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to the wise, Give us of your oll;, therefore the talent from him, and, us kill him, and the inheritanco roar lamps are gone out. But give it unto him which hath ten shall be ours. And they took swise answered, saying, Not 80; | talents. For unto every one that him, and killed him, and cast him

there be not enough for us hath shall be given, and he shall out of the vineyard. What shall pou; but go ye rather to them have abundance: but from him therofore the lord of the vineyard At sell, and buy for yourselves. that bath not, shall be taken away do? He will come and destroy the while they went to buy, the even that which he hath.

husbandmen, and will give the Hegroom came; and they that

vineyard unto others. reready went in with him to the

SOWER. briage and the door was shut. Bark iv, 3--9. Hearken; Bohold,

BLIND GUIDE. terward came also the other there went out a Bower to sow: plus, saying,

Luke vi, 39. And he spake a ord, Lord, open And came to pass, as he sowed, But he answered and said, some fell by the way-side,

and the parable unto them, Can the blind fly I say unto you, I know you fowls of the air came and des lead the blind? shall they not both

fall into the ditch?
voured it up. And some fell on

stony ground, where it had not
much earth; and immediately it

MIDNIGHT VISITOR. tk. XXV, 14-29. For the king- sprang up, because it had no

Luke xi, 5-8. And he said unto hearen is as a man travel-depth of earth: But when the them, Which of you shall have a ftato a tar country, who called sun was up, it was scorched; and, friend, and shall go unto him at na servants, and delivered because it had no root, it withered midnight, and say unto him, them his good. And unto away. And some fell among Friend, lend me three loaves; te gave five talents, to another thorns, and the thorns grew up For a friend of mine in his journey sud to another one; to every and choked it, and it yielded no 18 come to me, and I have nothing According to his several fruit. And other fell on good to set before him? And he from

and straightway took his ground, and did yleld fruit that within shall answer and say, seyThen he that had re- sprang' up, and increased, and Trouble me not: the door is now

the five talents wept and brought forth, some thirty, and shut, and my children are with mo ed with the same, and made some sixty, and some an hundred. in bed; I cannot rise and give thee. other five talents. And like And he said unto them, He that I say unto you, Though he will te that had received two, lie hath ears to hear, let bim hear.

not rise and give him, because he gained other two. But he

is his friend; yet, because of his lad received one went and


importunity, he will rise and give in the earth, and hid his

him as many as he needetb.

IMPERCEPTIBLY. money. After a long time and of those servants cometh, Mark iv, 26--29. And he said, So

UNCLEAN SPIRIT. Nekoneth with them. And is the kingdom of God, as if a man

Luke xi, 24-26. When tho uno that had received five / should cast seed into the ground, clean spirit is gone out of a man, came and brought other and should sleep, and rise night lie walketh through dry places, kredst unto me five talents: spring and grow up, he knoweth seeking rest; and finding none, he !! have gained besides not how. For the earth bringeth saith, I will return unto my huuse

whence I came out. And when Are talents more.

His lord
forth fruit of herself; first the

he cometh, he findeth it swept into him, Well done, thou blade, then the ear, after that the and garnished. Then goeth he, and faithful servant;' thou full corn in the ear. But when and taketh to nim seven other beed faithful over

a few I will make thee ruler over diately he putteth in the sickle, and they enter in, and dweli Wings: enter thou into the because the harvest is come.

there: and the last state of that thy lord. He also that bad

man is worse than the first. red two talents came and

Jard, thou deliveredst unto Mark xii, 1--9. And be began to

To talents: behold, I have speak unto them by parables. A

Luke xii, 16-21. And he spake I two other talents besides certain man planted a vineyard,

His lord said unto him, and set an hedge abont it, and a parable unto them, saying, The done, good and faithful ser- digged a place for the ride-fat, ground of a certain rich man thou hast been faithful over and built a tower, and let it out to brought forth plentifully; And he things, I will make thee husbandmen, and went into a far thought within himself, saying,

