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the school for Mahomedans


39 Buxar.-On the Ganges, 70 miles boys; the English school contains 200. below Benares—1819. One native cat

echist. Culpeeman out-station, south of Cal

Benares-1817.--Three missionaries, cutta. A school was opened here in one schoolmaster, with four native teach1833-one native teacher.

Two of the missionaries have been Chittagong-upwards of 300 miles actively engaged in preaching in Benares east of Calcutta. A schoolmaster ap- and the surrounding villages, and in pointed, a school-room built, and a be- visits to the great fairs. There are five ginning made with 36 scholars.

schools in operation; at one of which,

the free school, 152 pupils are usually Burdwan—50 miles north-north- in attendance; of whom, 50 are reading west of Calcutta-station occupied in English, 57 Persian, 21 Bengalee, and

Two missionaries. Culna-24 Hinduwee. A reader has been staeastward of Burdwan: 1825, one cate- tioned also at Jaunpore, and is in charge chist. Kishnaghur-further eastward; of two schools. one missionary. Bancoorah-westward of Burdwan.

Chunar.--A few miles above Benares The Calcutta Committee notice with | --1814. One missionary, several native especial approbation, the great caution

assistants. The mission at the last in the reception of converts. One of the Report was in an unpromising condition: missionaries at Burdwan writes, --- In the door seemed to be closed against the quirers continue to present themselves ;

truth: the people were alraid to listen. but all do not come with sincere inten- The preaching excursions of the missiontions; and to many who appear so, the aries, however, had been interesting. path to the kingdom of glory is too There were two schools in the town, strait: they stumble at the cross--are

containing 70 boys, and four on the Misoffended, and withdraw again. Others,

sion premises. who are not decided enough, I advise lo Allahabad-1828.–At present unwait a little longer, that they may have occupied. time to give the important subject a more serious consideration; for I feel con

Gorruckpore.--About 100 miles north vinced that, by a careful attention to the of Benares--1824. One missionary, one state of our inquirers, the cause of Chris- catechist, one native teacher, and several tianity will ultimately gain more, than assistants: four schools having each 18 by an indiscriminate admission of


or 20 boys, besides an English school. plicants."

The Report of the missionary says, În nine Bengalee schools there are

“ Great part of the Farm is now under 754 boys: more than 300 are in the na- cultivation; and the native Christian tive schools at Culna, half at least of families are now settled on it, in neat whom are conversant with the Scrip and substantial dwellings, with kitchen tures: at Nuddea are six schools and at gardens attached, and in the vicinity of Kishnaghur three; the attendance on a piece of land allotted on a rental for which averages about 500.

cultivation. The converts are thus pruAt Bancoorah the removal of the dently provided for, in having the means missionary and the giving up of the put in their power of providing for themplace as a civil station have occasioned selves and their families by the labor of some falling off. Three schools have their hands.” Great efforts had recently been closed: four schools, with 350 chil- been made for the suitable instruction of dren, will be continued, under charge Christian orphans. The Calcutta Comof a catechist.

mittee, in full accordance with many The Word of God has found its way other enlightened friends of India, express into the palace of the Rajah of Burdwan, their conviction, “ that nothing great and four Bengalee Bibles, presented to

or extensively useful will be effected, the chief members of his family, were till qualified and devoted men are raised gladly accepted.

up from among the native converts, to

carry on the great work; and they would Patnah.-One catechist. Two da- particularly, therefore, press it on all their tive schools, of 60 boys.

missionary friends to pay strict attention

to the education of the children of the and revision of the Malayalim Scriptures, native converts.”

and has printed a volume of Malayalim Bareilly. One teacher and catechist. Hymns. The “Malayalim Religious

Tract Association,” printed, during the Agra--800 miles north-west of Cal. cutta--1813. One schoolmaster; the year, 18,320 Tracts, 20,000 Broad

sheets, and 35,000 Handbills. school in a prosperous state.

