in the negative on that interesting question, and in justice to myself as well as to them, I humbly conceive this fact should be made public in order to rectify the mistake. I am not at this moment able to recollect all those brethren, but the following, it may be relyed upon, were in the negative with me, Rev. Messrs. Haverstick, Little, Winter, and Bacher.

Hoping you will do me the favor to publish these few lines, or at least the substance of them, in the next number of the Intelligenser. I take the liberty to subscribe myself respectfully and affectionately yours &c.




As the British and Foreign Bible Society is, to a greater or less extent, connected with nearly all the principal Bible societies on the continent of Europe and in other parts of the world, except the United States, a statement of its proceedings will give a tolerable view of what is doing to supply the various Christian and heathen nations of the world with the sacred volume. As brief a view as possible of the labors of the various societies, from which ac. counts are contained in the report, will be given here. BIBLE SOCIETIES ON THE CONTINENT OF EUROPE.

Germany.-In Elberfield and Hesse-Cassel, societies have distribu: ted 8,950 Bibles, and 1,100 Testaments.

At Dusseldorf, Cologne, Neuield, and Halle, 55,930 Bibles and Testaments were distributed during the year. At Dresden, 6,897. Bishop Fabricius at Herrnhut issued in half a year 2,110 copies, making 11,314 Bibles and 38,202 Testnments, since 1814, most of which went into Bohemia.

The Central Prussian Bible Society, with its 44 auxiliaries, has distributed since August 1814, 450,000 copies of the Sacred Scriptures; and 8,000 copies besides have been granted to individual agents in Berlin, for distribution.

At Wittemburg 1050 Bibles and Testaments have been circulated. Arrangements have been made at Leipzig for printing 5,000 Bibles, and 5,000 Testaments extra, with 2,000 Servian and 5,000 Popish Testaments ; which were nearly completed. At Nurenburg 7,436 Bibles and Testaments have been circulated; the Society there hav. ing circulated 18,179 since its commencement. At Munich the friends of the Society have been supplied with 1,100 Bibles and Testaments. The professors in the university there applied for Bibles on behalf of the 1700 Catholic Students, of whom 600 are study

poverty. In Augsburg a bible Society has recently been formed, to which 900 Bibles and Testaments have been granted. In eleven months the Wuertemburg Bible Socicty circulated 19,596 copies ; its total distributions having been 203,019 copies. Pastor Barth of Moettlingen has received 300 Bibles and 500 Testaments To esther individuals in the German states 51,530 copies have been granted.

Switzerland.The Basle Society has circulated 5,000 during the year, and 100 more have been distributed by an individual. The total by the Society is 156,307. The Berne Society has distributed by its own means many more than the proceeding year, and 900 copies have been granted it. - The Lausanne Society has distributed since 1827, 2782 Bibles and 400 Testaments with its own funds ; and 1550 copies of both have been granted to it. The Geneva Society has eflected much in its own neighborhood, and contributed 2400 francs for French and German Bibles; and is now printing an edition of the New Testament for Greece. To individuals at Neufchatel 150 Bibles have been granted.

France.- The Paris Society has circulated 5355 copies during the last year, and 103,751 since its organization. Prof. Kieffer has circulated 38,384 during the year, and three other individuals 1200; and 22,850 besides have been sent to the depository, on behalf of the British and Foreign Society. The Testament has been printed for the Basque population of France, amounting to 60,000; among whom not a copy of the Scriptures could be found.

Russia.-About 10,960 copies of Bibles and Testaments have been distributed by individuals, principally grants from the British and Foreign Society.

Sweden-The Swedish Bible Society, from its organization to 11th of April 1899, printed 106,687 entire Bibles, and 177,100 Testaments ; making 283,787 copies; while its issues had been 273,518. Grants amounting to 300 copies have been made, during the year.

· Norway. To the Norwegian Bible Society 2000 copies have been sent; and 50 to an individual.

Denmark.--To individuals and societies 6,375 copies have been sent. The Sleswig Holstein Society has circulated since its establishment 80,000.

In Lubeck 4516 copies have been circulated ; in Bremen 8450; in Osnaburg 850 ; to Hamburg 495 have been sent; and the Hamburg Society has circulated since its commencement 40,857 Bibles, and 5774 Testaments.

