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O praise our King, sor he is good
His mercy lasts sor ever.

2 No blood, but that of him who's God,

Could take away our sin \
No smaller sacrisice than this
Could heaven sor us win.

3 This made the glorious Son of God,

Leave heaven sor our good:
Our flesh and frailties he asTum'd,
To ransom us with blood.

4 Beneath the vail of human flesh

His Godhead he did hide;
To pay our debt, and purge our guilt,

Our sacrisice he dy'd. j God's praise in gospel-hymns we'll sing,

With thanksul hearts thee bless;
We will sound sorth thy glorious name,

"The Lord our Righteousness." 6 In ev'ry place and company

Where it may tend sor good,
Christ crucify'd we will extol,

And tell men of his blood.
J His wounds and merits we'll speak sorth,

His steps we will pursue;
From him we'll holy learn to be,

Meek, lowly, just, and true.

8 What love, what service, and what praise,

To our God do we owe,
Who lest his glorious throne above,
To die sor us below!

9 Till we the vail of flesh put oss,

Accept our weaker songs; And, when we reach the mansions bright, We'll praise with better tongues.


The Communion-Feast.

1 HOW greatly should the love of God
All our assections move!
He soes sorgives, and next invites
Them to a seast of love.


IShall conclude this subject with a serious exhortation to all ranks, strictly to observe the Lord's day. Read and consider what hath 'been already said, and you will sind rmny argument* for pressing this exhortation: Nay, this is the scope of all (hat hath been said But, that you may the more effectually be convinced of the excellency and necessity of this duty, I shall further subjoin these Jew motives.

I. The strict observation of the Sabbath is the most efsectual mean for preventing Atheism Odd prosanenels, in ragard that, by the frequent irecurring there of, the remembrance of Christ and heaven is still kept up, and sin and vice are kept under constant rebukes and disgrace. If k were not for the observation of the Sabbath, atheism and irreligion would quickly overspread the world s And there is nothing, tends more to harden the heart, sear the conscience, and give loose reins to scandalous sins and outbreakings, than the prosanation of the Sabbath. This (as hath been said) many malesactors at gibbets have consessed to have been the sirst beginning of their loose lives, and that which paved the way to their other wicked courses, and provoked God to leave them to fall into these henious crimes which brought them to such fatal ends.

II. God's great goodness and gracious design in aU lowing you the Sabbath, lays you under strong obligations to keep ft conscientiously: He gives it not for a penance but a privilege. It is not that he may get advantage from you, but that he may give blessings to you. He hath not commanded the business of the world to oease every seventh day, because he is tired with governing the fame, or to take any ease to him*.

Vol. IV. No " self; self; but it 5s that he may give rest to your bodies, and heavenly resreshment to your souls. Would you have Christ and the riches of his grace? Would you have your souls nourilned, and weak graces repaired? Then keep the Sabbath, for it is God's weekly marketday; and a free market it is, wherein we may" buy, without money and without price," the richest commodities that heaven and earth can afford, even the bread and water of lise for the lives of our souls, the wine of Christ's blood to chear us, the milk of his word to nourish us, the gold of his grace to enrich us, and his precious eye-salve to enlighten us, and his white raiment to clothe and adorn us. Is this day so prositable to us, and will we not regard it? It is the soul's sestival, a day of reaping and ingathering, and of laying up in store for the time to come. It is God's stated alms-day, or public deal-day, wherein he scatters blessings and crumbs of the bread of lise among needy souls. It is the queen of days, the dawning of glory, and day-break of heavens It is the day for ascending mount Tabor, to see Christ transsigured besore our eyes: and for getting to the top of Pifgah, to get a sight of the promised land. O then! what horrid ingratitude must it be to a good God to prosane this blessed day, and flight God's unspeakable kindness, in allowing it to us for our fouls advantage?