Meerut-32 miles north-east of Delhi Palamcottah-65 miles east north--1813. One catechist, who, besides east of Cape Comorin. Head-quarters of the care of a small congregation, preaches the Mission in the District of Tinnevelly, and distributes books in the adjoining which occupies the south-eastern end of villages and at annual fairs, with en- the peninsula, and has 700,000 inhabitcouraging success.

ants-1920. Five missionaries, two Kurnaul70 miles north of Delhi- assistants, 110 native catechists and 1827. One native catechist: one school, schoolmasters. The last returns of this having an average of 30 boys.

mission, which has been for so many Summary of the North India Mis- of the Holy Spirit, are 10,694 natives in

years favored with the manifest blessing sion–14 stations-9 English mission-238 villages, all of whom bad renounced aries, and 18 English assistants—one idolatry; withi 2,522 boys and 147 girls native missionary, and 90 native assist- in 192 schools, of whom 1656 were in ants. Total, 117.

average attendance. One of the mis. Western India Mission. sionaries writes as follows: “ The Word Nassuck.--A place of pilgrimage in

of God, of which our schoolmasters are the Deccan, the seat and centre of Brah- learning a portion every month, has minism, and inhabited chiefly by Brah

been working more powerfully among mins: inhabitants, 30,000--1832. Three

them this year, than it appears ever to missionaries: scholars; boys, 70; girls,

have done before. Three of the most 60.." The opposition with which the respectable and learned of them have missionaries meet, but to which they openly renounced heathenism, and have have returned only words of truth and been received into the church of Christ by the meekness of wisdom, is partly to be baptism; and two other others, likewise accounted for by the circumstance, that respectable men, have lately applied for the Gospel is almost a new subject in

the same ordinance." that region; and partly it may be ascribed to the fierce and unsubdued spirit

Magaveram--160 miles south south

Madras—1825. Two native of the Mahratta race.'

catechists, with forty native assistants. South India Mission. Seminarists, 24: Schools, 24; 1774 boys, Nilgherry Hills.-One missionary:

42 girls. one native assistant: one schoolunis Madras-1815. Four missionaries, tress.

one assistant, one printer, several native Cochin. No recent report from this catechists and assistants. Boys in the station.

Madras and Poonamallee schools, 280; Cottayam--30 miles south-east of

Seminarists at Perainbore, 8.--Several Cochin, and near the Syrian College— youths have been sent out into the Mis1817. One European missionary: seve

sion: the pupils who remain are also ral native missionaries and assistants.

likely to prove useful, either as super“ Amidst ail the glooin which pervades

intendents of schools, catechists, or

schoolmasters. the Syrian community, it is easy to trace bright beams of light. There never was

Summary of the South India Misa time when there was such a demand sion. (As given in the 34th Report.). for Scripture and tracts, and for the

Stations 9.-Teachers: European mispreaching of God's word.”

sionaries, 11; native, 3. Assistants, Allepie-between 30 and 40 miles European, 14; native, 279. Total, 307. south by east of Cochin. Inhabitants, Communicants, 450; schools, 229 30,000—1817. One missionary: one scholars; boys, 6027; girls, 930; youths assistant with native assistants. The and adults, 203; sex not specified, 323. missionary is prosecuting his translation | Total, 7483.


LONDON MISSIONARY SOCIETY. tracts have been prepared, and 24,000

copies printed. Founded in 1795. The first attempts of the Society were in the Islands of the Belgaum.-A British Military Station South Sea, whither missionaries were –75 miles north-east of Goa, and 200 sent in 1796 and in 1900. It began its north-west of Bellary. Population 20,000 operations in India in 1804.

-1820—Two missionaries, two native Calcutta—with Out-stations at Kid- tained in four places. The congregation

assistants. Native services are mainderpore and Rammakalchoke-1816. Four missionaries, one native preacher. couraged for want of more visible suc

in Belgaum averages 50. Though disService is held in three native chapels. cess, the missionaries continue to preach At the Out-stations a system of weekly the Word not only in the regular places pastoral visitation is pursued with great of worship, but in the schools, the streets, benefit to the people. The Bengalee the lanes, and frequently in the houses schools are reduced to two, containing of the people. Eight schools; 240 boys, 150 boys. A school has been opened

10 girls.

4485 copies of Scriptures for the purpose of affording the children and tracts issued during the of the Christian natives a more ample

year. education, and of separating them in Bellary-187 miles north of Serintheir earlier years from the contamina- gapatam, and 300 north-west of Madras. tion of heathen examples and conversa

--1810. Two missionaries, one printer tion. It has 24 boys. A similar school one native preacher, two assistants. will be opened for girls. * Valuable The average number of attendants at helps may thus be raised up, under the fourteen places for preaching in Tamul blessing of God, in the great work of and Canarese, is about 630. One of the evangelizing India.”

missionaries, in two journeys, distributed

11,000 tracts and 220 portions of ScripChinsurah.--One missionary. In 2

ture, and preached to large congregations boys' schools the children have increase in a number of populous towns, in some ed from 70 to 220, who are in constant of which a missionary's voice had not attendance: 36 native and 46 Roman been heard before. 27,600 books and Catholic Portuguese girls are under in

tracts were printed during the year, and struction. The Gospel has had a soften

24,834 distributed. In the different ing and subduing influence in the imme- schools there were 427 boys, and 31 diate neighborhood, while the people in

girls. the distant villages are as rude and fierce as they were ten years ago.

