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God hath built his Church below,
Labour'd all his Art to thew,
Each with each the Parts agree,
Fram'd in perfect Symmetry:
"There the chofen Tribes go up,
Testify their Gospel-Hope,
Praite and bless th' incarnate Word,
Shout the Name of Christ their Lord.

There are Aaron's mitred Sons,
There the apostolic Thrones ;
Mojes' Legislative Chair ;
God's great Hierarchy is there.
Pray. my Friends, and never cease,
Wrestle on for Sion's Peace ;
Make her still your pious Care,
Heart for ever bear.

Hail the venerable Name,
lovely dear Jerusalem;
Thee who bless shall blessed be,
Prosper for their Love to thee.
Dwell within thy Ramparts Peace,
Plenty deck thy Palaces,
Jesus send thee from above,
All the Treasures of his Love.


For my Friends and Brethren's sake,
Thee iny dearest Charge I make ;
Englana's des’late Church be mine ;
Sion, all my Soul be thine !
O thou Temple of my God,
For thy fake I spend my Blood,
Longing here thy Rise to see,
Glad to live and die for thee.

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JOHN xy, 18, 19.


HERE has my slumb'ring Spirit been,

So late emerging into Light!
So imperceptible, within,
The Weight of this Egyptian Night !

Where have they hid the WORLD so long,

So late presented to my View?"
Wretch! tho' myself increas’d the Throng,
Myself a Part I never knew.

Secure beneath its Shade I sat,

To me were all its Favours shewn :
I could not taste its Scorn or Hate;
Alas, it ever lov'd its own!

Jesus, if half discerning now,

From Thee 'l gain this glimm'ring Light,
Retouch my Eyes, anoint them Thou,

And grant me to receive iny Sight.


O may I of thy Grace obtain

The World with other Eyes to see :
Its Judgments false, its Pleasures vain,

Ics Friendship Enmity with thee.

Delusive World, thy Hour is past,

The Folly of thy Wisdom Thew!
It cannot now retard my Hafte,

I leave thee for the Holy Few.

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No! Thou blind Leader of the Blind,
I bow

my Neck to Thee ro more !
I cast thy Glories all behind,
And flight tby Smiles, and dare thy Pow'r.

Excluded from my Saviour's Pray'ı,

Stain'd, yet not hallow'd with his Blood,
Shalt thou my fond Affection share,
Shalt thou divide my Heart with God?

No! tho' it rouze thy utmost Rage,

Eternal Enmity I vow;
Tho' Hell with thine its Pow'rs engage,

Prepar'd I meet your Onset now.


Load me with Scorn, Reproach and Shame ;

My patient Mafter's Portion give;
As Evil still cast out my Name,
Nor suffer such a Wretch to live.

Set to thy Seal that I am His ;

Vile as my Lord I long to be :
My Hope, my Crown, my Glory this,

Dying to conquer Sin and Thee.


ORLD adieu, thou real Cheat !

Oft have thy deceitful Charms,
Fill'd my Heart with fond Conceit,

Foolish Hopes and false Alarms :


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Now I see as clear as Day,
How thy Folļięs pass away.

Vain thy entertaining Sights,

False thy Promises renew'd, All the Pomp of thy Delights

Does but flatter and delude : Thee I quit for Heav'n above, Object of the noblest Love.

UI. Farewel Honour's empty Pride i

Thy own nice, uncertain Guft, If the least Mischance betide,

Lays thee lower than the Duft ; Worldly Honours end in Gall, Rise To day, To-morrow fall.

IV. Foolish Vanity, farewel,

More inconstant than the Wave ! Where thy foothing Fancies dwell,

Purest Tempers they deprave :
He, to whom I fly from Thee,
Jesus Christ shall set me free,

Never shall my wand'ring Mind

Follow after fleeting Toys,
Since in God alone I find

Solid and substantial Joys ; Joys that never over-past, Thro' Eternity fhall last.

VI. LORD, how happy is a Heart,

After thee while it aspires !
True and faithful as Thou art,

Thou shalt answer its Desires :
It shall see the glorious Scene
Of thy Everlasting Reign.

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1. Throw away thy Rod,

O throw away thy Wrath! My gracious Saviour and my God,

O take the gentle Path.

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Thou seest my Hearts Desire

Still unto Thee is bent:
Still does my longing Soul aspire

To an entire Conient.

Not ev'n a Word or Look

Do I approve or own,
But by the Model of thy Book,
Thy sacred Book alone.

Altho' I fail, I wecp ;
Altho' I halt in Pace,
Yet ftill with trembling Steps I creep

Unto the Throne of Grace.

O then let Wrath remove :

For Love will do the Deed !
Love will the Conquest gain; with Love
Ev'n ftony Hearts will bleed.

For Love is swift of Foot,

Love is a Man of War ;
Love can refiftless Arrows shoot,

And hit the Mark from far.


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