What shall I do, because I have over many things: enter country. And at the season he bto the joy of thy lord. Then

no room where to bestow my sent to the husbandmen a servant, fruits? And he said, This will I ich had received the one that he might receive from the do: I will pull down my barns, and

came and said, Lord, I husbandmen of the fruit of the build greater; and there will i thes that thou art an hård vineyard. And they caught him, bestow all my fruits and my goods. maping where thou hast not and beat him, and sent him away and I will say to my soul, soul, and gathering where thon empty. And again he sent unto w strawed : And I was them another servant; and at him thou hast much goods laid up for and went and hid thy they cast stones, and wounded many years; take thine ease, eat, in the earth; lo, there thou him in the head, and sent him drink, and be merry. But God hat is thine. His lord an-away shamefully handled. And

said unto him, Thou fool, this I and slothful servant, thou they killed, and many others; thiugs be which thou hast pro

sad said unto him, Thou again ho sent another; and him night thy soul shall be required of * that I reap where I beating some, and killing some.

not, and gather where I Having yet therefore one son, his vided? So is he that layeth up
lot strawed; Thou oughtest well-beloved, he sent him also last treasure for himself, and is not
vre to have put my money unto them, saying, They will rich toward God.
exchangers, and then at my reverence my son. But those

$ I should have received busbandmen said among them-
OWO with usury.
Take / selves, This is the heir; come, let

Luke xiii, 6-9. Ho spake also this parable; A certain man had a and her veighbours together, say- thou hast killed for him! fig-tree planted in his vineyard; ing, Rejoice with me; for I have fatted calf. And he said t and he came and sought fruit found the piece which I had lost. him, Son, thou art ever with 1 thereon, and found none. Then

and all that I have is thipe. said he unto the dresser of his


was meet that we should mai vineyard, Behold, these three Luke xv, 11-32. And he said, A merry, and be glad: for this years I come seeking fruit on this certain man had two sons: And brother was dead, and is sl fig-tree, and find none: cut it the younger of them said to his again; and was lost, and is fa down; why cumbereth it the father, Father, give me the porground? And he answering, said tion of goods that falleth to me. UXJUST STEWARD. unto him, Lord, let it alone this and he divided unto them his year also, till I shall dig about it, living. And not many days after, unto his disciples, There

Luke xvi, 1-8 And he said and dung it: And if it bear fruit, the younger son gathered all towell; and if not, then after that gether, and took his journey into

certain rich man wbich thou shalt cut it down.

a far country, and there wasted steward; and the same vas his substance with riotous living. wasted his goods. And be a

cused unto him that he GREAT SUPPER.

And when he had spent all, there Luke xiv, 16-24. Then said he arose a mighty famine in that him, and said unto him, Ho unto him, A certain man made a land; and he began to be in want it that I hear this of thee? gin

account of thy stewardship great supper, and bade many: And he went and joined himself And sent his servant at supper he sent him into his fields to feed within himself. What shall i to a citizen of that country; and thou mayest be no longer

Then the steward time to say to them that were bidden, Come; for all things are

swine. And he would fain have for iny lord taketh away from now ready. 'And they all with alled his belly with the husks the stewardship: I cannot de one consent began to make ex- that the swine did eat: and no cuse. The first said unto him, I man gavo unto him. And when beg I am ashamed. I am

ed what to do, that, when I have bought a piece of ground, he came to himself, he said, How

put out of the stewardship and I must needs go and see it: 1 many hired servants of

my another said, I have bought five to spare, and I perish with hun- lord's debtors unto him, and pray thee bave me excused. And father's lave bread enough, and may receive ne into their be yoke of oxen, and I go to prove ser! I will arise, and go to my unto the first, How much ihem: I praythee have me excused. father, and will say unto him, thou unto my lord And let And another said, I have married Fatber, I have sinned against An hundred measures of all a wife; and therefore I cannot Heaven, and before thee, And am he said unto him, Take thy come. So that servant came, and no more worthy to be called thy and

sit down quickly, and showed his lord these things. son: make me as one of thy hired fifty. Then said he to another, Then the master of the house, servants. And he arose, and came how much owest thou A. being angry, said to his servant, to his father. But when he was said, An hundred measure Go out quickly into the streets yet a great way off, his father saw wheat. And he said

auto and lanes

of the city, and bring in him, and had compassion, and ran Take thy bill and write future hither the poor, and the maimed, and fell on his neck, and kissed Add the lord commended te and the halt, and the blind. And him. And the son said unto

him, just steward, because be bal the servant said, Lord, it is done Father, I have sinned against wisely: for the children as thou hast commanded, and yet Heaven, and in thy sight, and am world are in their

generation there is room. And the lord said

no more wortly to be called thy than the children of ligut, unto the servant, Go out into the son,

