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37 0 turn thou, Lord, mine eyes away,

When vanities before them play:
Mine eyes are only fir'd on thee;

Lord, in thy way, receive thou me : 38 Confirm to me, devoted, Lord,

Unto thy fear, thy plighted word; 39 And turn away my fear and shame,

For glory of thy holy name:
40 Behold, thy precepts I've deGr'd;

And by thy precepts I am fir’d,
In righteousness to do thy will;
Lord, quicken me when men thall kill.

VA U. PART VI. 41 0 let thy mercies to me come,

And raise me from the rueful tomb,
According to thy faithful word,

That I may boalt in thee, O Lord : 42 So shall I have wherewith I may

The speech of my upbraiders stay:
Because I've hoped in thy word,

And lying vanities abhorrid: 43 O never take thy word away,

Nor disannul the word I say;
For in my mouth thy judgments dwell,

Which I to all my brethren tell. 44 So shall I keep for evermore

Thy laws, and con them o'er and o’er: 45 And I will walk with God at large,

Because I keep his holy charge. 46 I'll'of thy teftimonies sing

Before the proudest swelling King;
Nor will I ever be asham'd

When I have God my Father nam'd:
47 I'll glory in my goodly theme,
And all thy glorious ways proclaim;


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For I have lov'd, and ever will,

Thy holy laws, which I fulfil: 48 I'll life my hands up to thy laws,

Which I have lov'd, and made my caufe ;
I'll meditate upon thy will,
Which is my ground of glorying ftill.

49 Remember, Lord, thy gracious word,

Which thou hast pledg‘d to me; Which is my only hope, O Lord,

My only ground of plea: 50 Thy word 's my comfort on 'my cross,

Thy word fhall quicken me: 51 The proud have trod on me as dross,

But to thy faw I fee. 52 I call’d to mind thy judgments all,

O Lord, and was rejoic'd'; 53 For horrors deep on me did fall,

When men thy law despis'a.
54 Thy ftatutes, Lord, are aye my long,

In house of pilgrimage
And all my weary night fo long: -

My fórrows they afswage :
55 For all my days and nights, O Lord,

I think upon thy name,
Thy laws and name, by me ador'd,

Are overmore'myl theme:T
56 This comfort was bestow'd on me,

Because I've kept thy ways:
Thy precepts kept have made me free,
And filld my mouth with praise.

57 Thou art my portion, O my God';
I've said, bI'll keep thy word:

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O let thy love to me be show'd,

As thou hast promis'd, Lord.
58 I thought upon my ways, O Lord,

My ways appointed me;
59 And turn'd my feet unto thy word,

As I was led by thee :
60 I haften'd me without delay,

To keep thy holy will;
But wicked bands did me belay,

And sought my soul to kill :
or They robbed me in fearful guise,

With raging wrath and pride;
Yet still thy laws, before mine eyes,

Sullain'd me till I dy'd :
62 But I, in midst of darkest night,

Arose to give thee praise :
Because I lov'd thy judgments right,

Thou didst thyself me raise.
63 I am the friend of ev'ry one

Who loves thy holy name,
Who glories in what thou hast done,

And sounds abroad thy fame. Juod
64 The earth is with thy mercy stora

Teach me thy ftarures still :
So shall I found thy name, O Lord,

From Zion's holy hill. !

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65 Well haft thou with thy fervant dealt,

According to thy word, O Lord;
Thy confolations which I've felt,

I'll register, and aye record.
66 Goodness, and truth, and knowledge, Lord,

O teach thou me in all my ways:
For I the precepts of thy word

Believe, and live by all my days.

67 Till

67 Till I aflum'd my humble state,

I walk'd before the Lord at large ;
Now, bound by my afflictions great,

I bind myself to keep thy charge. 68 Good thou thyself, and doing good,

Teach me thy statutes, O my God:
So, filld with purest gratitude,

l'll fill with praise thy world abroad. 69 The proud have forg'd malicious lies,

And held conspiracies on me;
Their contradictions I despise,

And praise thee on th’accursed tree. 70 Their heart is waxen far and gross,

With worldly ease, and wealth, and pride ;But I will glory in my cross,

And joyfully in God confide. 71 'Tis good for me my cross to bear,

That I may soon be filld with joy: I'll tread and bruise the serpent there,

And fin, and death, and hell destroy. 72 The law that from thy mouth does flow,

Flows to my heart a living well;
Thy laws are all the joy I know,
Gold's glittring glory they excel.

73 Thy hands have made and framed me;

Give me thy will to understand;
Let all my members, form’d by thee,

Obsequious be to thy commai.
The lovers of the Lord shall fee,

And when they see they Thall be glad,
For all the glory giv'n to me,

Betause thy word my hope I made.
75 I know, and will acknowledge, Lord,
Thy judgments all are righteousness ;



Thou hast, according to thy word,

Afflicted me in faithfulness.
76 Now, let thy mercy to me come,

And give me confolation sweet,
When I have undergone my doom,

And fallen at thy mercy's feet. 77 Let thy, sure mercies to me come,

And quicken me within the ground;
That I may live, and leave my tomb

As empty as the same I found:
For I've delighted in thy law,

And its conditions all have done;
My righteousness without a flaw,

Let promis'd life reward anon: 78 So fhall the proud ashamed be,

Unjustly who've' condemn’d thy Son,
Alive presented, when they fee

Me justify’d, with all I've dope;
I've made thy ways perpetually

My meditations night and day;
That I thy righteousness fo high

Might duly, to the world display.
Let those who love thee turn to me,

And thofe who've waited for my day;
For lo, my God, I come to thee,

And am to thee the only way:
80 Şound in thy ways let me be found,

That I may never be asham'd,
Nor any of my saints around,

To 1.41om thy ways I have proclaim’d.

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8. My soul for thy salvation faints ;

But faith in thee my soul prevents :
For I have hoped in thy word;
Nor fhall I be adham'd, O Lord.

82 Mine

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