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Date. Ship's Name. Commander. Port of Depart. Destination. 29 Chipewa


Greenock . Batavia. 31 Fanny


Hobart Town.
John Bull

Ormond Liverpool China.




Bengal Merchant Campbell Ditto.

April 1 1838 Helvellyn

M'Lean Liverpool H.T.&N.S.W.
Middlemist Cowes



Portsmouth S. Australia. 2 Francis Smith Edmonds Ditto..

Mad. & Cal. 6 Rajah Ferguson Leith

H.T.& N.S.W.




9 Bengal




Lord Lynedock Stead




H.T.& N.S.W.


Portsmouth Mauritius.
11 Florentia

Deloitte Plymouth. Sydney.


Algoa Bay. 13 Glenisla


Duke Roxburgh Thomson Portsmouth S. Australia.
14 Ino
Whelan Llanelly



John Marsh


Countess Durham Tod


H.T.& N.S.W.
Lord W. Bentinck.. Stockley Portsmouth Hobart Town.

Cunningham Liverpool Calcutta.
17 Stratheden
Cheape.. Deal



18 Senator



Douglas Portsmouth
19 Mary
Donaldson Deal

Hobart Town.


Plymouth. Sydney.


Society Islands.
20 Fairy Queen Hughes Liverpool China.
Bircham Deal

Elizabeth Walker Hall.

Liverpool Ditto.
21 Adrastus


Ditto... Cape.


M.Cutchen Deal

James Holmes Johns

Liverpool Calcutta.
Stoddard. Ditto..

Batavia. 23 Lady East




24 Clyde


New S. Wales.
Robinson Ditto

Calcutta. April 22. Lady Cornwall, Poe, Glasgow, Calcutta. 23. Stag, Burnham, Liverpool,

Batavia. 24. Malabar, Southward, Liverpool, Bombay. 25. Ripley, Steward,
Liverpool, Culcutta. - Java, Jobling, Deal, Madras and Calcutta. Reliance,
Marquis. Deal, Bombay. Dryade, Heard, Deal, Sydney.
way, Harrison, Deal, Sydney.

Indemnity, Cape to Calcutta, lat. N. long. 83 E., December 25.
Henry and William, from Batavia, lat. 24 S., long. 63 E., January 15.
Brig London, of London, lat. 37 N., long. 38 W., March 21.
Fortitude, Mauritius to Greenock, lat. 40 N., long. 32 W., March 24.

Duke of Northumberland, London, to Madras and Calcutta, lat. I S., long. 203 W., February 22.

Eliza, Mauritius to London, lat. 14 N., long. 35 W., March 8.

Cape & Bomb.

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Lady Kenna.

Seymour, to Mauritius, lat. 17 S., long. 31 W.
Mary Mallaby, London to Mauritius, lat. 5 N., long. 22 W., February 28.
Cuba, London to Mauritius, lat. 26 S., long. 27 W., February 13.
Stratford, London to Mauritius, lat. 25 S., long. 27 W., March 1.
John Bull, Liverpool to China, lat. 44 N., long. 3 W., April 7.
Helvellyn, Liverpool to New South Wales, lat. 48 N., long. 10 W., April 9.
Ludlow, Bordeaux to Mauritius.


Chipewa, Greenock to Batavia and Singapore, put into Lochswilly with loss of mizen-masts and boats, having been thrown on her beam ends during a severe gale, on the 20th March, off Inesterhull.

Elizabeth, from Bristol to Madras and Calcutta, ran on shore on the evening of 9th January, near Linga Chetty's Choultry, (fifty-seven miles S. of Madras) and lost; crew and passengers saved : cargo expected to be landed with little damage; the water being very shallow, there was no chance of the vessel being got afloat. (See other Particulars, page 432.)