But the father said to his highways and hedges, and compel servants, Bring forth the best them to come in, that my house robe, and put it on him; and put a

RICH AND POOR may be filled.

For I say unto ring on his hand, and shoes on his Luke xvi, 19-31. There you, That none of those men

feet: And bring bither the fatted certain rich man, wilde which were bidden shall taste of calf, and kill it; and let us eat, clothed in purple and live my supper.

and be merry: For this my son and fared sumptuously every

was dead, and is alive again; he | And there was a ceriain LOST SHEEP.

was lost, and is found. And they named Lazarus, which was Luke xv, 4-6. What man of you, elder son was in the field: and as ing to be fed with the

began to be merry. Now his bis gate full of sores. And having an hundred sheep, it he lose one of them, doth not leave

he came and drew nigh to the which fell from the rich the ninety and nine in the wilder- I house, he heard musick and danc- table: moreover the dogs can And he called one of the licked his sores.

And ness, and go after that which is servants, and asked what these pass that the beggar died.

And when he bath found it, he layeth it on him, Thy brother is come; and

thy bam's bosom: the rich an

things meant. And he said unto carried by the angels into bis shoulders rejoicing. when he cometh home, he calleth

father hath killed the fatted cali, died, and was buried; Andha together his friends and neigh- because he hath received him safe he lifted up his eyes, being bours, saying unto them, Rejoice and would not go in; therefore off, and Lazarus in bis boste

and sound. And he was angry, ments, and seeth Abram with me; for I have found my came his father out, and entreat- he cried and sald, Fallet sheep which was lost.

ed bim. And he answering said ham, have mercy on me aal

to his father, Lo, these many Lazarus, that he atay dip Lost Moxes.

years do I serve thee; neither of his finger in water, and Luke xv, 8, 9. Either what transgressed I at any time thy tongue, for I am torment woman, having ten pieces of commandment; and yet thou flame. 'But Abraham sick bilver, if she lose one piece, doth never gavest me a kid, that I remember that thou in by not light a candle, and sweep the miglit make merry with my time receivedst thy goed louse, and seek diligently till she friends: But as soon as this thy and likewise Larrusele find its And when she hath son was come, which hath de. but now he is comforted, auf {vuod ut, she calleth her friends I voured thy living with barlots, l art tormented. And best

between us and you there is us. And it came to pase, that and the wolf catcheth them, and great gull fixed: so that they when he was returned, having re-seattereth the sleep. The hirewould pass from hence to ceived the kingdom, then be ling fleeth, because he is an hirecannot, neither can they pass commanded these servants to be ling, and careth not for the sheep. that toould come from tbence. called unto him to whom he had

3. ALLEGORY be said, I pray thee there- given the money, that he might father, that thou wouldest know how much every man had

CEDAR. him to my father's house; gained by trading. Then came Ezek. xxxi, 2--13. Son of man, I bare five brethren; that he the first, saying, Lord, thy pound Speak unto' Pharaoh king of testify unto them, lest they hath gained ten pounds. And he Egypt, and to his multitude, code into this place of tor- said unto him, Well, thou good Whom art thou like in thy great

Abrabam saith unto him, servant; because thou hast been ness? Behold, the Assyrian was have Moses and the pro- faithful in a very little, have thou a cedar in Lebanon with fair let them hear them. And authority over ten cities. And the branches, and with a shadowing 12. Nay, father Abraham: but second came, saying, Lord, thy shroud, and of an high stature;

went unto them from the pound hath gained five pounds. and his top was among the thick they will repent. And he And he said likewise to him, Be boughs. The waters made bim into him, If they bear not thou also over five cities. And great, the deep set him up on high

and the prophets, neither another came, saying, Lord, behold, with her rivers running round des be persuaded though one here is thy pound, which I have about his plants, and sent out her om the dead.

