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and a distillery ; the latter, as usual, | layers of tinsel, that made a gingling offering a strong resistance to the whenever it was handled. On reentrance of the truth. Before the moving the tinsel, in a hollow cut in Burmans conquered the country, the wood were several folds of cloth, several populous Siamese villages under which appeared the book were located in this neighborhood; spread out at full length, which, to of which the Jack and Dorian trees the great amusement of the people, that abound here, afford satisfactory I read as follows :evidence, as they are not indigenous.

Wheelwright, The valley of the Tenasserim is one

Monk house, of the finest in India, and although

Winter & a few hundred wandering Karens is

Brooker, the aggregate of its present popula

London. tion, the remains of four walled In fact, it was a card of a London towns, that still exist on the river Firm, which had by some unknown north of where I now stand, indicate means found its way here. As the a former population of many thou- result of this day's labors, two men, sands.

out of a dozen, profess to believe the Feb. 19. My host and his wife Gospel and request baptism. It is declared their determination, this exceedingly discouraging to leave morning, to serve the Lord, what- such persons without any opportuever others might do, and as I have nities for receiving instruction, yet promised to make another visit next leave them I must. To-morrow we year, they will return with me, they move down the Tenasserim again, say, to Matamyo. The villagers which for two or three days' journey showed me the way to a few Karen below is without an inhabitant. houses on the Charawa, a considera 22. We did not reach inhabitble stream that comes in from the ants last evening as we expected}; east, and down which the Siamese but rain coming on, I determined used to make inroads on the inhabit- to keep on the raft, as it was imants below. Here I was glad to find possible to find shelter on the shore; two of our company, who had been so we kept driving on amid the wind separated from us about ten days, and rain, now in the dark washing on a preaching excursion. They over a sand bank, and anon among report favorably of the neighbor- the rocks and snags and sawyers hoods they have visited; in many of with which the river abounds. which, the people are anxious to Finally, we found the remains of a have schools established among raft near the shore, and then felt our them.

way through the bushes to an old Here is an individual, who unites house, deserted of its inhabitants, in in himself the character of both which we lay down to sleep. The prophet and necromancer. I found morning showed us no signs of the whole neighborhood assembled living beings, so we took breakfast in his zayat, and the great man and moved on; and about a mile himself reclining in a raised apart- further on, we found a boat, and ment between two rows of peacock's then a path which led us to a house. feathers. I was soon informed that The people listened with interest to this prophet, as a proof that he was the gospel, asked many pertinent sent of God, had received a book questions, said they had no wish to from heaven which they worshipped, make offerings to Nats, and finally and the people requested him to volunteered their services, to go show it to me, as I might, perhaps, down and show me the next house be able to read it. With some re- which, they said, was a day's journey luctance, he produced a small piece below. Accordingly I came down of wood about two inches long, and here towed by their boat. The peoone and a half broad, with a short ple manifest much interest in the handle, and wrapped in several Gospel. After worship to-night the

leading man said, on being ques- person that is injured, bear all that tioned, " I see no way to avoid be- is inflicted upon him without returnlieving it. No other law carries ing evil. Let no one envy another, with it the evidence of truth i hat or covet another's goods.” He says, this does.” He said he was in the as might be anticipated, that they do habit of praying to both God and the not worship idols, although those Nats. I asked him what he said, that dwell in towns frequently con“I say to God," replied he, "O God, form to the Boodhists and pay thou hast created all things, then homage to them. They all drink watch over and preserve what thou spirituous liquor, and their religion hast_formed.” To the Nats I say, does not forbid' it. They kill and “O Thegya, preserve me from sick- eat animals of every description, exness and affliction of every descrip-cept the turtle; and have received tion; suffer them not to come near permission, they say, so to do from me."

God, as in the following tradition Religion of Laos.

that he repeated. “In ancient time

God pretended to die, when animals Here are one or two natives of of every description, except the turLaos settled among the Karens. tle, came and mourned' for him. One was at worship to night, and as When God manifested himself again, he can speak Karen, I have had a he said, Eat not the turtle; of all long conference with him, on the other animals eat without sin, but it subject of the religion of that tribe. is sin to eat the turtle.” There is a He says they worship the God that manifest coincidence between this made the heavens and the earth, and a Karen tradition, a fragment of whom they call H’tein, the Chinese which, in my Karen scrap book runs name for God. Once a year they thus : sacrifice to him two buffaloes, a black one and a white one, with prayers

“ God about to die gave commands, gave

commands, and ceremonies. The persons that God about to go away gave commands, make the sacrifice are their teachers

gave commands, of religion—their priests. They He commanded, sun go mourning, observe the times of new and full He commanded, moon go mourning.” moon, as we do the Sabbath. They 23. The appearance of the peorefrain from work and travelling, but ple here is quite encouraging. They not from eating as do the Boodhists. pretty universally promise to abanTheir ideas of the omnipresence of don Nat worship and drink. A woGod, may be gathered from the fol. man at worship this evening, who lowing tradition which he repeated. has a drunken husband, almost swore " In ancient times men ate the tur- after it closed, that she would never tle, and devoured them in such great make him any more drink.*. "If numbers, that they (i. e. the turtles) ever I make any more,” said she, went and besought God, who, (as a “ from this time of hearing the teachpunishment to men for their gluttony) er, may I die.” The folks say, that covered up men's eyes; so, that al- they hope I will visit them next year, though God is ever near us, no one and baptize them; and that they will can see him.”