Wreck of the Elizabeth-Sale.-The wreck was sold by public auction at Madras, on February 2d, for the ridiculously low price of four hundred and fifty Rupees. This was not from want of buyers, however, as there were many natives present, prepared for the purchase ; but the wreck lies so far out, and is so completely broken in pieces that there is little prospect of any part of it being saved. The Wolf was lying off the wreck, making preparation to bring up the remainder of the spars, rigging, figure head, &c., &c., which have been saved by the indefatigable exertions of Captain Stanley and his crew. The Wolf was expected to sail for Madras either on the 3d or 4th February.

Ariel, Calcutta clipper, regained Singapore, in a very crippled state, having been nearly lost in the China Sea. (Extract of a Bombay letter, dated 19th Jan.)

Duke of Sussex, had suffered considerably, and compelled to bear up for Manila, to refit, about 9th December. (Extract of a Bombay leiter, dated 19th Jan.)

Sir C. Malcolm, arrived at Singapore (December) leaky; part of the cargo thrown overboard, and expected every minute to take fire, as the smoke and heat up her hatchway were very great. (Extract of a Bombay letter, dated 19th Jan.)

Ternate, Bombay to China, bore up for Manila to refit, (December.)

Columbian, Siugapore to London, put in at Scilly, leaky, 28th January; has been repaired after discharging cargo, and sailed, 30th March, for London ; put back 1st April, from contrary winds.

Zeuw, Middleburg, from Batavia, struck on the sands named Banyaard, on attempting to enter the Scheldt, and is expected to become a total wreck; very little cargo saved. The Pilot, (an Englishman) missing, (April 11.)

Glenisla, London to Cape, was on shore 17th of April at Torsal near Brest, and expected to go to pieces--crew saved.

Gledstanes (Whaler), from London, totally lost. (By accounts per Sandwich Islands Gazette to 18th November.)

Fire on board the James Colvin.—The Bombay papers of February contain an account from the Sandwich Islands Gazette, of the melancholy loss of the James Colvin, which took fire at sea through the negligence of the cook, who capsized his lamp among some shavings and fat, and neglected to give an alarm. The unfortunate man cut his throat on the discovery of the fire. Captain Maugham and the crew were saved in the Catawha, of Nantucket, Captain Coleman, which fortunately hove in sight at the time. He rendered all possible assistance, and safely landed them at the Sandwich Islands.

British Sovereign, Browne, London to Sydney, spoken on 26th February, lat. 3.12 N., long. 18.45 W., had experienced a heavy gale on 23 Jan., had decks swept, lost sails, and nearly dismasted.

Eliza, Clark, Mauritius to London, lost anchor and chain cables, and damaged palls of windlass. Margate, 16th April.

Sandwich Islands, 18th November.-A sudden fall of the tide to the extent of eight feet had taken place in the Harbour of Hawai, leaving several vessels aground.

Theodore, Farringdon, from Singapore, totally lost off the Coast of Luconia ; crew saved. 25th November.

Elvira, Liverpool to Calcutta, mentioned in our last, as sunk in the Rock channel, has been got up and brought iuto Dock.

Emily, Calcutia to London, had put into the Cape for repairs, having sprung her bowsprit and received other damage in a heavy gale from N. W., on the 6th, 7th, and 8th Jan. (Had arrived and sailed from St. Helena, 5th March.)

Semiramis (S.), London to Bombay, spoken with on the 4th Febuary, twentyfour hours after leaving St. Helena, 150 miles southward of that island, (arr. Cape.)


Per St. George, from Calcutta, for Bristol (expected)-Lady Mouatt and child ; Mrs. W. F. Dick and child; Mrs. Curtis ; Mrs. Higginson and child; Mrs. Fuller and three children; the Hon. Sir C. T. Metcalfe G. E. B.; W. F. Dick, Esq., C.S.; Capt. Fisher, 48th N. I. and three children; Capt. J. M. Higginson, 58th N. I.; Lieut. French, 11th Dragoons; Drs. Spencer, Maclean, and Tidmarsh; D. 0. Dyce Sombre, Esq.; J. Cooper, Esq.; Ens. G. S. Browne, 70th N. I. ; two Misses Lambert; Master Lowe.