Bangalore.-In the territories of the.

Rajah of Mysore, with extensive inilitaBerhampore-120 miles north of

ry cantonments and a population of Calcutta, and 5 miles south of Moorsbed- 50,000 or 60,000; seventy miles northabad--1824-Two missionaries. Preach

east of Seringapatam and 215 west of ing has been maintained at the station Madras—1820. Two missionaries with and in 6 neighboring villages. One native assistants. In three schools are Hindoostanee school of 25 boys, and | 100 children. A Christian village has another Bengalee of 40. Instruction been begun, forming a little community is also given to 16 girls, besides 5 boys' in connection with the inission, and and 2 girls in an Orphan Asylum. 1038 maintaining themselves by their labor. portions of Scripture, 22 bibles and 17 Beggoor-& miles south of Bangalore, iestaments, and many thousand tracts and kiaggerre--18 miles west, are Outhave been distributed.

stations of this Mission. Benares.-Three missionaries. The

Salem-90 miles south by east of Pilgrim's Progress and Gibbs's Scripture Catechism have been translated into Bangalore; inhabitants 60,000; with Oordoo and Hindoostanee.

numerous villages within a moderate

distance containing 100,000—1827.Surat177 miles north of Bombay- One missionary, one native preacher, 300,000 inhabitants-1813. One mis- ' four native assistants. Scholars: 231 sionary, two assistants. It is calculated boys, 7 girls, 10 adults. 9524 publicathat 1000 persons in Surat hear the Gos- tions distributed in the year, of which pel preached weekly. In 4 schools are 1500 were portions of Scripture. “In 240 boys, and 15 girls. Eight new various journeys, great attention has

been paid to preaching, and eagerness | of Travancore-1828. Two missionashown to obtain books; and much en- ries, one assistant, fifteen native readers, couragement afforded by the inquiries and twenty-two assistants. At 68. staand discussions which have arisen. In tions there are 1024 families, containing large and populous villages and at festi- 3736 individuals, formed into about 60 vals, thousands have had the unsearch- congregations. able riches of Christ preached among them, and many Brahmins and other Tanjore: inbabitants, 42,000, with many

Combaconum—20 miles north-east of natives, who on these occasions were supplied with books, have since visited large and populous villages—1825. One tbc Mission House, to ascertain the missionary, one assistant, three native meaning of what they did not under-5977 portions of Scripture and tracts

readers. Scholars: 538 boys, 16 girls. stand.”

have been distributed and well received. Coimbatore-90 miles south-west of Chittore-80 miles west of Madras: Salem, and 100 south of Seringapatam inhabitants, 10,000—within a circuit of -1830. One inissionary, two native 30 miles, 60,000~1826. One missionreaders. In ten schools there are 290 ary, three native catechists. Scholars: boys. 7 girls are under instruction. 235 boys, 23 girls. 1560 portions of Visits have been paid to neighboring Scripture and tracts have been distribtowns and villages, and thousands of uted. tracts and portions of Scripture distrib

Madras-1805.--Eastern Division. uted.

Two missionaries, one assistant, two naQuilon.—On the Malabar coast, 88 tive assistants. Scholars: 151 boys in 6 miles north-west of Cape Comorin, and schools, and 30 girls in 2 schools; be80 west of Nagercoil; inbabitants 40,000 sides 50 boys and 45 girls in free schools. -1821. One missionary, one assistant, 6130 publications have been distributed. six native readers. Ten youths in a

Western Division.--One missionary, Seminary, 24 girls at school.

one assistant, two native assistants.-Nagercoil.--Head-quarters of the Scholars: 247 boys and 15 girls in 7 Mission in the Eastern Division of South schools. 2000 tracts and books have Travancore-14 miles from Cape Como- been printed, 866 distributed. rin-1806. Two missionaries, one as

Tripasore-Out-station–30 miles sistant, 26 native readers. Out-stations, from Madras. Two native readers. 51-congregations, 35. Attendance, Scholars: 219 boys, 74 girls. about 2,030 persons, residing in not

