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5: Rock of my Salvation, hafte,

Extend Thy ample Shade, Let it over me be cast,

And skreen my naked Head: Save me from the Trying Hourg, ' Thou


sure Protection be, Shelter me from Satan's Power,

Till I am fixt on Thee..

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6. Set upon Thyself my Feet,

And make me surely stand,
From Temptation's Rage and Heat-

Cover me with Thy Hand:
Let me in the Clift be placed,

Never from my Fence remove, In Thy Arms of Love embrac'd,

Of Everlasting Love.

For One cnovinced of Inordinate


OE is me! that wretched Man

W° More than my Gop I prize!

Well I know them:void and vain,

Yet pant for Earthly Joys : Downward still my Wishes move, Though fairer than Earth's Sons Thou art: Touch me, Jesus, with Thy Love, And vindicate



2. Happiness is not in Me,

Though every Creature cry,
Still the Airy Form I fee,

Wheree'r I turn mine Eye ;
After Shadows still I rove,
Nor can I with my Idols part:

Touch me, JESUS, &c.

3. Burning

3. Burning with unhallow'd Fires,

Thou see'st, my tortur'd Breast

with low Desires,
Stranger to Joy and Rest :
How shall I this Death remove,
How tear away th' inrooted Dart ?

Touch me, Jesus, &c.

4. Poison now o'erflows my Cup,

Fills me with thrilling Pain,
Drinks my Blood, and Spirits up,

And throbs in every Vein ;
Yet I fear Thy Grace to prove,
I dread for Thee with All to part:

Touch me, Jesus, &c.

5. God arise, Thou jealous God,

And all Thy Foes subdue,
Claim the Purchase of Thy Blood,
Create my

Soul anew ;
Let it now no longer rove,
Now let me taste how Good Thou art :

Touch me, JESUS, &c.

6. Saviour, purify my Soul,

As Thou my God art pure;
Make my wounded Spirit whole;

And all my Sickness cure ;
From Thee never let me move,


sufficient Portion art : Touch me, JESUS, &c.

-7. From all Filthiness of Flesh

And Spirit make me clean,
Stamp Thy Image, LORD, afresh,

And purge me from All Sin :


, my
Ah! never more from me depart;
Fill, O JESU, with Thy Love

My vindicated Heart.

All I prove,



Here is my Strength, my Faith, my
My Confidence of Boasting now !
Born down by Sin's revolving Load,

Beneath its Iron Yoke I bow,
Again Indignantly I groan;
My Strength, my Faith, my God is gone.

2. Departed is the Lord from me,

Weak as another Man I am, Spoild of my Power and Liberty

I bear my Punishment and Shame ; The World their feeble Foe despise, 'Their God hath put out both mine Eyes.

3. Into their Hands by Sin betray'd,

(The Sin I cherish'd in my Breaft) Low in the deepeit Dungeon laid,

Fetter'd in Brass, by Guilt opprest;
A Slave to Satan I remain,
And bite, but cannot burst



4. Now to their Idol's Temple brought,

A Sport I am to Fiends and Men, They fet my Helplesness at nought,

They triumph in my Toil and Pain: Th' Uncircumcis'd lift


their Voice, And Dagon's Worshippers rejoice.

5. Remember me, O Lord, my God,

If ever I could call Thee Mine ;
Though now. I perish in my Blood,

And all my Hopes of Heaven refign,
Yet listen to my latest Call,
Nor suffer me Alone to fall.

6. O cast not out my Dying Prayer,

Strengthen me with Thy Spirit's Might
This only once : 1 pray

Thee, hear,
Avenge me for my Loss of Sight,
Avenge it on mine Enemies,
For they have put out both mine Eyes.

7. Blind as I am,

with both


The Pillars let me feel, and fieze
On which the House of Dagon stands,

The Pillars of Self-Righteousness.
'Tis done : with all my might I bow :

He!p me, O God, and help me now! 8. Now let the pondrous Ruin fall,

And crush the World, and Satan's Head,
O let it now o'erwhelm us All:

Since I must sink among the Dead;
Since I can neither fight nor fly,
Let me with the Philistines die!


After a Relapse into Sin. Esu, wherewith shall I draw near, JE.SE

What shall I for Acceptance bring, How in my Judge's Sight appear

A Rebel gainst my God and King ! Loudly my Sins for Vengeance cry, And Justice wills that I should die.

2. Summond to answer at Thy Bar,

I come, but Guilty, Guilty plead!
Did I not all Thy Judgments dare?

On all Thy tender Mercies tread?
Death's Sentence justly I receive,
I am not worthy, LORD, to live.

3. Then

3. Then let me every Good resign,

And give my forfeit Blessings back;
My Gitts and Blessings were not mine,

Thou, only Thou, the Glory take:
I might have heard Thy frequent Call,
I might have stood, tho' now I fall.

4. Long did Thy Loving Spirit strive,

To win me over to my Good ;
The Spark of Grace was kept alive,

For Years amidst Temptation's Flood :
I now have sinn'd it all

And ended is my Gracious Day.

5. An Alien from the Life Divine,

The Covenant of Promis'd Grace,
Saviour, no more I call Thee Mine ;

An Outcast from Thy Blissful Face,
Without or Faith, or Joy, or Hope
I give (but must I give) Thee up!
6. Yes: with my Shield of Faith I part,

My Hope is lost in just Despair,
Love is not in my stong Heart,

It cannot be, while Sin is there;
My vain Pretensions Sin disproves ;
He cannot Sin who Jesus loves.

7. No Choice, Endeavour, or Desire,

Motion, or Will have I to turn;
Extinguish'd is the trembling Fire,

Which once in me began to burn:
What have I now whereof to boast ?
My All is gone, my God is loft.
8. See then the Sinner stript of all,

A Foe, and Hater of his God,
Despairing, Self-condemnd I fall,

Of every Spark of Goodness void;


I can

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