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Allur'd me that their greatest Satisfaction
Was, that they sent me to this famous Place,
Where Wisdom, and where Virtue best are taught;
And own'd, when Romans write the most politely,
Their highest Praise is to have copy'd well.

Tully himself confesses Greece superiour:
Yet he, of all our famous Wits of Rome,
Shines much the brightest.


Such Applause from BRUTUS, Is a Reward equal to all his Merit.

To be esteem'd by you, the greatest Kings
Here send their Legions, and have lent their Treasure.

And timely comes this Aid: Advice from Rome
Assures us, all their Force is on the march.

I thought Dissension was among their Chiefs,
Each of them striving to set up himself.


Just now is come most unexpected News;


Our Foes have forc'd their Gen’rals to be Friends,
And call'd it Civil War to fight in Quarrels
Between Octavius and ANTONY ;
Yet think their War is lawful against us.

Alas, what reasoning can there be in Fools,
Who, bred in Faction, blindly join with Knaves ?

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They are for Licence, not for Liberty ;
And love those Generals best, who lead to Mischief.

You have describ'd a State just ripe for Ruin.

Small Marches need they make, to meet a Foe
So eager as we are, to free our Country.
Oh the delay is tiresome!


Yet have Patience.
With Vigour act, but think of all with Caution.

Our Rendezvous is settled at Philippi.

Thither you march to-night, and I to-morrow.


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But JUNIA comes, I fear, to mourn your Absence.

[Exeunt, Manet CASSIUS,

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Enter JUNIA:

Now, all the Gods that guard the Innocent,

my CASSIUS! they are marching hither :
Ruin is rolling on us from afar.

Not hither, JUNIA ; we shall spare their Pains ;
Our Forces intercept their bold Presumption,
And I just now am making hajte to meet them.

Come then, away; with you all Pains are easy
I am this moment ready for the Journey:

Ready, alas! you must not for this world
Share in the Shifts and Hazards I must run;
Virtue, like yours, here none will dare to harni
And while you stay in Athens, I am easy;
My dear; and better hálf, is out of danger.

And am I yet more wretched than I thought?
Vol. 1


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I had no Comfort left for your Misfortunes,
But that I was to share them ev'ry where :
And will you take that from me! O'tis hard !
You would not, if you saw my sighing Heart.

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CASSIUS. And you should


did I not doubt my own :
But 'tis so tender always towards you,
It shakes, alas, my firmest Resolutions.
1, like some skilful Swimmer in a Shipwreck,
Grasping his only Treasure in his Arms,
May, for thy fake, make too much haste to shore,
Leaving the Bark with all my Friends behind.
Your Sighs would blow away my best Resolves,
Soften my Soul, and Nacken all its Strength,
When all's at stake, I eagerly may fix
My Mind on you, and never think beyond.

Beyond? Why, is there any thing beyond
The dear, the charming Object of our Love?
Mere Thought of that is height of Happineís.
What Image have weof Elysian Bowers,
But such a gentle, calm, contented State?
What has this trifle of a World to do
With a blest Pair, who live embracing thus?


What saysmy Charmer? can I leave this Woman?
I could look thus, and languish here for ever.
Yet there's one Tye, more dear than Life, or Love ;
'Tis Honour, and the sacred Good of Rome.
For these I killd the greatest Man on Earth,
Engag'd the best and noblest of Mankind
(And saying that, I need not name your Brother)
To stab his Friend, and his own Heart at once.
Since I have done all this, I must do more;
Leave JUNIA here, and all my Joys behind.

Did I e'er think that CASSIUS would forsake me

Forsake? I leave you as the richest Pledge
Which can be giv'n to this illustrious City,
That Rome it self can be no dearer to me,
Than friendly Athens for protecting you.

Jewels we prize we seldom leave behind:
Oh take me with you! my officious Love
Perhaps may



from some sudden Danger,
Soften your angry and uneasy Hours,
And make Adversity it self seem pleasing.
My Love could do all this, if yours were equal.

(Weeps. Z 2


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