Cuddapah--153 miles north-east of fewer than 160 towns and villages. Madras-1922. One missionary, with “Over this extensive range, the intlu- assistants, English and native. Scholars: ence of the Gospel is now operating, 152 boys and 61 girls, in 7 schools; and the labors of the readers extend to 2602 publications have been distributed. numerous towns and villages inhabited wholly by Heathens, Mabometans and Vizagapatam—483 miles north-east Roman Catholics. The ready hearing of Madras, and 557 south-west of Calwhich they here obtain is not only an cutta, of between 30,000 and 40,000 indication that they are generally re- inhabitants--1805. One missionary spected, but that the blind attachment In 12 schools are 432 scholars. to error is greatly diminished. Boys'

In addition to the above, missionary schools, 42; girls', 4; Seminarists 23; stations are occupied by the General besides 10 children in the Orphan school. 35,000 tracts printed in 1933 for the Baptist Missionary Society at Cuttack

and Pooree, in charge of four missionaNagercoil and Palamcottah Tract Soci

ries and several native assistants; by ety. The spirit and conduct of nearly the Wesleyan Missionary Society at all the members of the infant churches have been such as to convince the hea- -six missionaries, twenty-five assist

Bangalore, Negapatam and Madras, then of the truth and value of the religion ants; by the Church of Scotland, at Calwhich they have emil raced.”

cutta-iwo missionaries ; and by the Neyoor.--Head-quarters of the West- Scottish Missionary Society at Bombay, era Division of the Mission in South Hurnee and Poonah; four missionaTravancore-four miles from the town ries with several dative assistants.

Translation of a letter from the version,) and have obtained faith in First Convert at Coimbatore, dated Christ, and have been baptized. Also March 27th, 1834.

among my friends some are converted The following translation was com- brother and his family, and my mother,

and have received baptism. My eldest municated by Rev. W. B. Addis, mis- and some more among my relatives are sionary of Coimbatore, mentioned in the don Missionary Chronicle for March, of those of my people who before hated preceding summary, as given in the Lon- joined to the Christian congregation, and

are learning the Gospel. So that some 1835.

me because I received Christ the Sav“), Vatheyamakum, with all humility iour, have had sorrow of mind for sin, write to the fathers who compose the and are now joined to the Christian conMissionary Society in England, and who, gregation. Thus the Lord has shown with increasing diligence, are making favor to me, and to my household, and known to men the one glorious and Tri- to my relatives, and to my enemies, so une God, the Creator of all things; who that I am filled with joy. Moreover, in fills all space, and who rules and sup- the town of Coimbatore, and in the vilports all mankind in all places, and who lages around are to be found many who, is the author of the salvation by the one although they continue heathen, are Saviour Jesus Christ. You who are seeking to know our Gospel, and many publishing the words of that salvation, are to be found who have left idolatryand who compose that Society worthy who were before zealously joined to it, of honor, and by whose instrumentality and are now reading our books, and I have been brought to the knowledge some openly declare the Christian reli of salvation through the merits of the gion to be good and excellent. So thai Saviour's death, and am become a child those who were before this in the dark of God whom I praise. Beforetime I have this much freely given them by was an idolater; a seeker of vain praise; God. For all that he has graciously one without solid hope, one without true bestowed I desire with thankfulness to comfort, a servant of the devil; one render praise to Him without a method of having sin taken So Vatheyamakam, away, but now by the means of the

With respect, teacher that has been sent by you, and

Humbly writes. by us beloved as a father, that is Addis, brought to the knowledge of salvation through the Eternal Son of the true God,

Siam. revealed in the Gospel, and explained by him (that teacher) to us, and applied LATEST INTELLIGENCE by the power of the Holy Ghost; I have learnt through the Holy Spirit the way of salvation through the shed blood of Signal Preservation of the Missionthe only Son of God, sent by the Father

aries. to take away the sins of men,

and by whom the Holy Ghost is given to dispel

It will be seen from the subjoined exdarkness, and to regenerate men.

or tracts of letters received by the ship Cashthis I was before ignorant, and am still mere, which arrived at this port the 13th very weak and sinful, but I am filled ult. :hat our brethren of the Siam Mission with joy, and by the help of his grace bave been in imminent peril of life from determined in gratitude to devote all my Malay pirates, and that Mr. Dean in life to his service, with true repentance applying for his precious blood shed on

particular was suffering severely in con. the cross to take away my sins, and for sequence of the wounds inflicted by their the Holy Spirit to be afforded to sanctify savage violence. We trust that the me and make me fit for heaven. churches will remember these brethren in

“I have not only received these fa- their prayers. Devout gratitude also is vors from the Lord' for myself, but be due to the Father of mercies, who has not has also graciously extended the like to my wife, and eldest son, and to my permitted this interesting Mission to be youngest brother, who all have left idol- cut off in its infancy, and allows us to hope atry, and have had torn of mind (con- that is sanctified afflictions will even



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