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For this tet Men revile my Name,
No Cross I fun, I fear Ro Shame:
All hail, Reproach, and welcome Pain !
Only thy Tertors, LORD, retraia.

My Life, my Blood, I bere present ;
If for thy Truth they may be spent,
Fulfil thy foy'reign Counsel, LORD!
Thy Will be done! thy Name ador'd !

Give me thy Strength, 'O God of Pow'r!
Then let Winds blow, or Thunders roat,
Thy faithful Witnefs will 'l be
?Tis fix'd! I can do all tliro' Thee!

Hymn for Chriftmas-day.

ARK how all the Welkin rings

HAR Glory to the King of Kings

* Peace on Earch, and Mercy mild, • God and Sinner's reconcil'd!

Joyful all ye Nations rife,
Join the Triumph of the Skies,
Universal Nature fay
“ Christ, the LORD, is born To day!

CHRIST, by highest Heav'n ador'd,
CHRIST, the everlasting LORD,
Late in Time behold Him come,
Offspring of a Virgin's Womb.


Veil'd in Flesh, the Godhead see,
Hail th' incarnate Deity!
Pleas'd as Man with Men t'appear,
JESUS, our Immnauel here !

Hail the Heav'n born Prince of Peace!
Hail the Sun of Righteousness !
Light, and Life, and All he brings,
Ris’n with Healing in his Wings.


Mild he lays his Glory by,
Borr.--that Man no more may die,
Born-to raise the Sons of Earth,
Born-to give them fecond Birth

Come, Desire of Nations, come,
Fix in Us thy humble Home,
Rise, the Woman's Conqu’ring Seed,
Bruise in Us the Serpent's Head.

Now display thy faving Pow'r,
Ruin'd Nature now restore;
Now in mystic Union join
Thine to Ours, and Ours to Thing.

Adam's Likeness, LORD, effice,
Stamp thy Image in its Place,
Second Adam from above,
Reinftate us in thy Love.

Let us Thee, tho' lot, regain,
Thee, the Life, the Inner Man:
O! to all thyself impart,
Form'd in each Believing Heart.

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Hymn for the EPIPHANY,


"ONS of Men, behold him far

Hail the long expected Star !
Jacob's Star that gilds the Night,
Guides bewilder'd Nature right.

Fear not hence that Ill should flow,
Wars or Pestilence below,
Wars it bids, and Tumults 'cease,
Uth'ring in the Prince of Peace.

Mild He lines on all beneath,
Piercing thro' the Shade of Death,
Scate'ring Error's wide-spread Night,
Kindling Darkness into Light.

Nations all, far off and near,
Hafte to see your God appear !
Halte, for Him your Hearts prepare,'
Meet Him manifested there!

There behold the Day.spring rise,
Pouring Eye-fight on your Eyes,
God in his own Light survey,
Shining to the perfect Day.

Sing, ye Morning stars again,
God descends on Earth to reign,..
Deigns for Man his Life t'employ,
Shout, ye Sons of God, for Joy!


HYMN for Easter-Day.

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46 HRIST, the LORD, is ris'n Today,"

Sons of Men and Angels say,
Raise your Joys and Triumphs high,
Sing ye Heav'ns, and Earth reply.

Love's Redeeming Work is done,
Fought the Fight, the Battle won ;
Lo! our Sun's Eclipse is o'er,
Lo! he sets in Blood no more.

Vain the Stone, the Watch, the Seal.
CHRIST has burst the Gates of Hell :
Death in vain forbids his Rise:
CHRIST has open'd Paradise !

Lives again our glorious King,
Where, O Death, is now thy Sting ?
Dying once he All doth save,
Where thy Victory, O Grave ?

Soar we now, where CHRIST has lod?
Following our exalted Head,
Made like Him, like Him we rise,
Ours the Cross--the Gravec-the Skies!

What tho' once we perish'd All,
Partners in our Parent's Fall ?
Second Life we All receive,
In our Heav'niy Adam live,



Ris'n with Him, we upward move,
Still we feek the Things above,
Still pursue and kiss the Son,
Seated on his Father's Throne.

Scarce on Earth a Thought betow,
Dead to all we leave below,
Heav'n our Aim, and lov'd Abode,
Hid our Life with CHRIST in God.

Hid; till Christ our Life appear,
Glorious in his Members here:
Join'd to Him, we then shall shine
All Immortal, all Divine !

Hail the Lord of Earth and Heav'n ;
Praise to Thee by both be giv'n :
Thee we greet, triumphant now ;
Hail the Resurrection 1 hou !

King of Glory, Soul of Bliss,
Everlasting Life is this,
Thee to know, thy l'ow'r to prove,
Thus to sing, and thus to love !

HYMN for Ascension.Day.

TAIL the Day that sees him rise,

Ravish'd from our withful Eyes ;
Christ a while to Mortals giv’n,
Re-ascends his native Heav'n!

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