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racter. Turn, O God of holiness, my feet unto thy testimonies. Help me to correct what is wrong, to keep thy commandments more stea- . dily, and to serve thee in all the beauty of holiness,

In hope of thy merciful acceptance I now commit myself, my heavenly Father, to thy gracious protection through the hours of sleep. May I awake in the morning, with renewed and sincere resolutions to improve each future dayof life by higher attainments in piety and devotion, in meekness and humility, in candour and benevolence, in integrity and truth, in sobriety and moderation, in content ment and heavenly-mindedness. “ Search "me, O God, and try me ; see what evil “there is in me; preserve me from all pren "sumptuous sins: let no iniquity have dominion over me, and lead me in the way ever“lasting.” May my righteousness be like the morning sun, that shineth more and more unto the perfect day. Confirm my holy purposes : invigorate my desires after righteous

ness: sanctify me by try truth; thy word is. truth: and train me up for the everlasting day of righteousness, purity and bliss.

May all mine walk in the paths of truth. May righteousness be the glory of my country. May real religion and virtue spread their influence through all the world. May the afflictions of this state work in those who are exercised by them, the peaceable fruits of righteousness, and meetness for the state of everlasting peace and perfection. Accept, bless and aid my aspirations after virtue and heaven; and make me and mine partakers of the eternal salvation which is in Christ Jesus, though whom be given unto thee, the high and holy One, who clothest thyself with light as with a garment, glory, honour and praise in the highest. Amen.



O Lord, my heavenly Father, the Creator, Preserver and Governor of all things. With thee is the fountain of life and happiness. Thou causest the light to shine out of darkness, and renewest the face of nature. Every day will 1 wait upon thee, for in thee are all the springs of comfort and being. :5. My “voice shalt thou hear in the morning, o "Lord: in the morning will I direct my “prayer unto thee and look up." Great art thou, O Lord God Almighty, and greatly to be revered : good art thou, O Lord, most merciful and gracious, and greatly to be praised. Many, O Lord God, are thy won-, derful works, which thou hast done : as for me, I will come unto thee in the multitude of thy mercies; and, with humble confidence and fervent gratitude, bow before thy throne.

The life which thou hast given me, the powers with which thou hast endowed me, the


blessings which thou hast bestowed upon me, *call on meto praise thy goodness. Thou art the God of my life and the length of my days. Thoutwest the protestat of my childhhood and the guide of my youths Thou hast been the guardian and benefactor of my riper years., „Days unto day uttereth thy lov ing kindness and declaretdi: thy faithfulness: and truths. Ilaid medawn and slept in safety and peace ;;: I have, awaked refreshed and in health, because thouhast sustained me: Thy' goodness and merey shall follow me all the days of my life. A defop ever blessed bethy. abomelant mérey in Christ. Jesus, iby whom thou hast givenus, the word of eternal lifegand taught us to look fos apeternak day of glory! and blis.....

With the return of the morningo dostthoai: renemos junto me they loving kindness, openi again the stores før my supportand enjoyments : and restore me to serve and glorify thee. With theroturn of the morning, O God of my life, I'esteep it may wisdom and duty ton

devote myself to thee; and my happiness and privilege to repose my hope and trust in thee: : . Various are the duties which lie before me :: many are the shares which besetéme : severe. may be the trials to which I may be ealbeid My wisdom is but ignoranee: my strength is but weakness: whiloevery thing, O my God, my comfort and usefulness here, and my happiness hereafter, depend upon my right conduct. Known unto thee are my dangers and difficulties. Be thou my present and dadly help. May I be in thy fear all the day long. May my devotions be bumble, sincere and fervent. May uprightness and integrity preserve me; rand my worldly business be pursued under a sense of tby authority and presence, and with a regard to "thy glory and acceptance. In the most urbended moments may I never fall into sin and folly. May I I always be able to preserve the composure and seriousness of my mind, and the purity of my character. In the management of my calling may I be discreet aud, just. In the hours of relaxation may I have wisdom

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