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fail of obtaining whatsoever He shall inquest for us; who being also the Son of Man, is most ready to do what in Him lies for us his Brethren. Of his benign and merciful Disposition, and of his ten* der Concern for Mankind in particular. He gave abundant Proof, when He took on him, not the Nature of Angels,'but the Seed of Abraham. And we may be sure that his Compassions are not abated, by the Experience He hath had of the Sorrows and Uneasinesses incident to our Condition. ' He hath not forgotten, it is impossible He should forget the Agonies which pierced him through in the Days of his Flesh, and from which He prayed again and again to be delivered with strong Crying and Tears. Having therer fore himself deeply tasted of Misery, He js strongly inclined to pity and to succour the Miserable. '.

Furthermore, The Consideration that we are Sons of God, may be of special Use to support and comfort us under all Troubles and Calamities. The Bitterness of Afflictions will be very much allay'd,

when when we can look upon them as the . . . Chastisements or Trials of a loving Fa- STMTM'

ther. God is never kinder to us than _

when He exercises us with Adversity, either for the Amendment of our Faults, or for the Improvement and Manifestation of our Virtues. It has ever been usual with Him to train up his dearest Sons to Glory by the Discipline of the Cross. Even Jesus Christ his only Be-' gotten, in whom He was always pleased, and in whom was no Sin, learned Obedience by the Things which he suffered. He was long a Man of Sorrows, and acquainted with Grief, before He was advanced above all Principality and Power. And were we truly wife, we should not desire to be entirely exempted from those Allotments of Providence, which are indeed the Evidences of our Sonship, and Token6 of the Almighty's Love tq us. We should be rather apt to be uneasy, and to suspect the Worst of our Condition, if God did not sometimes deal with us, as he is wont to do with those whom He acknowledges for his Children. % 4 Well

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-—- Well may we bear not only with Pa

„, ' tience, but with Thankfulness those Corrections, which are intended for our Benefit; and we may even glory in those Persecutions and Tribulations, which speak us the Darlings of the Almighty, and by which we are conformed to the Image of his best beloved Son.

Lastly. Since we are all of us" Sons of one and the fame God, let us love like Brethren. Since we all pretend to be guided and govern'd by the fame Spirit, the Spirit of Adoption, let us shew that we are so, by being like-minded, by mutual Kindness, Charity and Forbearance. Since we all make up but one great Family, let us study to promote' the Peace and Union of that Family to which we belong. Nothing can be more prejudicial to the Interests of the Houshold of God, than the dividing it against itself. Since we are all entitled to the same glorious Promises, and are Co-heirs of the Heavenly Inheritance, let us converse together in this World, as Persons who hope to meet in another, •

and to be happy in the Society of each ^ERMother to all Eternity. ^XH.

Which God grant that we may all be, for the Sake of Jesus Christ j To ivhqnty &c.

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A Communion of the Body and Blood of Christ in the Holy Sacrament.

I Cor. x. 16,

The Cup of Blessing which we h/ess, is it not the Communion of the Blood of Chrifi? The Bread which we hreak, is it not the Communion of the Body of Chrifi?

r I ">H E S E Words do unquestionably

Serm. J^ reiate to the Celebration of the

^ ^ Christian Eucharist. And tho' they arc

in the Form of an Interrogation, yet are

they in effect a strqng Affirmation, that


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