kept laid up in a napkin: For 1 little rivers unto all the trees of

feared thee, because thou art an the field. Therefore his height JODGE AND IMPORTUNATE austere man: thon takest up that was exalted above all the trees of Widow.

thou layest not down, and reapest the field, and his boughs were

that thou didst not sow. And he multiplied, and his branches bexviil, 2--6. Saying, Theresaith unto him, Out of thine own came long, because of the multiEacity a judge, which feared mouth will í judge thee, thou tude of waters, when he shot Grod, neither regarded man: wicked servant. Thou knewest forth. All the fowls of heaven there was a widow in that that I was an austere man, taking made their pests in his bougbe, and she came unto him, say-up that I laid not down, and reap- and under his branches did all Avenge me of mine adversary: ing that I did not sow. Where the beasts of the field bring forth

he would not for a while: but fore then gavest not thou my their young, and under his shadow wards be said within himself, money into the bank, that at my dwelt all great nations. Thus

al fear pot God, nor regard coming I might have required was he fair in his greatness, in the Yet, because this widow mine own with usury? And he length of bis branches: for bis Preth me, I will avenge her, said unto them that stood by, root was by great waters. The ber contingal coming she

Take from him the pound, and cedars in the garden of God could me. And the Lord said, give it to him that hath ten not hide him; the fir-trees were what the unjust judge pounds.

not like his bougls, and the

chesnut-trees were not like bis


branches: nor any tree in the Luke xxi, 29--32. And he spake garden of God was like unto him se uvill, 9-14. And he spake to thein a parable; Behold the fig-in his beauty. I have made him purable unto certain which tree, and all the trees; Whentair by the multitude of his in themselves that they they now shoot forth, yo see and branches: so that all the trees of righteous, and despised know of your own selves that sum- Eden, that were in the garden of

Two men went up into the mer is now nigh at hand. So like-God, envied him. Therefore thus Me to pray; the one a Pharisee, wise ye, when ye see these things saith the Lord God, Because thou the other a publican. The come to pass, know ye that the hast lifted up thyself in height, fede stood and prayed thus kingdom of God is nigh at hand. and he bath shot up his top kimself, God, I thank thee, Verily I say unto you, This gen- among the thick boughs, and his I am not as other men are, eration shall not pass away till heart is lifted up in his height; toners, unjust, adulterers, or all be fulfilled.

I have therefore delivered him 23 this publican. I fast twice

into the hand of the mighty one e week, I give tithes of all

SHEPHERD. I puedess. And the publican,

of the heathen; he shall surely ling afar off, would not lift up John X, 1--5, 12, 13. Verily, deal with him: I have driven him

And lch as his eyes unto heaven, verily, I say unto you, He that out for his wickedness. Sthote upon his breast, saying, entereth not by the door into the strangers, the terrible

of the naLe mercial to me a sinner. I sheep-fold, but climbeth up some tions, have cut him off, and have fou, This man went down to other way, the same is a thief and left him: upon the mountains and buse justified rather than the a robber. But he that entereth in all the valleys his branches are E for every one that exalteth

in by the door is the shepherd of fallen, and his boughs are broken helt shall be abased; and he the sheep. To him the porter by all the rivers of the land; and bambleth himself 'shall be openeth; and the sheep hear his all the people of the earth are

voice: and he calleth his own gone down from bis shadow, and TES POUNDS.

sheep by name, and leadeth them have left him. Upon bis ruin

out. And when he putteth forth shall all the fowls of the heaven ke six, 12-24. He said there his own sheep, he goeth before remaiv, and all the beasts of the

A artain nobleman went them, and the sheep follow him: field shall be upon his branches. a far country to receive for for they know his voice. And a elf a kingdom, and to return. stranger will they not follow, but

