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READ of the world, in mercy broken,
Wine of the soul, in mercy shed;
By whom the words of life were spoken,
And in whose death our sins are dead;

Look on the heart by sorrow broken,
Look on the tears by sinners shed,

And be Thy feast to us the token
That by Thy grace our souls are fed.

ET us adore th’ eternal Word—
'Tis He our souls hath fed ;
Thou art our living stream, O Lord,
And Thou the immortal bread.

The manna came from lower skies,
But Jesus from above;

Where the fresh springs of pleasure rise,
And rivers flow with love.

Blessed be the Lord, that gives His flesh
To nourish dying men;

And often spreads His table fresh,
Lest we should faint again.

Our souls shall draw their heavenly breath,
While Jesus finds supplies;

Nor shall our spirit fail in death,
For Jesus never dies.

CCORDING to Thy gracious word,
In meek humility,
This will I do, my dying Lord,
I will remember Thee.
2 Thy body, broken for my sake,
My bread from heaven shall be ;
Thy testamental cup I take,
And thus remember Thee.

3 When to the cross I turn mine eyes,
And rest on Calvary,
O Lamb of God, my sacrifice,
I must remember Thee:—

4 Remember Thee, and all Thy pains,
And all Thy love to me;
Yea, while a breath, a pulse remains,
Will I remember Thee.

5 And when these failing lips grow dumb, And mind and memory flee, When Thou shalt in Thy kingdom come, Jesus, remember me. 53

O GOD, unseen yet ever near,
Thy presence may we feel;

And thus inspired with holy fear
Before Thy table kneel.

2 Here may Thy faithful people know
The blessings of Thy love;
The streams that through the desert flow,
The manna from above.

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3 We come, obedient to Thy word,
To feast on heavenly food;
Our meat, the body of the Lord,
Our drink, His precious blood.

4 Thus may we all Thy words obey,
For we, O God, are Thine;
And go rejoicing on our way,
Renewed with strength divine.

O, the feast is spread to-day,
Jesus summons, come away!
From the vanity of life,
From the sounds of mirth or strife,
To the feast by Jesus given,
Come, and taste the bread of heaven.

2 Why, with proud excuse and vain,
Spurn His mercy once again
From amidst life’s social ties,
From the farm and merchandise,
Come, for all is now prepared;
Freely given, be freely shared.

3 Blessed are the lips that taste
Our Redeemer’s marriage-feast;
Blessed, who on Him shall feed,
Bread of life, and drink indeed;
Blessed, for their thirst is o'er ;
They shall never hunger more.

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EHOLD the Lamb of God, who bore
Thy burdens cn the tree,
And paid in blood the dreadful score,
The ransom due for thee.

Look to Him, till the sight endears
The Saviour to thy heart:

His pierced feet bedev with tears,
Nor from His cross depart.

Look to Him, till His dying love
Thine every thought control;

Its vast, constraining influence prove,
O'er body, spirit, soul.

Look to Him, as the race you run,
Your never-failing Friend :

He will complete the work begun,
And grace in glory end.

ORD, when before Thy throne we meet,
Thy goodness to adore,
From heaven, th' eternal mercy-seat,
On us Thy blessing pour;
And make our inmost souls to be
An habitation meet for Thee.

The body for our ransom given,
The blood in mercy shed
With this immortal food from heaven,
Lord, let our souls be fed ;
And as we round Thy table kneel,
Help us Thy quickening grace to feel.

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3 Be Thou, O Holy Spirit, nigh!
Accept the humble prayer,
The contrite soul's repentant sigh,
The sinner's heartfelt tear;
And let our adoration rise
As fragrant incense to the skies.

FIRST in sorrow, First in pain,

Thou Lamb of God for sinners slain;
Messiah, Jesus, Lord of Life,
Thou mighty Victor in the strife,
Our everlasting Priest art Thou,
Pleading Thy death for sinners now.

Eternal Victim, from Thy side
Thy love did pour a crimson tide;
And still Thy vesture dyed in blood
Gives token of the cleansing flood:
The Lamb for ever slain art Thou,
Pleading Thy death for sinners now.

O Lord of lords, and King of kings,
Thou Sun with healing in Thy wings,
Pour down upon our darkened sight
The brightness of Thy living light:
So may we know Thee, Victim, Priest,
And find Thee in Thy heavenly feast.

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