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379. L. M.


God the glory and defence of Zion.

HAPPY the church, thou sacred place,

The seat of thy Creator's grace;
Thy holy courts are his abode,
Thou earthly palace of our God.

2 Thy walls are strength, and at thy gates
A guard of heavenly warriors waits;
Nor shall thy deep foundations move,
Fixt on his counsels and his love.

3 God is our shield, and God our sun;
Swift as the fleeting moments run,
On us he sheds new beams of grace,
And we reflect his brightest praise.

2 These temples of his grace,
How beautiful they stand!
The honour of our native place,
And bulwarks of our land.

380. S. M. Watts.

The Church is the honour and safety of a Nation.

is the Lord our God,

And let his praise be great; He makes his churches his abode, His most delightful seat.

In Zion God is known
A refuge in distress;

How bright has his salvation shone
Through all her palaces!

In every new distress
We'll to his house repair,
We'll think upon his wondrous grace,
And seek deliverance there.

381. C. M. Rippon's Selection. The Church described. Cant. vi. 10.

AY, who is she that looks abroad

When with her living light she paints
The dew-drops of the lawn?

2 Fair as the moon when in the skies,
Serene her throne she guides,
And o'er the twinkling stars supreme
In full-orb'd glory rides;

3 Clear as the sun, when from the east,
Without a cloud, he springs,

And scatters boundless fight and heat
From his resplendent wings;
4 Tremendous as a host that moves
Majestically slow,

With banners wide display'd, all arm'd,
All ardent for the foe?

5 This is the church by heaven array'd
With strength and grace divine;
Thus shall she strike her foes with dread,
And thus her glories shine.

2 Like trees of myrrh and spice we stand
Planted by God the Father's hand;
And all his springs in Zion flow
To make the young plantation grow.

382. L. M. Watts.

The Church the Garden of Christ. Cant. iv. 12-15

WE are a garden wall'd around,

Chosen and made peculiar ground,
A little spot inclos'd by grace,
Out of the world's wide wilderness.

3 Awake! O heavenly wind, and come,
Blow on this garden of perfume;
Spirit divine! descend and breathe
A gracious gale on plants beneath.

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4 Make our best spices flow abroad
To entertain our Saviour God!
And faith, and love, and joy appear,
And every grace be active here.

383. C. M.


The Constitution of a Church.

ARISE, O king of grace, arise,

And enter to

Lo! thy church waits with longing eyes,
Thus to be own'd and blest.

2 Enter, with all thy glorious train,
Thy Spirit and thy word;

All that the ark did once contain
Could no such grace afford.

3 Here, mighty God, accept our vows,
Here let thy praise be spread;
Bless the provisions of thy house,
And fill thy poor with bread.

4 Here let the Son of David reign,
Let God's Anointed shine;
Justice and truth his court maintain,
With love and power divine.

5 Here let him hold a lasting throne;
And as his kingdom grows,
Fresh honours shall adorn his crown
And shame confound his foes.

384. L. M. J. B. Cook. The stability of the Church.

BOUGHT with the Saviour's precious blood,

Thy church, O God, has firmly stood;
Built on the rock secure she stands,
Like some tall cliff in distant lands.

2 When hosts of foes against her came.
Regardless of thy powerful name,
Thine arm, O Lord, salvation wrought
For them who thy protection sought.

3 Strike to the Lord each joyful string,
Awake each tuneful power and sing;
Ye saints, redeem'd from sin and hell,
Loud let the pleasing anthem swell.

385. S. M. Dobell's Selection. Coming up from the wilderness. Cant. viii. 5.

ROM sin's dark, thorny maze,
To Canaan's fertile plains,
A trav'lling fair one in distress,
On her Beloved leans.

2 Through fire and flood she goes,
A weakling more than strong-
Vents in his bosom all her woes,
And leaning moves along.

3 When dangers round her press,
And darkness veils the skies,
She leans upon his righteousness,
Whence all her hopes arise.
4 When guilt, a mighty flood,

Her trembling conscience pains,
Then on his peace-procuring blood
This travelling fair one leans.
5 She views his promise sure;


Her hopes all centre there;
And on his bosom leans secure,
Whose temples bled for her.
O'er Jordan's chilling flood,
When call'd by death to go,
She, leaning on her faithful God,
Shall pass triumphant through.


386. C. M. Wesley's Coll. The Church Covenanting. OME, let us use the grace divine,


In a perpetual Covenant join
Ourselves to Christ the Lord :-

2 Give up ourselves, through Jesus' power,
His name to glorify;

And promise, in this sacred hour,
For God to live and die.

3 The Covenant we this moment make,
Be ever kept in mind;

O may we ne'er our God forsake,
Nor cast his words behind.

4 Through grace we will thy name revere,
Who hears our solemn vow;
And if thou art well pleas'd to hear,
Come down and bless us now!

5 To each the Covenant blood apply,
Which takes our sins away;
And register our names on high,
And keep us to that day.


387. 7's. Wesley's Coll. Prayer for Union, Simplicity, and Protection

OD of love, O hear our prayer!
Kindly for thy people care:
We on thee alone depend-
Love us, save us to the end.

2 Save us in the prosperous hour,
From the flattering tempter's power,
From his unsuspected wiles,
From the world's pernicious smiles.

3 Cut off our dependence vain
On the help of feeble man;
Every arm of flesh remove,
Stay us on eternal love.

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