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10 Who Egypt (mote in her first-born,

That Hra'l might not mourn forlorn';
Whofe mercy lasts for evermore;

Thy God, O Ifrael, adore !
us Who hath such works of wonder wrought,

Who Isra'l hath from Egypt brougho;
Whofe mercy

lasts for evermore;
Thy Leader, Ifrael, adore !
12 Who stretched out his mighty armi,

And fav'd thee from the grand alarm;
Whose merey lasts for evermore;

Thy Saviour, Israel, adore !
13 Who made the Red-lea part in twain,

And for his chosen form a lane;

lasts for evermore;
The wonder-working God adore !
14 The Lord, who carried Isra’l through

The waters, which afunder flew;
'The Lord who rules the floods adore;

His mercy lasts for evermore:
15 The Lord, whọ Pharaoh overthrew,

And Pharaoh's mighty army too,
Amidst the Red-fea-0 adore; ,

lasts for evermore.
16 The Lord who through the defert led

His people, whom his love inade glad;
The Lord our Shepherd, bless, adore;

His mercy lasts for evermore..
17 Who great and mighty princes fmote,

With mighty armies where they fought;
The Lord, th' almighty Lord, adore
His mercy

lasts for evermore.
18 Who flew great kings of high renown,

And trod them under Ifra'l down;
The Lord, the King of kings, adore;
His mercy lasts for evermore.

19 Who Sibon, king of th' Amorite,

Destroyed for his haughty spite;
The Lord, th' aveuging Lord, adore;
His mercy

lafts for evermore.
20 Who Og, the King of Balhan hill,

That vow'd in Ifra'l's blood to swill,
Destroy'd in wrath--the Lord adore;

lasts for evermore.
21 Who gave their land for heritage,

Of heav'nly rest an earthly pledge
To God's redeem'd--the Lord adore;

lasts for evermore.
22 Who gave their land to Israel,

His servant, whom he lov'd so well:
The God of Isra'l, o adore;

lasts for evermore.
23 Who us into his mind did call,

And rais'd us from our deadly fall:
The Lord, our Saviour, bless, adore;

lasts for evermore
24 The Lord who us delivered

From all our foes, by whom wę bled :
Our Lord, Redeemer, O adore;

His mercy lasts for evermore,
25 The Lord who gives all flesh their food,

Who fills our hearts with gratitude;'
The Lord, the bounteous Lord, adore ;

lasts for evermore.
26 The Lord, the Lord of earth and heav'n,

To him alone be glory giv'n!
The Lord Melliah bless, adore;

lasts for evermore.

His mercy

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RAISE God, for he is good;

Unto Meffiah fing
Sweet fongs of gratitude ;
For he's the Lord our King :

For evermore
His light divine,
Wherein we shine,

We fhall explore. 2 He is the God of gods;

Let all the gods him praise,
With high celestial odes,
And everlasting lays :

For he, in love
Hath made them all

To shine above.
3 He is the Lord of lords,

The fov'reign Lord of all;
Let thein revere his words
All round the earthly ball:

For, by his nod,
Their fceptres they
Have leave to sway,

And lift the rod. 4 He works the wonders all

Which make the nations ftare;
The kingdoms, great and small,
By him created were :

Let them obey,
In love and faith,
Whate'er he faith;

Left they decay. i

5 The heav'ns by wisdom he

Expanded all'abroad;
And stretch'd his canopy
All over our abode :

Let heay'n and earth,
Beneath the wing
Of God their King,

Express their mirth. 6 He spread the earth above

The horrors of the deep,
And bade them ne'er remove,
But their own bound'ries keep:

O let them now,
Before him lie,

And lowly bow. 7 He is himself the light;

He made the light to spring
From the primeval night,
That we might ever fing,

• He is the Light, .
· The Life of men;
With him we reign

• In glory bright. 8 He made the fun to rule,

And measure out the days;
For he is bountiful
To all beneath his says:

O let the fun,
With all below
Set forth and show

What he hath done.
He made the moon and stars,

And bade them rule the night';
The glory that is theirs.

Is but the chade of light :



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But let them shine:
In their own place,
To patch the face

Of Light divine.
10 He smote the Egyptian race,
And New their whole first-bom;

Because they scorn'd his grace,
They mourn't their hopes forlorn :

O tremble then,
Who spurn his way,
In this your day,

Yę fons of men. ";} 11 Ifra'l he far'd, and led

From their tyrannic lords,
Who scorn'd the Lord their Head,
And laugh'd at all his words:

Let Ifra'l, then,
The Lord adore,
For evermore

Bleft in his reigns. 12 By his almighty hand

He fav'd his chofen race,
And brought them from the land
Of bondage and difgrace:

(then adore
The Lord your King"
Who you did bring

From llav'ry fore. 13 He made the Red-fea fly

In twain, to right and left;
And Isra'l marched dry,
When he the billows cleft:

O Ifra'l, thou,
Thy Lord adore
For evermore,
And pay thy vov..

14 Ifra'l

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