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For I thy Son, the heir of all,
Before thee, Father, lowly fall.'


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PSA L M XVII. The illustration the same as the lait. Consult the parallels, especially those referred to in the last erse of this Pfalm.

According to the perfect laws

That guard the heav'nly road,
The perfeci justice of his cause,

Messiah pleads with God:
If he shall stand, his foes must fall

And fall they must to hell;
For be, deliver'd from them all,

With God in heaven Mall dwell.
TEHOVAH, hear my juft request,

Attend unto my cries;
And, to relieve me, come in haste:

My spirit to thee flies.
My plea is not a feigned one;

My heart abhors deceit:
. Give judgment for me, Lord, anon,

I earnestly entreat.
Thine eyes bave seen my perfect way;

Mine heart thou must approve;
For thou hast search'd me night and day,

And nothing found but love:
Nor shalt thou ever find in me

The ways of guile and fraud;
Nor in thy Darling ever see

But what thou shalt applaud.
4 When I behold the ways of men,

I see them all awry;
But all my paths are straight and plain,

Jehovah, in thine eye :

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For I determin'd in mine heart,

I never should recede;
Nor from thy law a hair-breadth part,

In thought, or word, or deed.
$ Uphold me, Lord, uphold my way;

For I uphold thy cause:
I hate their paths who go astray,

Who ttample on thy laws.
6 I have unbofom'd all my heart,

And pour'd it into thine;
Thy tender mercy, Lord, impart:

Thy tender mercy's mine!
7 Thy loving-kindness, marvellquš,

O how my heart admires !
So high! fo free! so glorious !

What raptures is inspires !
8 In shadow of thy wings, fo bland!

While I securely lie,
Mine enemies aloof shall stand,

And pine away, and die:
9 Thus, tod, my wife adherents shall

Their boldest foe defie,
By thee, my God, preserved all,

As th' apple of thine eye ;
10 But those who have oppressed us,

Whose god is only food,
Shall under-lie thy heavy curse,

Full-gorg’d with their own blood.
Their horns how proudly have they push'd!

How bellow'd with their tongues !-
How they, with fanguine wishes flush'd,

Are darted through the lungs!
11 How madly compassid they our way,

And set their eyes for blood,
12 Like rav’ning lions, for their prey,
Close-lurking through the wood!


13 But

13 But God arose, and rescu'd me,

With all my faithful train;
From his own sword he fet me free:

His sword is bloody men. 14 From men, thy hand, O Lord, from men

For ever keep me free,
Men of this world, who fill their den

With all they get from thee; .
Whose only portion is their lives,

Whofe pleafure is their race;
But they must leave their widow'd wives,

And to their babes give place. 15 But as for me, when I awake,

And from the grave arise,
With all thine elect, for my fake,

I'll foar beyond the skies:
I'll wing my way unto thy throne,

And by thee take my place
Thy justice, Lord, shall set thy Son

In brightness of thy face :
And all thine elect, for my fake,

Shall reign along with me,
And on my throne their places take,

Triumphing, Lord, in thee.

PSA L M XVIII. This remarkable Pfalm, which is, every fyllable, fpoken by one person, stands forth in a memorable 'manner, and in the first line of a multitude of others, rescued from the mercy of all the commentators, (who, like the unbelieving Jews of old, seldom allow free speech, even to the Holy Ghost, concerning the patriarch David); as the honest and free-hearted reader will be convinced by consulting the apostolic intepretation thereof, (and surely that is genuine), which applies it ab


folutely as spoken by the Rock of Israel, even by David's Lord himself; in whom every article of it is fulfilled; as the promise of Abraham's being the heir of the world was fulfilled no more in the perfon even of Ilaac, than it was in that of Ithmael, but only in Christ, the one feed, in whoay all the nations are blefied, and all the promiles yea and amen: For this cause I will confess to among the nations,' &c.

Pfalm xviii. 49 Rom. xv. S13.

a thee

Behold the song that David fung,

From Saul, and all his foes, made free
Meffiah's praises fill'd his tongue,

When he Messiah's day did fee:
For David's wars, and battles won,

Were only present hgns, froin God,
Of David's Lord, and David's Sony

Upon the faints of old bestow'd.

' I'LL found the vict'ry now at length,

The viat'ry of eternal love;
2 I'll sing Jehovah : he's my Strength,

My Rock that never shall remove:
The sca may rage, the waves may roar;

But he's my Bulwark in the sea :
They may insult, and flow me o'er;

But they can do no more to me.
The pow'rs combin'd, of earth and hell,

Arole against me like a food;
My Saviour's strength did theirs excel;

Jehovah then my fortress stood :
He is my God, my Mountain high,

More firm than th' everlasting hills :
In him I hope, to him I fly,
And he


whole defire fulfils.
was beset


the field
By thousands of surrourding focs;

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I cry'd, My God, be thou my shield;

• Defend me from their deadly blows.** He bore upon them in his ire,

And made them from his horns to fly; He spurn'd and trod them in the mire,

And left them in their blood to lie. 3 I'll fing, in elevated ftrains,

The Lord who elevated me:
I'll invocate my God, who deigns

From all my foes. to set me free:
I'll praise the Lord with all my pow'r;
I love the Lord with all


heart :. The Lord's my Buckler, my High-to'r;

The Lord is always on my part. The cords of death begirt me round,

The floods of Belial round me roar'd; 5 The bands of death my foul had bound,

The horns of hell my Gides had gord; 6 I lifted up my voice to God,

My anguilh made my heart to roar;
He heard me from his high abode;

He stamp'd-and bade me mourn no mores 7 Then, lo, the earth in pangs was found;

The folic hills began to thake;
The mountains from their bafes bound;

All Nature's frame was made to quakes
Because the Lord, in flaming wrath,

Had ifu'd forth an awful oath,
That he would give their fouls to death,

Against my soul who had been wroth. 8 Columns of smoke his nostrils threw,

Which roli'd before him as he came; And, ifluing from his mouth, there flew

Great floods of melted fire and flame; 9 The heav'ns he bended as he flew, In light and thunder, from on high,

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