Per Duke of Buccleugh, from Calcutta, (expected) - Mrs. Fane and two children ; Mrs. Jackson and child ; Mrs. Herring and two children; Mrs. Warden and four children; Misses Fane; Lindsay; W. Fane, Esq., C. S.; - Woodward, Esq., C. S.; Drs. Jackson and Stokes; Capt. Herring, B. N. I.; P. Browne, Esq.; 3d Foot; T. Smith, Esq., N. I.; Capt. W. Warden; J. H Wagenstruber, Esq.; and Master Vaughan.

Per Berkshire, from Bombay, (expected)— Mrs. Gen. Sleigh; Mrs. Wright; Mrs. Doveton; Mrs. Harrington; Miss Babington; Major-Gen. Sleigh; Capt. Cooper, 17th Foot; Capt. Doveton, Nizam's Service; Dr. McDonnel, 57th Foot; Mr. B. Fernandes; Misses A. S. Sleigh, Harrington, L. Simpson, A Smith, A. Macdonnel, Doveton; two Masters Sleigh ; Master H. Smith; and Master T. W. Osborn.

Per True Briton, from Madras, (expected)—Mesdames G. Russell, Horsley, C. Oakes, Prendergast, Keighley; the Hon. G. E. Russell; Maj.-Gen, G. A. Vigoureux, C. B.; J. Annesley, Esq.; G. L. Prendergast, Esq.; J. Scott, Esq.; eleven children. From the Cape, Lieut. J. Bowrett.

Per Wellington, from Madras (expected)-Mesdames Cator, Hunter, Fryer, Smith; Capt. F. Chalmers, Lieut. Bate, 57th Foot; J. Owen, Esq.; Ens. Robertson; Mr. Morrison; Mr. Gordon; Misses Hunter, A. and L. Walter, Morrison; seven children.

Per Exmouth, from Calcutta, (expected)-Mr. and Mrs. J. Dunbar; Mr, and Mrs. R. Stewart; Mrs. Major. Halfhide ; Dr. and Mrs. Baker; Capt. and Mrs. Brand; Capt. and Mrs. Parker, and eleven children. Per Mounstuart Elphinstone from Calcutta, (expected)--Mrs. Bolton and

Mrs. Smithson; Mrs. Voss and family ; Mrs. Twenty man and child; Mrs. Hobson and two children; Capts. Hickman and Bolton; Lieut. Cautley; W. H. Twentyman, Esq.

Per Duke of Bedford from Bengal (expected).--Mrs. Major Lister; Mrs. Bedell; J. Maclean, Esq.; Lieut. Boileau and family ; Lieut. Inglis ; Nuwab Ikbal-ood Dowlah from Oude; Capt. Coventry.

Per Boyne, from Bombay (expected).-Mrs. Outram and child ; Mrs. Pope and three children ; Mrs. Stockley and three children; Mrs. Richardson and child ; J. N. Macdonald, Esq. ; R. Ferguson, Esq.; J. C. Le Geyt, Esq.; Lieut. Woode ward; Master Hath way; three children of Major Blair. To the Cape-Major and Mrs. Foy, Art. ; Mr. and Mrs. Willis; two children.

Per Thomas Grenville from Calcutta (expected.)—Sir C. and Lady D'Oyley; Miss McLeod; Messrs. Grange, Hodgson (C.S.), Tabor, Masters, Turton, Dr. Turner and Mrs. Sutherland.

Per Tigress from Ceylon (expected).—Mr. and Mrs. Granville and family ; Col, and Mis. Arbuthnot; Mr. and Mrs. Browning; Mrs. Wright and children; Mrs. Rodney and child; Mr. and Mrs. A. Walker and two children; Miss Jeremy; Lieut. Caldwell, 90th foot.

Per Perfect from Calcutta (corrected list).- Mrs. Orr ; Miss England; Mr. Caw; Mr. Bourhill; Capt. Orr; Capt. Delaney, 75th reg. ; Drs. Burt, Caw and Cantor; Lieuts. Veneker, Puleston, Cheek; Mr. England.