The Dantzig Society last year circulated 1143; and since its commencement 15,105 : 200 copies have been granted them. · Prussia.-The Konigsberg Society has circulated many in Lithu-, anian and Polish, and 590 have been sent to it. The Detmold Society has circulated 3174 copies in all. The Carlsruhe Suciety and individuals have circulated 8439; the Minden Society 6115 ; 800 Bioles and Testaments have been sent to Buchwald ; and 850 to Buntzlau ; 550 to Fraustadt. The Leignitz Society circulated 1260 copies, and individuals 920 ; the Barth Society 750 ; Upper Pomerania Society 1000 ; the Stettin Society 13,291 in all; the Potsdant Society 7500; 1050 have been sent to Warsaw, and other parts of Poland.

Italy. An edition of 5000 copies have been printed in Italian.

Mediterranean.-8950 Bibles and Testaments in various languages were sent to the depository at Malta. An edition of 2500 copies of the New Testament in Armeno-Turkish, prepared by the American missionaries, is in the press. Also an edition of the whole Bible in Modern Greek is preparing at Corsu. An edition of the. New Testament in 10,000 copies is also in press. About 12,000 copies have been circulated in Greece during the year. The issues 'from Smyrna and Constantinople were nearly 9000. Editions are in press in the Tartar and Constantinople dialects: and 700 Testaments and Psalters have been issued in the Persian. An edition of the Persian Bible has been ordered.

India. The Calcutta Society distributed 6109 copies, and 1100 have been granted them. The Madras Society have distributed 18,952, mostly in Tamul. The edition of the Testament was befun with 5500, and 5000 more of Matthew were afterwards added, and 1000 or 1200 more must be printed, so great had been the demand for the parts first struck off, before the latter part could be put to the press To Bombay have been sent 900 Gospels and Psalters in Persian and Syro-Chaldaic. Some of the Gospels have also been printed there. In Goojurattee 3350 copies bave been distribu. ted.–At Colombo 6000 copies of the New Testament have been printed in Cingalese. To Malacca 800 copies have been sent ; to Singapore some, and some to Siam.

At New South Wales and Van Dieman's Land 975 copies have been distributed during the year, and more than 6340 in all.

The translation into the Tahitian language is nearly completed and arrangements are made for printing it.

The Amharic Bible is also preparing for the press. The Epistles are printed. About 400 copies in various languages were distributed in Egypt: 150 have been sent to Sierra Leone.

South America and West Indies.--Nearly 500 copies bave been sent to Bermuda and Demarara ; 115 to Berbice ; 300 to Antigua ; 1381 to Jamaica; 1000 to Surinam ; 900 to La Paz; and 201 to Mexico. Mr. Thompson, who has, for some years past, been very actively and successfully engaged in distributing Bibles in the country, has found his labors so much impeded by the political state of the country, and by edicts against the circulation of the Scriptures, that he has been induced to return to his native country.

The circulation of the Scriptures both on the continent of Europe and in South America has been very much restricted by the resolution of the Society to distribute no copies of the Bible themselves, and to aid no societies who do distribute copies containing the Apocrypha. In all papal countries there is a prevailing unwillingness to receive the Bible without this appendage. Many of the avenues, however, by which the Society formerly caused its blessings to fiow into and over the continent of Europe, and which, for a time, were shut, are again opening, and the objections to receiving the simple Scriptures are diminishing.

North American Provinces. To these provinces 9907 Bibles, 2700 Testaments, and 500 Gospels or other portions of the Scriptures have been sent during the year. These are principally received and distributed by auxiliaries, which made remittances to the present society.

To the missionaries of the United Brethren, 450 copies of the book of Revelation, in Esquimaux, and 100 Greenland Testaments have been sent for the use of the Esquimaux and Greenland converts. The Society has also printed 1000 copies of the Psalms in Esquimaux.

Great Britain.- While the Society has been endearouring to bless other and distant nations with the word of life, great exertions have also been made to ascertain and supply the wants of the British people. Upon investigation the number of families in some counties is found to be unex ectedly great, amounting, in s me instances, to one third of the whole population. The number of auxiliaries and subordinate societies, and their receipts and issues of the Scriptures have been much increased during the year. All the rarious societies for promoting morals and religious knowledge have exerted themselves with great success, in distributing the Bible. In the first report of the Merchant's Seamen's Auxiliary it was stated that 590 ships, having 6149 men on board, of whom 5490 were reported as able to read, were utterly destitutute of a copy of the Bible; while last year it is stated that only four vessels, having 47 men on board were found without the Bible.

Ireland.--During the year 79,329 Bibles and Testaments have been granted to various societies to be sent into Ireland. Two societies, have, since their organization, sent 812,835 copies of the Scriptures to Ireland.-Mis. Herald.

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