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Songs of praise the angels sang,
Heaven with hallelujahs rang,
When Jehovah's work begun,
When He spake, and it was done.

Songs of praise awoke the morn,
When the Prince of Peace was born ;
Songs of praise arose, when He
Captive led captivity.

Heaven and earth must pass away, Songs of praise shall crown that day : God will make new heavens and earth, Songs of praise shall hail their birth.

And will man alone be dumb,
Till that glorious kingdom come?
No;—the Church delights to raise
Psalms and hymns, and songs of praise.

Saints below, with heart and voice, Still in songs of praise rejoice ; Learning here, by faith and love, Songs of praise to sing above.

Borne upon the latest breath,
Songs of praise shall conquer death ;
Then amidst eternal joy,
Songs of praise their powers employ.


O SPIRIT of the living God! .

In all Thy plenitude of grace,
Where'er the foot of man hath trod,

Descend on our apostate race.

Give tongues of fire and hearts of love

To preach the reconciling word :
Give power and unction from above,

Whene'er the joyful sound is heard.

Be darkness at Thy coming, light,

Confusion, order, in Thy path ;
Souls without strength inspire with might ;

Bid mercy triumph over wrath.

O Spirit of the Lord ! prepare

All the round earth her God to meet ;
Breathe Thou abroad like morning air,

Till hearts of stone begin to beat.

Baptize the nations ; far and nigh,

The triumphs of the cross record; The name of Jesus glorify,

Till every kindred call Him Lord.

God from eternity hath willd,

All flesh shall his salvation see; So be the Father's love fulfill'd,

The Saviour's sufferings crown'd, through Thee.


The days and years of time are fled ;

Sun, moon, and stars have shone their last; The earth and sea gave up their dead,

Then vanish'd, at the archangel's blast : All secret things have been reveald,

Judgment is pass'd, the sentence seald, And man to all eternity

What he is now henceforth must be.

From Adam to his youngest heir,

Not one escaped that muster-roll; Each, as if he alone were there,

Stand up, and won or lost his soul;
These from the Judge's presence go

Down into everlasting woe;
Vengeance hath barr'd the gates of Hell,

The scenes within no tongue can tell.

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