Per Mermaid from Bombay.-Mrs. Bourchier and child; Mrs. Ford and two children; Dr. Ford, H. M.'s 7:24 ; F. C. Brown, Esq.; Lieut. Eyton, 90th foot; Miss Thatchers. Landed at Cape--Col. Hanson; Dr. and Mrs. Gibb and two children; Col. Arnot; R. F. Webb, Esq.

Per Repulse from Calcutta (expected). -Mesdames Rotton, White, Benson,


Norman, Armstrong, Campbell, Shuttleworth, Woodin Zillard; Cols. Andree, Morrison; Majors Rotton, White; Capt. Bamorick; Dr. Standham; Licut. Ready; Quart.mastr. Betson ; Corn. Reynolds ; Lieut. Norinan, 31st Drag.; Mr. Tiel; Mons. Gilliard, adv.-Gen. ; Mr. Jordan; Mrs. Jordan and two children; Mrs. Townsend and three children.

Per Bland from Calcutta (expected).-Mesdames Abbott, Ward, Parker, Robertson; Misses Atkinson, S. J. Atkinson ; the Rev. J.C. Proby ; the Rev. Chadwick; Capts. Abbott, Engineers; Parker, 58th N. I. ; Dr. Clarkson, B. M. S.; Lieut. Walker, 26th N. I. ; Messrs. Douglas, Atkinson, T. Ostell.

Per Robert Small from Calcutta (expected).--Col. and Mrs. Battine and four children; Mrs. C. R. Barwell and three children; Mr. and Mrs. Gough and four ditto ; Mrs. S. Clarke and five ditto; Miss Gouldsbury; S. G. Smith, Esq., B. C. S.; F. C. Read, Esq., ditto ; Capt. Biddulph, B. N. I.; Lieut. Park, H. M. S.; W. T. Fraser, Esq., Miss and Master O'Dowda ; three children. For the Cape Mr. & Mrs. Horn.

Per Coromandel from Calcutta (corrected list).-Mrs. Col. Peckett; Mrs. Col. Cramer; Mrs. Dallas; Mrs. Fitzgerald and child; Mrs. Bates and child; Mrs. Place and two children ; Miss Beckwith; Lieut.-Col. Cramer (died at Cape), 620 reg. ; Capt. Cotton, 67th N. I.; Lieuts. Hudson, ditto ; Fitzgerald, Art. ; Brooke, H. M.'s 31st foot; Ens. Mahon, 41th foot; Dr Agnew; W. Bates, Esq.; Master Bray ; Mr. Newton, late of 13th foot. From Cape--Rev. B. Clough and family.

Per Seringapatam from Calcutta (corrected list.) ---Lady Malkin and two children; Mrs. Gordon and child ; Mrs. Rose and two children; Mrs. Evans ; MajorGeneral Sir D. Ximenes, H. C. S.; Colonel Tickell, C. B. ; Capt. Todd. H. C. S.; Lieuts. Rose, Hind, Creagh, Christie, Evans; Messrs. Wilkinson, Scott; Masters Cobb, two Masters Mathias ; Capt. and Mrs. Trevelyan, (landed at Cape,) Mrs. Mathias (died at Sea, Dec. 30.) . From Cape, Mrs. Fenwick and three children; Mrs. Warren and child ; Dr. Bell.

Per Atalanta (S.) Bombay (28th February) to Suez.- Dr. and Mrs. Henderson; Mrs. Willoughby and child; Mrs. Crawford and child; John Scott, Esq.; T. R. Richmond, Esq.; Col. G. A. Litchfield; C. C. Crawford, Esq., Capt. Deedes, H.M. 17th Regt. ; Lieut. Stowell, ditto; Cornet E. C. Stewart, Lt. Cav.; Lieut. T. Morse, B. E. R.; Capt. Moresby, I. N.; Mr. F. Robinson, Purser, I. N.; Lieut. H. C. Boulderson, I. N.; Mr. J. P. C. Soares, and Mr. J. L. Wilson,

From BengalMr. Rush; T. P. Woodcock, Esq.; Capt.C. Biden; N. Morgan, Esq. ; Major P. Johnstone, and M. C. Allen, Esq.; Hon. W. L. Melville.

