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reward of his own work. That this is the Mef-fiah alone, and none of all: bis followers, is evi. dent; for it: is written, “ As many as are of the. ' works of the law,' (that is, who have no works but what themselves perform according to the

are under the curse;' but • Christ is the end of the law for righteousness to every one • that believeth,' and hath redeemed them from the curse of the law, being made a curse for them.. - Moreover, the very person, described by his character in this Psalm, is declared just, and entitled to eternal life, as the equal reward of his own righteousness according to the law; as Jehovah fweareth by his own life, Ezek, xviii. and xxxiii. as Mofes also, in Jehovah's words, describeth the

righteousness which is of the law, That the man ' who doth these things shall live in them,' Rom.. L. 5.—Isaiah also describes the same character,, and shews the issue thereof in the exaltation of the person to whom it belongeth, chap. xxxiii. 15, 16. • He that walketh uprightly," c... he thall 'dwell on high,' & Co Who is this that, walketh. uprightly, who is exalted, and dwelleth on high?: See the solution in the 5th verse of the lame chap-, ter: “ The Lord is exalted'; for he dwefieth on, ' high: he hath filled Zion with judgment and

righteoutness.'- If any doubt still remain concerning the interpretation of this Pfalm, consult Pfalm xxiv. and you will find it is the King of glory, who receives the blessing; who thall not be moved; the Lord of glory, whom the rulers murdered, because they knew him not, nor yet the voice of their prophets which were read every day in their fynagogues.Thus the builders rejected the stone which was made the head of the corner. - This is the doing of the Lord, and marvel-, "lous in our eyes!'--See the first Pfalm.

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The grand important question's solu’d,

Which all the Rabbies fought in vain,


And Pharisees in vain revolu’d,

* Who shall the heavʼnly kingdom gain ? Messiah gains the heav'nly prize,

The Son of God, for finners giv'n:
For them he lives, for them he dies,

That they by him might win to beau'n.
WHAT holy pilgrim shall he be,

Who fhall possess thy holy hill, Jehovah, and sojourn with thee,

And with thee tabernacle still? 2 He must be one who perfect walks,

Whate'er temptations may affail ;; He must be one who purely talks,

Nor ever varies in his tale::
True-sworn unto his heart, his tongue

Must never tofs about a lie;
Nor on his neighbour lay the wrong,

Nor heed the vile reports that fly:
He must be one who keeps the law;

Who finishes a righteousness, That God sustains without a flaw;

God will in him admit no less. No fellow-mortal must have cause

To charge him with an evil deed; Nay, God himself muft yield applause,

Elfe for his fin his heart must bleed :4 He mult in contempt hold the vile,

Who vilify the law of God;
And by his truth confound their guile.
Who have



precepts trod : But he shall glorify the Just,

As one who swore a solemn oath,
That he would lay himself in dust;

Because he faw Jehovah wrcth.
He comes to wipe away the stains
That sin hath brought upon the law;


men :

To suffer in himself the pains

Of bell, that men may stand in awe.. s He lends without a faving clause;

No Jew nor Gentile will oppress; But vindicates the holy laws.

Of love, without injuriousness : His pure

disinterested love Surpafferh all the fons His death for foes shall clearly prove,

They cannot recompense again : He gives himself, he gives his all,

Though he poffeífeth earth and heav'n; Yet they, with all their hofts, are small,

To what by him is freely giv'n: Now, who is he? fay, if ye can,

Who fo Mall gain the firm abode? Pilate shall say, BeHOLD THE MAN!' And John, 6. BE HOLD THE LAMB ON



That the speaker in this Psalm is the Son of God, and there is no other speaker in it, is as evident, as that the Holy Ghoit is a true witness ;« Aks ii

. 25, and xiii. 35.--How grossly then have they been impoled upon themselves, and would have imposed upon us, who talk to us in their commentaries, and in their contents of this Pfalm,, of David flying to God for preservation, &c.

Meffiah trusteth in the Lord,
By wbom tranfgreflors are abhorr'd;
He glories in his pleasant task,
And pleasant portion he did ajk :
The Lord's his portion evermoreg,
And his redeem the Lord before ;,


For, lo, the Lord will fet him free,
O Death, from ev'ry form of thee.

Y God, fuítain me in my day, * MY

When all my woes upon me prey: Because I place my hope in thee,

I never thall alhamed be: 2 For I have faid to thee, O Lord,

(And thou wilt not reject my word), Thou art my God for evermore,

And in my blood I'll thee adore. 3 But yet the kindness I devise,

In this my bloody facrifice,
Extendeth not, O God, to thee,
(Nor wilt thou e'er the happier be),
But to thy dear elected ones,
For whon I heave my deepest groans:
Lo, they by me shall joyful sing,
To thee, my Father, God, and King:
They are thy holy ones on earth,
Who fill thy worlds with joy and mirth 15
They are thy noble glorious fons,
For whom I glory in my groans ;
In them is all my sweet delight;

With them I travail day and night; : My fpirit labours in their cause,

And claims of thee thy just applause.
Their forrows shall be multiply'd
Who from Jehovah turn afide;
Who turn into destruction's road,
And halten to another god :
I will not taste their bloody cup,
Nor on their facrifices sup;
My mouth abhors their very names,

My mouth which thy sweet praise proclaims. 5 How good's the portion I have got! The Lord's my everlasting lot;,


Thou art my heritage divine !
I'll drink thy praise in heav'nly wine:
Jehovah well supporteth me;

To him all praise and glory be. 6 My lines in pleasant places fell,

For with Jehovah I shall dwell.
7 In strains fo high, I'll raise thy praise,

As shall disgrace seraphic lays ;
Mount Zion, fam'd for prailing well,
Shall have no praise where I excel :
Jehovah's pow'r preserveth me;
His wifdom well fuftains my plea;
His love, diffus'd through all my heart,
Is balm to mitigate my smart.
8 Jehovah is mine only prize,

Whom I have set before mine eyes;
Because he is at my right hand,

By him securely I shall ftand:
9 For this, my heart is filPd with joy;
My tongue, with thousands more, employ
Themselves in fhewing forth his praise

Who shall my body quickly raise.
10 For lo, my flesh in hope shall dwell ;

Thou wilt not leave my soul in hell,
Nor wilt thou let thy darling one,

By vile corruption, be undone:
11 The path of lives thou'lt make me fee,

From death and hell for ever free:
Around thee, which shall never cloy,
There flow ten thousand streams of joy.
Thus shall Mefliah ever fing,
And ev'ry saint shall praise our King;
To God, we'll lift our voice aloud,
Till all the heav'ns re-echo, God;
Thy universe, O God, shall shew,
What praises to thy name are due ;


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