4. EMBLEMS. he called his ten servants and will flee from him for they know

BOWS AND ARROWS. ered thernten pounds,and said not the voice of sirangers. But 2 Kings xiii, 14--19. Now Elisha thern, Occupy till I come. But he that is an hireling, and not the was fallen sick or his sickness Anzen- hated him, and sent a shepherd, whose own the sheep whereof he died. And Joash the ime after bim saying, We will are not, seeth the wolf coming, king of Israel came down unto have this man to reign over I and leaveth the sheep, and fieetb:/ hin, and wept over his face, and said, O my father, my father! the his feet were as the feet of a bear, I weight, twenty shekels 3 chariot of Israel, and the horse- and his mouth as the mouth of a from time to time shalt thou men thereof! And Elisha said lion: and the dragon gave him his it. Thou shalt drink also wa unto him, Take bow and arrows: power, and his seat, and great by measure, the sixth part of and he took unto him bow and authority. And I saw one of his hin: from time to time sbalt arrows. And he said to the king heads as it were wounded to drink. And thou shalt eat of Israel, Put thine hand upon the death; and his deadly wound was barley cakes, and thou shalt h bow: and he put his hand upon it: healed; and all the world won it with dung that cometh one and Elisha put his hands upon the dered after the beast.

man, in their sight. And king's hands. And he said, Open

LORD said, Even thus shall the window eastward; and he


children of Israel eat their den opened it. Then Elisha said,

Zech. iv, 1-6, 11-14. And the bread among the Gent Shoot: and he shot. And he said, angel that talked with me came

whither I will drive them. The arrow of the Lord's deliver again, and waked me, as a man he said unto me, Lo, I have ance, and the arrow of deliverance that is wakened out of his sleep thee cow's dang for man's from Syria: for thou shalt smite And said unto me, What seest and thou shalt prepare the in the Syrians in Aphek, till thou thou? And I said, i bave looked, therewith. have consumed them. And he and behold a candlestick all of said, Take the arrows; and he took gold, with a bowl upon the top of

REGAL CROWN them. And he said unto the king it, and his seven lamps thereon, Zech. vi, 10, 11, Take of the of Israel, Smite upon the ground: and seven pipes to the seven the captivity, cten of Hella and he smote thrice, and stayed. lamps which are upon the top Tobijah, and of Jedaiah, And the man of God was wroth thereof; And two olive-trees by are come from Babylon, and with him, and said, Thou should-it, one upon the right side of the thou the same day, and est have smitten five or six times; bowl, and the other upon the left the house of Josiah the then hadst thou smitten Syria till side thereof. So I answered and Zephaniah; Then take silver thou hadst consumed it: whereas spake to the angel that talked gold, and make crowns, and now thou shalt sinite Syria but with me, saying, What are these, them upon the head of Josies thrice.

my lord? Then the angel that son of Josedech, the high prie

talked with me answered and BOTTLES.

said unto me, Knowest thou not Jer, xfil, 12. Therefore thou shalt what these be? And


said, No, speak unto them this word, Thus my lord. Then answered I, and

Zech. v,5--10. Then the saith the LORD God of Israel, said unto blm, What are these that talked with

me went Every bottle shall be filled with two olive-trees'upon the right side and said unto me, Lift wine and they shall say unto of the candlestick, and upon the thine eyes, and see what thee, Do we not certainly know left side thereof? And I answered that goeth forth. And ! that every bottle shall be filled again, and said unto him, What What is it? And he said,

T with wine?

be these two olive-branches, which an ephah that goeth forth Jer. xix, 1, 10. Thus saith the through the golden pipes empty said, moreover, This is the Lord, Go and

get a potter's the golden oil out of themselves? semblance through all the earthen bottle, and take of the And he answered me and said, and, behold, there was linked ancients of the people, and of the Knowest thou not what these bei a talent of lead: and this is ancients of the priests. Then And I said, No, my lord. Then man that sitteth in the mide shalt thou break the bottle in the said he, These are the two anoin the ephah. And he said, TN sight of the men that go with ted ones, that stand by the Lord Wickedness. And be cast thee. of the whole earth.

the midst of the ephab; and

cast the weight of lead upon RAZOR. CHARIOTS AND HORSES.