From Madras-J. Seth Sam, Esq ; and Major and Mrs. Warren and three children.

Per Thames, from Madras (expected).-Cols. Cadell and Ketchen; Misses Molle, Chesney ; four Misses Cadell and Master Cadell.

Per Lady Flora, from Madras (expected).—Mesds. Beauchamp, Rorison, Power, Poole, Nott, Espinass; Miss Prendergast; Miss L. Prendergast; Majors Highmoor, 5th L. C., Rorison, 13th N. I. ; Capts. Power, 32d N. I., Poole, 5th N. I., Davies, 430 N. I., Espinass, 4th foot; Rev. P. Moriarty; Lieuts. Silver, 20th N. 1., Downes, 41st foot; C. Bowles, Esq.; A. Campbell, Esq.; twelve Misses; ten masters.

Per Barretto, Jun. from Madras (expected.)-Mesdames Ellis, Norman, Daniell, Pitcairn, and Saunders; Majors Butler, Kevan, Drake; Capt. Ellis; G. Adams, Esq.; J. C. Shubrick, Esq.; W. Crewe, Esq.

Per Clifton from Calcutta, (expected.)—Mesdames Brace, Bell, Eckley ; Miss Green; Capt. Brace; A. M'Kenzie, Esq., Dr. Leigh and five children.

Per H. C. S. Hugh Lindsay, from Bombay, (28th January) to Red Sea-Mr. and Mrs. Prendergast; Mrs. Iline; Mrs. Wright ; Lieut, -Col. Little; Dr. E. Baillie ; Capts. A. Wilson, H. H. Lloyd, Turton; and Nott, 1. N.; W. A. Forsyth, Esq.; Lieuis. Coffin, Lewis, Bennett, Wigston, Hare; Boulderson, I. N.; Ens. J. L. Taylor.

Per Euphrates, (H. C. B.) Bombay, (7th January) to Red Sea-Sir R. W. Horton, Bart., late Governor of Ceylon and Suite; Dr. Walker.

Per Pegasus, Mauritius, to Cape—Mr. and Mrs. Cherwick and four children ; Mr. and Mrs. Hewlett.

Per John Barry, from New South Wales, J. Loveless, J. Brine, F. Stanfield and J. Stanfield, four of the Dorchester labourers.

Per Atholl, transport from Mauritius. Licut -Col. Simpson; Brev.-Major Hicken ; Capt. Lucas; Lieuts. Hon. W. F. Byng, J. 0. Lucas, W. Hemphill, G. L. Way and A. St. G. Stepney; Paymast. Farewell; Surg. Ingham; Assist.-surg. Hemphill, all of H. M.'s 29th regiment.

Per Carnatic, from Bombay, (exp).—Mrs. Col. Stewart; Mrs. Shaw and three children; Mrs. Clunes and two children; Mrs. Harcourt and three children; Mrs. Patch and four children; Miss Stewart; Col. Stewart; Major Clunes; Major Henderson ; Dr. Harcourt; A. Shaw, Esq., C. S.; A. Hornby, Esq. C. S.; Capt. Patch, Bengal Army; Dr. Patch, Bombay Estab.; Lieut. Dalbiac, H. M.'s 4th L. D. ; Lieut. Tate, Bombay Army; Mr. Stewart; Master Elliot.

Per John Knox, from Bombay, (expected).—Mr. E. Casley.

Per Urania, from Bombay,(exp.)—Mesdames Hebbert and Nixon, and children; Master and Misses Thompson.

Per Royal George, from Madras, (expected).-Mesdames Geddes, Glover, Carlyle, Kenny, Miss Carlyle, two Misses Kenny; Dr. Geddes; Lieut. Glover; Lieut. de Balinhard; Lieuts. Lowe, Darvall, Masters Geddes and Glover.

