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6 Dear Saviour, change our faith to sight,
Let sin for ever die:
Then shall our souls be all delight,
And every tear be dry.

408. C. M. Hart.

The Lord's Supper received in faith, hope, and love.

Thy sufferings, and thy death,

We come, dear Saviour, to receive,
And would receive in faith.

2 The symbols sent us to relieve
Our spirits when they droop,
We come, dear Saviour, to receive,
And would receive in hope.

3 The pledges thou wast pleas'd to leave,
Our mournful minds to move,
We come, dear Saviour, to receive,
And would receive in love.

4 Here, in obedience to thy word,
We take the bread and wine;
The utmost we can do, O Lord,
For all beyond is thine.


409. L. M. Epis. Coll.

Matt. x.

10 forth, ye heralds, in my name,

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The glorious jubilee proclaim,
Where'er the human race is found.

2 The joyful news to all impart.
And teach them where salvation lies;
With care bind up the broken heart,
And wipe the tears from weeping eyes,

3 Be wise as serpents, where you go,
And harmless as the peaceful dove;
And let your heaven-taught conduct show
That ye're commission' from above.
4 Freely from me ye have receiv'd,
Freely, in love, to others give;
Thus shall your doctrine be believ'd,
And, by your labours, sinners live.

410. L. M. Doddridge.

I will give you pastors, &c. Jer. iii. 15. HEPHERD of Israel, thou dost keep, With constant care, thy humble sheep; By thee inferior pastors rise, To feed our souls, and bless our eyes. 2 To all thy churches such impart,

Form'd by thy own most gracious heart; Whose courage, watchfulness, and love, Men may attest, and God approve. 3 Fed by their active, tender care, Healthful may all thy sheep appear; And, by their fair example led, The way to Zion's pasture tread! 4 Completely heal each former stroke, And bless the shepherd and the flock; Confirm the hopes thy mercies raise, And bless this tribute of our praise.

411 L. M. Rippon's Selection.
The minister commended to God.

ITH heavenly power, O Lord, defend

His person bless, his soul secure, And make him to the end endure. 2 Gird him with all-sufficient grace; Direct his feet in paths of peace; Thy truth and faithfulness fulfil, And help him to perform thy will.

3 Before him thy protection send;
O love him, save him to the end!
Nor let him, as thy pilgrim, rove
Without the convoy of thy love.

412. S. M. Rippon's Selection. Ministers addressed and encouraged. E messengers of Christ,

Arise! and follow where he leads,
And peace attend
your way.
2 The Master whom you serve,
Will needful strength bestow;
Depending on his sovereign aid,

With sacred courage go.
3 Go, spread a Saviour's fame;
And tell his matchless grace,
To the most guilty and deprav'd
Of Adam's numerous race.

4 We wish you, in his name,
The most divine success;
Assur'd that He who sends you
Will your endeavours bless.


413. 7's. Dobell's Selection.
Prov. xi. 30.

After the charge.


OULD you win a soul to God?
Tell him of the Saviour's blood;
Tell him Jesus' bowels move;
Tell him of redeeming love;-

2 Tell him how the streams did glide,
From his hands, his feet, his side,-
How his head with thorns was crown'd,
And his heart in sorrow drown'd ;—

3 Tell him how he suffer'd death-
Freely yielded up his breath,
Died, and rose to intercede,
As our advocate and Head;

4 Tell him it was sovereign grace,
Wrought on you to seek his face-
Made you choose the better part-
Brought salvation to your heart.

414. C. M.

The deacons addressed, and charged.

DEACONS, awake! the work fulfil,

The work to you assign'd;
Discharge your sacred duties well,
With pure and upright mind.
2 The table of your gracious Lord-
The Lord for us who died;
The church's poor, and pastor's board,
By you must be supply'd.

3 How great, how solemn your employ!
Preserve a conscience pure;
Be grave amidst your social joy,
And blameless and sincere.

4 Still let the mystery of your faith, In bright effulgence glow;

Hear what the Lord, your Saviour saith'Fulfil your work below.'

5 Then shall you up to glory rise,
And fill that heavenly place,-
That place of pure celestial joys
Assign'd you by his grace!

415. L. M. Daniel's Selection.
At the setting apart of a deacon to his office.
EAD of the Church! thy care we bless;
Thy bounties are both rich and large:
While teachers on their teaching wait,
Our temp'rals are the deacon's charge.

2 Up to thy throne we lift our eyes,

For blessings to attend our choice;
Of him whose generous prudent zeal,
Shall make thy favour'd ways rejoice.

3 By purest love to Christ and truth,
May he obtain a good degree
Of boldness in the Christian faith,
And meet the smile of thine and thee.

4 And when the work to him assign'd-
The work of love is fully done;
Call him from serving tables here,
To heaven, his endless, blissful home.

416. C. M. J. B. Cook.

At a deacon's being set apart to office


to thy throne, O God of love,
Would we now lift our eyes;
Grant us thy presence from above,
And hear our feeble cries.

2 Upon thy servant, call'd to fill
The deacon's sacred trust,
O, may the spirit's grace distil,
And make him wise and just.

3 Help him thy table, Lord, to spread,
In memory of that night,

When powers of darkness at thy head
Aim'd their malignant spite.

4 By faith and prayer, may he uphold
His faithful pastor's hands,
And to his temp'ral wants afford
Such aid as God commands.

5 Thy poor,

the objects of thy love,
Who want and famine dread,
Towards them make his bowels move,
And grant supplies of bread.

6 Thus may he use his office well,
And to himself procure
Great boldness in the Christian faith,
And find the promise sure


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