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4 Regard thine own eternal prayer,
And send a

peaceful answer down: To us thy Father's Name declare;

Unite and perfect us in one. 5 So shall the world believe and know

That God hath sent thee from above, When thou art seen in us below,

And every soul displays thy love. 699

3d P. M. 4 68 & 2 88. Bear ye one another's burdens. THOU God of truth and love,

We seek thy perfect way,
Ready thy choice to approve,

Thy providence to obey;
Enter into thy wise design,
And sweetly lose our will in thine.
% Why hast thou cast our lot

In the same age and place!
And why together brought

To see each other's face
To join with softest sympathy,
And mix our friendly souls in thee!
3 Didst thou not make us one,

That we might one remain;
Together travel on,

And bear each other's pain;
Till all thy utmost goodness prove,
And rise renewid in perfect love!
4 Surely thou didst unite

Our kindred spirits here,
That all hereafter might

Before thy throne appear
Meet at the marriage of the Lamb,
And all thy gracious love proclaim.

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5.Then let us ever bear

The blessed end in view,
And join with mutual care,

To fight our passage through;
And kindly help each other on,
Till all receive the starry crown.
6 O may thy Spirit seal

Our souls unto that day!
With all thy fulness fill,

And then transport away,
Away to our eternal rest,
Away to our Redeemer's breast.


C. M.
And so fulfil the law of Christ.
RY us, O God, and search the ground

Of every sinful heart:
Whate'er of sin in us is found,

O bid it all depart.
2 If to the right or left we stray,

Leave us not comfortless;
But guide our feet into the way

of everlasting peace.
8 Help us to help each other, Lord,

Each other's cross to bear: Let each his friendly aid afford,

And feel his brother's care. 4 Help us to build each other up;

Our little stock improve; Increase our faith, confirm our hope,

And perfeet us in love.
5 Up into thee, our living Head,

Let us in all things grow,
Till thou hast made us free indeed,

Anil spotless here below.

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6 Then, when the mighty work is wrought,

Receive thy ready bride:
Give us in beaven a beppy lot

With all the sanctified.

C. M.
Safety in union.
JESUS, great Shepherd of the sheep,
Thy little fock in safety keep,
For O! the wolf is nigh.

17 2 He comes, of bellişin malice full,

To seatter, tear, and stay;
He seizes every stravyling soul

As his own lawful prey.
8 Us into thy protection take,

And gather with thine arm;
Unless the fold we first forsake,

The wolf can deyer harm.
4 We laugh to scorn his cruel power,

While by our Shepherd's side;
The sheep he never can devour,

Unless he first divide.
5 O do not suffer him to part

The souls that here agree;
But make us of one mind and hearty

And keep us one in thee.
6 Together let us sweetly live,-

Together let us die;
And each a starry crown receive,

And reigu above the sky.
Striving together for the faith of the Gospel,
UNCHANGEABLE, almighty Lord,

Our souls upon thy truth we stay;
Accomplish now thy faithful word.
And give, o give us all one way.

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L. M

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2 O let us all join hand in hand,

Who seek redemption in thy blood; Fast in one mind and spirit stand,

And build the temple of our God. 3 Thou only canst our wills control,

Our wild, unruly passions bind; Tame the old Adam in our soul,

And make us of one heart and mind. 4 Speak but the reconciling word,

The winds shall cease, the waves subside ; We all shall praise our common Lord,

Our Jesus, and him crucified. 703

C. M.
See how these Christians love!
CIVER of concord, Prince of peace,
Bid our unruly passions cease,

By thy atoning blood.
2 Rebuke our rage; our passions chide;

Our stubborn wills control;
Beat down our wrath, root out our prido,

And calm each troubled soul.
3 Subdue in us the carnal mind;

Its enmity destroy;
With cords of love our spirits bind,

And melt us into joy.
4 Us into closest union draw,

And in our inward parts
Let kindness sweetly write her law,

And love command our hearts.
5 Saviour, look down with pitying eyes;

Our jarring wills control;
Let cordial, kind affections rise,

And harmonize the soul.

G Meek

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C. M

60 let us find the ancient way

Our wond'ring foes to move,
And force the heathen world to say,

See how these Christians love!

The loadstone of His love.
JESUS, united by thy grace,
J And each to each ender'd,
With confidence we seek thy face,

And know our prayer is heard.
2 Still let us own our common Lord,

And bear thine easy yoke,
A band of love, a threefold cord,

Which never can be broke.
8 Make us into one spirit drink;

Baptize into thy name;
And let us always kindly think,

And sweetly speak, the same.
4 Touch'd by the loadstone of thy love,

Let all our hearts Agree;
And ever toward each other move,
py And ever move toward thee.
6 To thee, inseparably join'd,

Let all our spirits cleave;
O may we all the loving mind

That was in thee receive.

5th P. M. 4 lines 7s. Of one heart and of one mind. JESUS, Lord, we look to thee;

Let us in thy name agree;
Show thyself the Prince of Peace;
Bid oor jars forever cease.
2 By thy reconciling love,
Every stumbling-block remove;
Each to each unite, endear;
Come, and spread thy banner here.

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