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Jesus; for I protest, before God, I would sooner lofe my lise than lofe it: but the Lord has given me a tender conscience, and a filial sear, and in some measure the discerning of spirits, which I hope will be of use to me. Pray for me, for you are in my heatt to live and die with you; therefore 1 hope you will excuse my familiarity with you, for I cannot help making free, seeing God hath shined through you, and spoken by you, to my heart, which 1 shall never forget. The fruits and effects of the spirit of bondage I have left out, seeing they are so sully described in your above-mentioned book. And now, Sir, I know your goodness will excuse my boldness with you, feeing it is intended to God's glory, and to strengthen your hands in the work. So I remain your very afsectionate and loving son,

T. W.


To T W

I Received my dear friend's epistle. The contents are, that his name is still great among the Gentiles, and an ointment poured forth to all that feel their need of him. He must increase, and Mofes shall decrease; though he hath in every city thofe that preach him, the servant shall not share his Master's glory, nor stand in competition with him. When we get upon the holy mount, Moses and Elias are sure to withdraw; but the former will accuse us all the time we are in the wilderness, for it is the rebellious that dwell in a dry land. There are sew that go from Jerufalem to Jericho but what fall among thieves: their great light and swelling words are wonderously enchanting to thofe who live only upon their inward joys; the former is a wandering star, and the latter a tinkling cymbal, and it is no unusual thing to see a child catch at a lighted candle, and be charmed with the sound of a fiddle. Such are pimps for Satan. We (like fools) give up ourselves to their guidance, viewing them as eyes to

Z 3 the the blind, seet to the lame, and as hands to the paralytic; but when these offend, we must cut off these seet, pluck out these right eyes, and cast these offensive hands from us, and appear halt, lame, and maimed, rather than accompany them to hell-fire. Here we go mourning back again to the chief Shepherd, with only two fragments, for these are all that are taken out of the mouth of the lion, a leg and a piece of an ear. There is a grain of faith left for Jesus, and a littie attention to what he shall be pleased to fay to us, and that is all that is percep^ tible, and sometimes hardly that. Congregations of hypocrites and heretics are the devil's brothels, and the work of these fiddlers is to procure fresh provisions, and no morsel so sweet as the poor man's ewf-lamb; they rejoice more at the wounding and laming a lamb of the Lord's fold, than they do in the slaughter of a thoufand goats, or ten thoufand bulls of Balkan.

There is, my son, a twofold repentance; the one legal, the other evangelical. Judas had the former, the prodigal the latter. The first is forced, or extorted, when the wrath of God and the guilt cf men meet together in the sinner's conscience; this is attended with no hatred to sin, but to the punishment; it is always attended with self-pity and enmity against God; this may be seen in a sullen, desperate wretch going to the gallows; the law works no other than this. Evangelical repentance springs from the joyful meeting of the Saviour's dying love

and and man's misery in the sinner's heart, and is the blessed effect of pardon, peace, and reconciliation this is attended with an hatred to sin and self, and a loving, simpathizing with, and mourning over, the Son of God in his dolorous sufferings for sinful worms like us; this is not extorted, but poured forth, and the more the love of Jesus operates, the more it flows; this is repentance unto life, for the living God is the object of it, and he is alive from the dead that exercises it: and something like it may be seen in a young seduced transgresibr, who hath received his sentence, and who faints away at the sight of the fatal tree, and little better than half dead when the cap is drawn over his face; but, to his astonishment, his pardon is proclaimed while the halter is about his neck. The former sight drank' up his spirits, but his pardon dissolves him quite. But what is this, when compared to a foul in the fearful hands of the living God, and who receives his pardon over the belly of hell, and is at once plucked as a brand from the burning, and wrapped up in the bosom of divine and everlasting love? Let the sons of God rehearse these his mighty acts in the places of drawing water, when the streams from the wells of falvation overflow all their banks, and the glorious God appears to be a place of broad rivers and streams wherein shall go no galley with oars.

No fruitfulness, my son, wilt thou ever sind, but by virtue of union with the living Vine. In him is our fruit found; the clofer we cleave to him, the

Z 4 more

more virtue comes from him; and the more we re-, ceive from his fulness, the more we shall favour of his name. All his garments smell of myrrh, aloes, and cassia; abide under his skirt, and thou shalt be a sweet favour of Christ to them that love him, and a sweet favour of God in Christ to them that hate him. The Holy Spirit is a sweet leader, and an inward dictator: observe the inclinations which he gives to prayer, and obey them; likewise the aid and assistance that he grants to us while engaged in it; the passages he brings for us to plead, the arguments he gives us to use; the servour, the faith, the expectation also, as well as the enlargement of heart, the boldness, the nearness of access, the freedom and familiarity; in all these things he helps our infirmities, and makes sensible intercession for us, according to the will of God: besides the melting and humbling seniations, the powerful motions of love, the sight that he gives us of our wants, and of the fulness of Christ to supply them; the various, views that he gives us of his sufferings, and the discoveries he gives us of the mysteries of his kingdom; the future views and sweet thoughts which his wonderful operations produce in the heaven-born soul. He that is led by this infallible guide is a child of God; therefore what he dictates observe, what he points out do, and where he leads go—and it that foweth to the Sprit, shall of the Spirit reap list everlasting.

Beware also of the leaven of the Pharisees, which

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