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wholly on account of habitual failure in official administration, and any member of the Conference objects to the passage of his character, wholly on this account, the question, “Shall his character pass ? ” shall be put on this point alone. And if a majority of the Conference refuse to pass his character because he is not blameless in official administration, the Conference shall grant him an honorable location; but the Conference shall not proceed under this provision of the Discipline unless the preacher complained of be present, or shall have had notice of the complaint; provided, nevertheless, if the delinquent preacher desires to be tried another year (making suitable acknowledgments), and promises, if tried another year, to come up to the measure of his duty in these respects, the Conference may employ him another year, and upon the issues of that


shall depend his restoration or absolute location: provided, further, that no preacher shall be located at his own request unless he be present, or his written request, signed by himself, be preseuted to the Conference. Ans. 6. The names of any


may be expelled or suspended, or who may have withdrawn from the Church, shall be stated in the Minutes.

51. Ques. 8. What other business shall be done in the Annual Conferences ?

Ans. 1. Let every Annual Conference organize a Conference Board of Education, and inquire into the state and character of all the institutions of learning that may be under its care, and the best means of promoting their interests, and, if necessary, of increasing their number.

Ans. 2. Let every Annual Conference take account of all the churchbuildings, parsonages,

and other Church property within its bounds, and see that the same be legally secured to the Methodist Episcopal Church, South, according to the provisions of the Discipline.

Ans. 3. Let every Annual Conference examine the records of the District Conferences.

Ans. 4. Let every Annual Conference appoint committees of examination upon the Course of Study prescribed by the Bishops for candidates for the ministry. The examining committees shall hold their office for four years.

Ans. 5. Let every Annual Conference have a record of its proceedings, kept by a secretary chosen for that purpose: said record shall be signed

by the President and the Secretary, and a copy of the same shall be sent to the General Conference, at its next ensuing session.

Ans. 6. The Secretary of each Anmal Conference shall forward to the Editor of Books, at the Publishing House, full and correct answers to the foregoing thirty-five questions, for insertion in the General Minutes, according to the form therein adopted.

Ans. 7. Each Annual Conference may provide a system of colportage best suited to its necessities.


T 52. Ques. 1. What directions are given concerning District Conferences ?

Ans. 1. There shall be held annually in each Presiding

lder's District, a District Conference. The time shall be fixed by the Presiding Elder, and the place by the Conference; but should it become necessary, from any unforeseen cause, to change the place after it has been fixed by the Conference, the Presiding Elder shall have power to make the change.

Ans. 2. The District Conference shall be composed of all the preachers in the District, traveling and local, including superannuated preachers (whether resident without or within the limits of the Annual Conferences to which they belong), and of laymen, the number of whom, and their mode of appointment, each Annual Conference may determine for itself.

Ans. 3. A Bishop, or, in his absence, the Presiding Elder, shall preside; and if both be absent, the Conference shall elect a president.

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