The man has as build a zayat for me. good a system of mere morality in his head, as I can teach him. Isus- | Interesting Interview with a Karen pect, however, that he has got some

Teacher. of his morality from the Karens. He

24. After promising to visit them repeated a number of command again next year, and administering ments, coinciding with scripture medicine as usual to the sick, morality, among which were the pushed off; but not without an following: “Pray to God day and night continually." • Let men love

• The women make all the spirituous each other unfeignedly; and let a liquur among the Kareng.


escort of the people in a canoe. On Praise the law of God,
the way, we met with a religious It is pure as water, even as sand;

Praise the truth of God, teacher and his wife, who live in the

It is pleasant as water, smooth as iron." neighborhood. They begged us to stop; but after a little conversation The people all promised to abanthey concluded to return, and started don drink, and Nat worship, and the on before us.

On reaching his religious teacher and his wife achouse, where I now am, we found companied us. We met with a boat every thing prepared for us, in the full of people, to whom we preached very first of Karen style, with their the Gospel. They were going to garinents spread on the floor, for me offer to Nats, and promised, that to walk upon from one to after they had offered to them this another. While listening to the once, they would abandon them forreading of the View in Karen, he ever. occasionally exclaimed,“The Lord,” We came to the house of the head “ The Lord,” “ The Lord.” He has man at Tsau-thrau. He says he saw built an addition to his house as a br. Wade in Mergui, and that he place of worship, and himself and believes, but he does not practise such of his neighbors as are disposed, accordingly. After this, we moved assemble every night to worship, down a few miles to a comfortable where they pray and sing hymns. zayat, near which are two Karen In his place of worship, I found a houses. The head man has sent us shrine surrounded with something down his boat, as he fears the alliresembling a Chinese pagoda, and gators will take us off our little rafts, many ridiculous ornaments. I told for they occasionally take people ont him these things were not proper. of the boats. An instance of this “Well, then,” said he, “I will de- kind occurred a few weeks ago, stroy them if you say they are wrong. wherein a Burman man

was de I made them throngh ignorance, not voured by one that came into his knowing what was proper. I have boat, while he was asleep, waiting been long living in hopes, that I for the turn of the tide. It deserves should see a teacher among us, and to be remarked, that the Burmans now you have come, I am determined would see us all devoured by allito do as you say.”. Accordingly I gators before they would offer to have seen his temple cleared, until lend us a boat, with men to take it it would do for a Quaker conventi- back again free of expense, as this cle. The people around us appear Karen has done. determined to enrol themselves as Christians, but the old man says, he

Tenasserim. fears the men will drink, and the 26. Noon found us in this ancient women scold, after all. A man that city, which is situated on a narrow lives in an adjacent house has just peninsula, formed by the confluence been begging a book, and express of the “Little River," and the Tenasing his determination to live as its serim. Its dilapidated walls, several requirements demand.

miles in circumference, still exist, to 25. I was awaked in the middle indicate something of its former imof the night, by the singing of some portance. Little of its history howwomen in the next room. I caught ever, is known, more than that it was a few verses.

built by the Siamese, and was a very “ If we know the Lord Jesus Christ populous and busy city many centuWe

e are delivered from our sins; ries before the existence of Mergui. Who ever knows then the Lord Jesus The present population, consists of Christ

a few hundred inhabitants, who, like Is delivered from his sins; Upon the whole earth

the city, appear to belong to a forNo other God should be worshipped;

mer generation ; and the whole Throughout the whole earth

strikingly resembles an old French No other God shall be worshipped; town in the valley of the Mississippi.

It is the very empire of dulness, and made, as well as an intoxicating we failed in our attempts to gain any liquor; concerning which an old attention to the Gospel.

traveller, who was here in 1565, says, I was surprised, in the afternoon, “ The greatest merchandise at by the arrival of Capt. Leslie, the Mirgrim, is Nyppa, which is an exGovernor of the province, who, it cellent wine, that is made of the appears, is going to visit a Siamese flower of a tree called Nyppa, whose settlement up the Little River, form- liquor they distil, and so make an ing by emigrants from Siam. He excellent drink, clear as crystal, good tells me that there is a Siamese town to the mouth, and better to the of nearly a thousand inhabitants, stomach.” The soldiers are connear the southern boundary of the stantly intoxicated by this “excellent province, on the sea-coast-would wine," whenever by any means they not this be an eligible situation for a can obtain it, to the ruin of both soul Siamese missionary ?) He gave me and body. One was drowned here, at parting a pressing invitation to three or four days since, by the upmake his house at Mergui my home, setting of a canoe, while in a state during my stay there, and has just of intoxication. sent me a note ordering the person

Immediately on my arrival I sought in charge of his house to receive me, out Ko Ing, but he gives a discourand provide for me as for himself. aging view of the place, so far as reMissionaries have so often cause to {ligion is concerned. He had incomplain of those in authority, that tended to return to Tavoy about a the uniform kindness those in Bur- month ago, but a woman here afmah have experienced, deserves to forded him some encouragement, be noted.

which he interpreted as an indica

tion that it was his duty to stay. Mergui.