mouth thereof. Then lifted Exek. v, 1, 3.-5. And thou, son of

mine eyes, and looked, and,

Zech, vi, 4-8. Then I answered hold, there came out two we man, take theo a sharp knife, take and said unto the angel that and the wind was in their thee a barber's razor, and cause it talked with me, What are these; (for they had wings like the to pass upon thine head and upon my lord? And the angel answered of a stork;) and they lifted cp thy beard: then take thee balances and said unto me, These are the ephah between the earth and to weigh, and divide the hair. four spirits of the heavens, which heaven. Then said I to the Thou shalt also take thereof a few go forth from standing before the gel that talked with me, Wald in number, and bind them in thy Lord of all the earth. The black do these bear the ephali skirts. Then take of them again, horses which are therein go forth and cast them into the midst of the into the north country; and the fire, and burn them in the fire; for white go forth after them; and

FLYING Boos. thereof shall a fire come forth into the grisled go forth toward the Zech. v, 1, 2. Then I turned all the house of Israel, Thus

south country. And the bay went lifled up mine eyes, and saith the Lord God, This is Jeru- forth, and sought to go that they and, behold, a flying roll. A salem: I have set it in the midst might walk to and fro through the said unto me, what seest of the nations and countries that earth; and he said, Get you hence, And I answered, I see a are round about her.

walk to and fro through the earth, roll; the length thereof the

So they walked to and fro through cubits, and the breadth is COMPOUND ANIMAL the earth. Then cried he upon ton cubits. Rev. xill, 1-3. And I stood upon me, and spake unto me, saying, the sand 'of the sea, and saw a Behold, these that go toward the

RIPE FRUIT. beast rise up out of the sea, having north coautry have quieted my Jer. xxiv, 1-3. The LORS seven heads and ten horns, and spirit in the north country. ed me, and, behold, two upon his horns ten crowns, and

of figs toere set before the time upon his heads the name of blas


of the LORD, after that Nebude phemy. And the beast which I Ezek. iv, 10--13, 15. Thy meat rezzar king of Babylon saw was like unto a leopard, and I which thou shalt eat shall be by carried away cupure Jecun Son of Jehoiakim king of it; and, behold, the girdle was ( years for a sign and wonder upon lah, sed the princes of Judah, marred, it was profitable for Egypt and upon Ethiopia; So b the carpenters and smiths, nothing.

shall the king of Assyria lead n Jerusalem, and had brought

away the Egyptians prisoners, and n to Babylon. One basket HORNS AND CARPENTERS. the Ethiopians captives, young I very good ags, even like the that are first ripe; and the mine eyes, and saw, and behold Zech. 1, 18-20. Then lifted I up and old, naked and barefoot, even

with their buttocks uncovered, to er basket had very naughty four horns. And I said unto the

the shame of Egypt. which could not be eaten, angel that talked with me, What were so bad. Then said the be these? And he answered me,

PLUMB-LINE. D unto me, What seest thou, These are the horns which have Amos vii, 7, 8. Thas he showed miab? And I said, Figs; the scattered Judah, Israel, and me; and, behold, the Lord stood I ligs, very good; and the evil, Jerusalem. And the LORD shew- upon a wall made by a plumb-line, revil, that cannot be eaten, ed me four carpenters.

with a plumb-line in his hand. are so evil.

And the LORD said unto me, mos viii, 1, 2. Thns hath the

EQUESTRIAN SCENE. Amos, what seest thou? And Í I God shewed unto me; and nd a basket of summer-fruit. and behold a man riding upou á the Lord, Rebold, I will set a