Per Gilmore, from Bombay, (expected).-Mrs. Barrington and four children; Mrs. Nutting and two children; Mrs. Hay and two children; Miss Hancock; Miss Collier; Col. Gordon, 3d Lt. Cavalry, lady and family; Major Buchanan, Madras Cav.; Dr. Moyle, med. board; Capt. Hay, 20th Reg. ; Capt. Poole; two children of Lieut. Turner.

Per Lady Faversham, from Bombay,(exp.)—Mrs. Cooke and four children; Mrs. Browne and child ; Mrs. Allen; Capt. Browne, 10th N. I. ; Capt. Cooke, 19th N.I.; Capt. Allen, H. M. 6th regt., in charge of invalids; Lieut. Bennell, H. M. 2d regt.; Lieut. Ponsonby, 22d regt.; John Wooler, Esq.; Masters Elliott and Baumgardt; Misses Elliott and Ottley. Detachment of invalids.

Per Malabar, from Bombay(exp.)-Mrs. Elphinstone and 4 children; Mrs. Tomkins and one child ; Mrs. Douglas ; Mrs. Bell and three children; Mrs. Ironside ; Mrs. Young and two children; Miss Grant; Hon. Edward Ironside ; Capt. J. Young, Nizam's Service; Dr. Stewart, Bengal estab. ; Lieut. White, in charge of H. M. troops; three children of Capt. Jameson. For the Cape. W. H. Wathen, Esq.; Lieut. Morris; Capt. Simons.

Per Duke of Argyll, from Madras (expected).--Mrs. McDonell; Mrs. Kerr ; Mrs. Griffiths; Mrs. Cunningham ; Lieut.-Col. England ; E. R. McDonell

, Esq.; W. E. Lockhart, Esq.; L. D. Daniell, Esq.; A. R. Forbes, Esq. ; Hon. K. E. Mourier, Governor of Tranquebar; Lieut. F. Marjoribanks; E. c. Griffiths, Esq. ; M. B. Kerr, Esq.

Per Broxbournebury, from Bengal (expected). -Mesdames Tennant, Dougal, Green, Burridge ; Lieut.-Col. Tennant; J. Dougal, Esq. ; Capt. Green; J. 0. Burridge, Esq., 16th Lancers; E. G. Swinton, Esq., Ens. Doveton; 25 Misses and Masters.

Per Earl Durham, from New Zealand.-Lieut. McDonald, R. N.; Mr. and Mrs. Bast and five children.

Per John-o-Gaunt, from China, (expected).-P. F. Robertson, Esq.; T. A. Gibb, Esq.

Per Madagascar, from Calcutta, (in addition to those named in our last).--Rev. T. Robertson; Mrs. Robertson; Mrs. Walker; Capt. and Mrs. Roberts; Mrs. Birrell and two child n; Brig. Penny; Lieut. Siddons; Lieut. Bazett; G.T. Millman, Esq.; J. R. Savi, Esq. and two children; James Wemyss, Esq.

Per Hero, from Swan River and Mauritius.—Lieut. Banbury; Messrs. McLeod, Samson, and Clarence.

Per Petrus, from Batavia.—Mr. and Mrs. Hoop and son.
Per Prince of Orange, from ditto.-Mr. Cezard and family.


Per Childe Harold, for Bombay.—Mrs. and Miss Ducat; Dr. and Mrs. Peart; Mrs. Dawson; Miss Crawford; Miss Stewart; Miss Barnes; Miss Hewett; Lieut. Tod; Mr. Irving.

Per Orwell, for Madras.---Col. and Mrs. Home; Miss Stevens; Miss Poin. destee ; Lieut. J. Campbell and Lady; Messrs. Campbell, Stevens, Russel, Mc Cartny, Silver, Smith, Cooper, Maxwell, McLean.

Per Stratheden, for Madras.-- Major and Mrs. Williams; Miss Armstrong ; Mr. Elkinston; Mr. Swinton; Mr. Geo. Vansomerin ; Mr. Wm. Vansomerin.

Per Francis Smith, for Madras and Bengal.-Mrs. Edmonds; Miss Morton ;

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