The Karen settlement br. Wade March 1. Between Tenasserim visited, lies on the north side of the and this place, we visit one or two island ; but the people have gone villages, that afford nothing worthy back to Nat worship, Ko Ing says, of particular remark. The Karens, worse than ever; so I shall not turn however, pressingly requested me aside to visit them at present, but reto come again. The tide serving in turn to Tavoy by land, on the west the night, we got down here about side of the mountains, among which sunrise. The bamboo houses, scat- several Karen settlements remain tered amid a grove of cocoa nut trees, unvisited. give the place a most oriental ap 2. Besides Ko Ing, his family, pearance, while good broad streets, and a Burman woman that br. Wade intersecting each other at right an- baptized, who adorns her profession, gles, seem to indicate more than we had two or three persons at wororiental civilization. The town ship to-day, who afford some enstands on the top and sides of a hill couragement, in having abandoned that rises from the water's edge, be- idol worship, and being favorably tween one and two hundred feet inclined to the truth. high, and is by far the pleasantest I dined with the military comtown I have seen in India. On the mandant and his lady, who are very south and west side, it is shut in by pleasant people, and favorably ina labyrinth of islands, on the north- clined to religion. He lately rewest is the open sea, but still diver- turned from a visit to Europe, and sified by lofty mountainous islands, says the Directors of the East India while the blue mountains on the Company are, in heart, as much opnorth-east probably stretch up in posed to the admission of missionaone continuous range to the Him-ries into their territories as ever; malahs. The low swampy, ground arguing that when the people are on the south-east, produces the Nipa- enlightened, they will throw off the palm, from which a coarse sugar is yoke of their English masters. The


pay of the Governor of their prov- their religion, it being interwoven inces is three hundred and fisty times with their first thoughts and feelmore than the wages of the best ings, that the converts would often native carpenters, and that of the relapse into idolatry, while the fact Governor General, is two thousand is, that of more than one hundred five hundred

nes more; while and fifty Burmans that have been pay of the President of the United baptized in the mission, I believe States, is not fifty times more than not one has ever been excluded or the wages of a mechanic. They suspended for idolatry. The few have certainly reason then for their exclusions that have occurred, have apprehensions ; for what enlightened been not for idolatrous, but for impeople will pay such enormous sal- moral practices. This fact shows, aries? It is to be lamented, how that man's attachment to idolatry is ever, that the Government of the not so strong as his attachment to most enlightened, most liberal, and his passions; and as subduing the most Christian people in Europe latter is a prerequisite to admission depends alone, for its stability, on to the church every where, what ignorance, superstition and oppres- fears have we to entertain for the

conversion of the world ? If the This gentleman imagines that Spirit of God is constantly overthe want of an established religion coming the greater, what insurin America, must produce an im- mountable difficulty can be offered mense number of sects; and I find by the less ! this idea cherished in a religious

Tha Mok. periodical in India, which ought to know better. The Editor comes

3. Mergui is situated in such a forth like

labyrinth of islands, it was with hard

struggling all day, that we have at “ Katterfelta, with his hair on end last reached the main land. An old At his own wonders,”

man, on my asking him if he had with the astounding announcement,

ever heard of the Christian religion “We think we can reckon nineteen before, said he had heard his childenominations of Christians, more

dren speak of it, when they came or less numerous in the United from Mergui. And what did they States."

say, I asked.

They said,” he reNow it is but a few years ago, plied, “the person that enters comsince I saw the notice of a Catholic mits a great sin.” A few persons priest, somewhere in the United were at worship, but the old man Kingdom, enumerating more than shook his head and said, “The Burtwo hundred different sects of prot- mans, sir, will never believe.” estants,

4. We started this morning for as an argument against protestantism. This argument then Boka, said to be half a day's journey is about twelve times stronger in distant, and after walking from sunfavor of making that establishment rise till the stars looked us in the popery. The fact, however, is most face, every man ready to drop down striking. Amid all the persecution with fatigue, and one in a fever, we to which heretics and dissenters threw ourselves down here, we know have been subjected in Europe, more not where, further than that it is the than two hundred sects have arisen ;

Karen jungle, having passed two old while in America, where religion is houses. The worst of the matter is, without constraint, those interested we have nothing to eat. Three in making them as numerous as pos- in search of a house, but though

men pushed on, without their loads, sible, are able to enumerate nineteen only.

several hours ago, we have not heard I had occasion to correct another

from them. error. My company thought that

Plai Creek. the Burians were so attached to 5. After sunrise, the three men


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