Zech. 1, 8-11. I saw by night, said, A plumb-line. Then said besaid, Amos,what seest thou? red horse, and he stood among plumb-line in the midst of my I said, a basket of summer- the myrtle-trees that were in the people Israel, I will not again pass Then said the LORD unto me, bottom; and behind him were by them any more. end is come upon my people there red horses, speckled, and rek I will not again pass by white. Then said i, o, my lord,


what are these? And the angel Ezek. xil, 3-5. Therefore, thou

that talked with me said unto me, son of man, prepare thee stuff for CONFInED POSTURE. I will shew thee what these be. removing, and remove by day in e. iv, 4-8. Lle thou also And the man that stood among their sight; and thou shalt removo

thy left side, and lay the the myrtle - trees answered and from thy place to another place in alty of the house Israel said, These are they whom the their sight: it may be they will

it: according to the number Lord hath sent to walk to and fro consider, though they be a rebelhe days that thou shalt lie through the earth, And they lious honse. Then shalt thou | 1 thou shalt bear their answered the angel of the LORD bring forth thy stuff by day in tity. For I have laid upon that stood among the myrtle their sight, as stuff for removing: the years of their iniquity, trees, and said, Wo have walked and thou shalt go forth at even in rding to the number of the to and fro through the eartb, and, their sight, as they that go forth

three hundred and ninety behold, all the earth sitteth still, into captivity. Dig thou through 180 shalt thou bear the ini. and is at rest.

the wall in their sight, and carry of tbe house of Israel. And

out thereby thou hast accomplished

SUBMERSION. 1, le agaiu on thy right side, Jer. xliii, 9. Take great stones

PLAN OF A SIEGE. thou shalt bear the iniquity in thine hand, and hide them in

Exek. iv, 1, 2. Thou also, son of bouse of Judah forty days: the clay in the brick-kilo, which man, take thee a tile and lay it ve appointed thee each day is at the entry of Pharaoh's house before thee, and portray upon 10 year. Therefore thou shalt in Tahpanhes, in the sight of the the city, even Jerusalem: And by face toward the siege of men of Judah.

lay siege against it, and build a alem, and thine arm shall

Jer, li, 61-64. And Jeremiah fort agaiust it, and cast a mound incovered, and thou shalt said to Seralah, when thou comest against it; set the camp also lesy against it. And, be to Babylon, and shalt seo, and against it, and set battering-rams I will lay bands upon thee, shalt read all these words, Then against it'round about. thou shall not turn thee from shalt thou say, O LORD, thou hast nide to another, till thou hast spoken against this place, to cut it d the days of thy siege.

off, that none shall remain in it,
neither man nor beast, but that it

Jer. i, 11, 12, Moreover, the

shall be desolate for ever. And word of the LORD came unto me, r. zfil, 1-7. Thus saith the it shall be, when thou hast made saying, Jeremiah, what seest thou? outo me, Go, and get thee a an end of reading this book, that And I said, I see a rod of an girdle, and put it upon thy thou shalt bind a stone to it, and almond-tree. Then sald the LORD and put it pot in water. so cast it into the midst of Euphrates: unto me, Thou hast well seen: for a girdle, according to the And thou shalt say, Thus shali 1. will basten my word to perform

it. l of the LORD, and put it on Babylon sluk, and shall not rise loins. And the word of the from the evil that I will bring Exek. xxxvII, 16, 17. Moreover, came unto me the second upon her, and they shall be weary. thou son of man, take thee one saying, Take the girdle that Thus far are the words of Jere- stick, and write upon it, For hast gut, wbich is upon thymiah.

Judah, and for the children of and arise, go to Euphrates, Rev. xviil, 21. And a mighty Israel his companions: And join hide it there in a hole of the angel took up a stone like a great them one to another into ono

So I went, and hid it by millatone, and cast it into the sea, stick; and they shall become one. rates, as the LORD command saying, Tbus with violence shall in thine hand.

And it came to pass after that great city Babylon be thrown Zech. x1, 7, 10, 11, 14. And I will ✓ days, that the LORD said down, and shall be found no more feed the flock of slaughter, even ine, Arise, go to Euphrates, at all.

you, O poor of the flock. And I Lake the girdle from thence,

took unto mo two staves; the one h I commanded thee to hide NAKED PROPHET.

I called Beauty, and the other I Then I went to Eapbrates, Isa. xx, 3, 4. And the LORD said, called Bands; and I fed the flock. digged, and took the girdle Like as my servant Isaiah hath And I took my staff, even Beauty, the place where I bad hidl walked naked and barefoot tbree l and cut it asunder, that I might


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