III. The strict observation of the Sabbath, is an excellent mean to sweeten both the thoughts of death and tieaven to us. i. As sor death, a retiring from the world.once a week, will prepare us to welcome our sinal removal from it the more cheersully. But they who think it hard to leave their worldly concerns sor a day to worship God, when they expect to return to them on the morrow; what a hard pull must it be for them to part with them altogether at death, never more to come back to them? And this we must all shortly do, whether we will or no: But to a conscientious keeper of the Sabbath, the parting with the world will net be such a hard talk. 2. It will alsu sweeten the thoughts of heaven to us; for the work and comforts of the Sabbath below, are the foretastes of the employments and

enjoyments enjoyments of the everlasting Sabbath above: And rhey who delight in the Sabbaths on earth (which are the days of heaven, and typical resemblances' of it) cannot but rejoice in the sorethoughts of celebrating the eternal Sabbath above, in the immediate fruition of God's presence, and beholding him as he is for evermore. But the thoughts of heaven can be nowise pleasant to a Sabbath-breaker; yea, it would be an uneasy prison to him: For, if it be a penance to him to be a sew days in God's worship now, what a punishment would ic be to him to be engaged in this work for ever?


IV. Consider who it is that requires you to sanctify the Sabbath, even that good and gracious Gcd who giveth you all things richly to enjoy; that God who giveth you your being, your breath, your health, your food, and ail earthly comforts. O how bountisul is he to the sons of men! he gives you the sun in the heavens to shine upon your bodies, and the Son of his love to die for your souls. He allows you six days for your prosit and pleasure, he reserves one for his glory and service ; and will you not frankly give him his one day, when he is so liberal to you? Sa.y then to your vain companions, when they would tempt you to prosane the Lord's day, as Joseph to Potiphar's wise, when she tempted him to sin, Gen. xxxix. 9. " My master hath not kept back any.thing from me but thee, because thou art his wise; how then can I do this great wickedness, and sin against God ?" So say you, God, the Sovereign Lord and Master of the world, hath kept back no time from me, but one day, because it was his ; how then can I do this great wickedness, and sin agatnst God? • V. A conscientious keeping of the Sabbath, disposeth the soul the. more for the service of God all the week over. If your soul be in a good frame on the Sabbath, it will prosper the better all the week for it: Your conscience will be the more tender, your thoughts the more spiritual, and your assections the more lively. lf you be in the mount with God on the Sabbath, the face of your conversation will be fair to shine in holiness through the week, -1

N n a VI.

VI. Our regard to Ac Sabbath, is a trying test of the state and frame of our fbulst, whether we be ipixkoai Ot carnal, love God or the world most. It trice alii the conditions of our graces* whether they he waning ox waning, in a' prospering or decaying state• Hence God frequently calls the Sabbath a " sign betwixt him and his people*" Exod xxxL 17. Eaek, xx. 12. ae. And indeed our conscientious keeping and sanctifying of the Sabbath is a sign to as several ways- .

1. It is a sign of God's sanctifying our heartsy and art evidence of a good work wrought ia us. by die Holy Spirit.

X It is-a clear sign to distinguish us from- the unsanctisied. and profane people of the world.

3/ It is a sign of our having a conscientious regard to all the other commands of God; and all observing persons will sind this sign to hold in their daily experience. If you keep not this command of sanctifying the Sabbath, it is a sign you will little regard at) the rest. If you serve not God on his awn day, you wiH make little conscience of serving him on the following days of the week; but, on the contrary, if you worship God sincerely on the Sabbath, and regard this holy day, it is a token you will regard all other duties of religion. Let us observe these very noticeable words of Gedr Jer. jvik 24. 36. 44 If ye hallow the Sabbath-day, to do no work therein: Then shall they come from the cities of Judah, and all other places, bringing burnt-osserings, meat ossserings, incense, and sacrisices of praise, unto the house of the Lord that is, the Church of God and true religion (hall flourish, and the name of the Most High be exalted in the world. And, indeed, for my part, I despair ever of seeing Christianity and resormation considerably advanced in the world, till once the Lord's day come to be highly esteemed, and strictly observed: for still it is to be seen, wherever religion flourisheth in the power of it, there it is that most conscience is made in the observation of the Sabbath.

4. The conscientious keeping of the Sabbath is a sign betwixt God and his people, in respect it is a token of a good understanding and correspondence betwixt him


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