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mighty mex which are in the I found ; but a woman among city.

all those bave I not found. 20 For there is not a just 29 Lo, this only have I man upon earth that doeth found, that God hath made good, and finneth not. man upright; but they have

21 Also take no heed unto sought out many inventions. all words that are spoken, left thou hear thy servant curse

CHAP. VIII, thee :

HO is as the wise

WH 22 For oftentimes also man? and who knowthine own heart knoweth eth the interpretation of a that thou thyfelf likewise haft thing? a man's wisdom makcursed others.

keth his face to shine, and the 23 All this have I boldness of his face thall be proved by wisdom: I said, I changed. will be wise ; but it was far 2 I counsel thee to keep the from me.

king's commandment, and 24 That which is far off, that in regard of the oath of and exceeding deep, who can God. find it out?

3 Be not hasty to go out 25 I applied mine heart to of his fight: ftand not in an know and to search, and to evil things for he doeth seek out wisdom, and the whatsoever pleaseth him. reason of things, and to know 4 Where the word of a the wickedness of folly, even king is, there is power': and of foolishness and madness : who may say unto him, What

26. And I find more bitter doeft thou? -than death the woman whose 5 Whoso keepeth the heart is snares and nets, and commandment shall feel no her hands as bands : whoso evil thing : and a wise man's pleaseth God thall escape heart discerneth both time from her; but the finner and judgment. Thall be taken by her.

69 Because to every pur27 Behold, this have 1 pose there is time and judgfound, faith the Preacher, ment, therefore the misery counting one by one to find of man is great upon him. out the account ;

7 For he knoweth not that 28 Which yet: my soul which shall be, for who can seeketh, but I find not'; one tell him when it shall be ? man among a thousand have 8 There is no man that



hath power over the spirit to whom it happeneth accordretain the spirit; neither bathing to the work of the wickhe power in the day of death : ed ; again, there be wicked and there is no discharge in men to whom it happeneth that war: neither fhall wick-according to the work of the edness deliver those that are righteous. I said, that this given to it.

alfo is vanity. 9 All this have I seen, and 15 Then I commended applied my heart unto every mirth, because a man hath work that is done under the no better thing under the sun : there is a time wherein sun, than to eat and to drink, one man ruleth over another and to be merry: for that to his own hurt.

shall abide with him of his 10 And so I faw the labour the days of his life wicked buried who had come which God giveth him under and gone from the place of the fun. the Holy, and they were for 16 9 When I applied mine gotten in the city where they heart to know wisdom, and had so done. This is also to see the business that is vanity

done upon the earth : (for 11 Because sentence a- also there is that neither day gainst an evil work is not nor night feeth sleep with his executed speedily, therefore eyes :) the heart of the fons of men 17 Then I beheld all the is fully set in them to do work of God, that a man evil.

cannot find out the work that 12 4 Though a finner do is done under the sun : be. evil an hundred times, and cause though a man labour his days be prolonged, yet to seek it out, yet he shall surely I know that it shall be not find it; yea, farther, well with them that fear though a wise man think to God, which fear before him know it, yet shall be not be

13 But it shall not be well able to find it. with the wicked, neither shall

CHAP. IX. he prolong his days which are as a shadow ; because he OR all this I confiderfeareth not before God.

ed in my heart even to 14 There is a vanity declare all this, that the righwhich is done

upon the earth, teous and the wife, and their that there be just men unto works are in the hand of 6

God :

God: no man knoweth wine with a merry heart: either love or hatred by all for God now accepteth thy that is before them.

works. 2 All things.come alike to 8 Let thy garments, be all: there is one event to the always white ; and let thy righteous, and to the wick- head lack no ointment. ed to the good, and to the 9 Live joyfully with the clean, and to the unclean; wife whom thou loveft all to him that facrificeth, and to the days of the life of thy vahim that facrificeth not: as nity which he hath given thee is the good, so is the finner ; under the sun, all the days of and he that sweareth, as he thy vanity: for that is thy that feareth an oath, portion, in this life, and in thy

3 This is an evil among labour which thou takest una all things that are done under der the sun, the sun, that there is one. 10. Whatsoever thy hand event unto all : yea, also the findeth to do, do it with thy heart of the sons of men is might: for there is no work, full of evil, and madness is in nor device, nor knowledge, their heart, while they live, nor wisdom, in the grave, and after that they go to the whither thou goest. dead.

