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incline us to read it more frequently, to meditate upon it more seriously, and to pray over it more fervently.

Open the eyes of our understandings, that we may see and admire the wonders which it contains. May we firmly believe its important declarations, rejoice in its precious promises, and order our walk and conversation by its holy precepts and instructions.

O graft in our hearts the love of thy name; increase in us true religion, nourish us with all goodness, and of thy great mercy keep us in the same. ,

Remember thy church and people, wherever dispersed, and however distressed. May grace, in abundance, be with all them that love the Lord Jesus, by whatever name they are distinguished among men.

Bless all who labour in thy word and doctrine ; make them wise to win souls ; give them zeal and patience in the discharge of their important office; and, after having preached to others, may they not themselves be cast away.

Pity the nations that yet lie in darkness and the shadow of death. May it please thee to send forth thy light and thy truth, that thy way may be known upon earth, and thy saving health among all nations.

Pity and convert those that have the light of the Gospel, but love darkness rather than light, because their deeds are evil.

O look in mercy upon this nation. Great are our privileges; but great are our iniquities. Enter not into judgment with us, O Lord, but send forth among us a spirit of repentance and reformation. Revive thy work in the midst of the days, that we may be indeed a people fearing God, and working righteousness.

Bless our gracious Sovereign; may he long be continued a nursing father to thy church. Bless all in authority under him; may they be a terror to evil-doers; and for the praise of them that do well.

Remember the afflicted and distressed; sanctify their troubles, and in due time remove them.

Bless all our friends, and forgive our enemies; take them and us to the arms of thy mercy this night. Pardon the sins of the day, and make us heartily thankful for all the mercies of it. O that we may lie down with gratitude in our hearts, and thy

blessing upon our heads; and, if we rise again, may it be to praise and serve thee, through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Our Father, &c.
The Grace of our Lord, &c.

MORNING PRAYER III. O LORD God Almighty, be pleased in mercy to look down upon us unworthy sinners'; and for the sake of Jesus Christ, the righteous, accept our prayers and supplications.

Teach ús, O Lord, to consider it not only as a duty, but a privilege, to draw near unto thee. Make us sensible that we are utterly unworthy of such a favour, and thankful that we are nevertheless indulged with it.

We have grievously sinned against thee, O Father Almighty. We have abundant reason to be covered with shame and confusion of face, when we reflect upon our numberless transgressions in thought, word, and deed. O give us true repentance, even repentance unto salvation, not to be repented of.

Forgive us, we beseech thee, our manifold sins, negligences, and ignorances. Pardon, O Lord, and heal our souls: endue us with the grace of thy Holy Spirit, to amend our lives according to thy holy word.

Make us truly thankful to thee, O God, for preserving us through the night past, and for raising us up from our beds in health, peace, and safety.

May it please thee to be our guardian and our guide this day. We live in a world in which dangers conti

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