III returned, and saw un4 4 For to him that is der the sun, that the race is joined to all the living there not to the swift, nor the batis hope : for a living dog is tle to the strang, neither yet better than a dead lion. bread to the wise, nor yet

s. For the living know riches to men of understandthat they shall die : but the ing, nor yet favour to men of dead know not any thing, skill : but time and chance neither have they any more happeneth to them all. a reward ; for the memory 12 For man also knoweth of them is forgotten. not his time: as the fishes

6 Also their love, and their that are taken in an evil hatred, and their envy is now net, and as the birds that are perished; neither have they caught in the fnare : fo are any more a portion for ever the sons of men snared in an in any thing that is done un- evil time, when it falleth luda der the sun.

denly upon them. 79 Go thy way, eat thy 13 9 This wisdom have I bread with joy, and drink thy reen also under the sun, and it



gainst it:

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feemed great untó me: :. 4. If the fpirit of the ruler 14

There was a little city, rise up against thee, leave not and few men within it; and thy place: for yielding pacia! there' came a great king 'a- fieth great offences. gainst it, and besieged-it, 5 There is an evil which and built great bulwarks'a- I have seen under the sun, as

an error which proceedeth 15 Now there was found from the ruler : niso in it a poor wise man, and he 6 Folly is fet in great by his wisdom delivered the dignity, and the rich fit in city: yet no man remem- low bered that same poor man. 7 I have seen servants up-a 116 Then fáid I, Wisdom on horses, and princes walk-3 is better than strength :''ne-lingas fervants upon the vertheless, the poor man's earth.. wie si wisdom is despised, and his 8 He that diggèth a piti Thall fall into it; and whofo ; 19 The words of wife men breaketh an hedge, a serpent are heard in quiet more than hall bite him. the cry of him that ruleth 1.9 Whoso removeth ftones :

shall be hurt therewith: ands 18 Wisdom is better than he that cleaveth wood fhall weapons of war: but one fin- be endangered thereby. ner destroyeth much good. 10 If the iron' be blunt,

and he do not whet the edge, CHAP. X.

then must he put to more EAD Aies cause the trength: but wisdom is pro

ointment of the apo-fitable to direct. thecary to send forth a stink II Surely the serpent will ing favour: f doul a little bite without enchantment; folly him that is in reputa- and a babbler is no better. tion for wisdom and honour. 12 The words of a wise

2 A wise man's heart is man's mouth are gracious : at his right hand; but a but the lips of a fool will fool's heart at his left. swallow up himself. 3 Yea also, when he that

13 The beginning of the is a fool walketh by the way, words of his mouth is foolhis wisdom faileth him, and ifhness: and the end of his he saith to every one that he talk is mischievous madness. is a fool.

14 A fool also is full of


among fools.

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words: a man cannot relt be upon the earth.
what shall be ; -- and what 3 If the clouds be full of
Thall be after him, who can rain, they empty themselves
tell him ?

the earth and if the
ISThe labour of tree
foolish wearieth every one of toward the "north; in the
them, because he knoweth place where the tree fallethi
not how t? go to the city,

there it shall be." 164 Wo to the land, *-4'He that. obferveth the when thy king is a child, wind shall not sow; and he and thy 'prinçes , eat in the that regardeth the clouds morning

97 Bleffed "artthợu, o As töl knoweft noe land, when thy king is the what is the way of the spirit, fon of nobles, and thy princes nor how the bones do grow in eat in due feason, for at rength, the womb of her that

is with and not for drunkenne!!

fo thou knoweit 18 By much slothfulncrs not the works of God who the building decayeth; and maketh all. through idleness of the hands

6 In the morning fow thy the house droppeth through. seed, and in the evening with

19 A feast is made for hold hot thine hand: for thou laughter, and wine maketh knowelt not whether shall merry: but money answer- prosper, either this or that, eth all things.

or whether they both fall be 209 Curse not the king, alike good. no, not in thy thought; and 79 Truly the light is curfe not the rich in thy bed sweet, and a pleasant thing it chamber: for a bird of the is for the eyes to behold the air shall carry the voice, and fun: that which hath wings shall

8 But if a man live

many tell the matter.

years, and rejoice in them all

yet let him remember the CHAP. XI.

days of darkness; for they VAST thy bread upon the shall be many. All that

waters : for thou shalt cometh is vanity. find it after many days.

9 ! Rejoice, o

young • 2 Give a portion to seven, man, in thy youth, and let and also to eight: for thou thy heart cheer thee in the knowcft not what evil shall days of thy youth, and walk


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