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will be met with similar feelings by the government of this country.

Government has lately dispatched a vessel to the northern coast of New Holland, for the purpose of forming a new settlement. In a commercial point of view a better situation could scarcely be selected. The northern coast of New Holland is already most extensively resorted to by the native traders of the Eastern Archipelago, for several articles which are in the greatest request in China and the neighbouring countries. The immediate vicinity of mumerous islands, whose produce is both valuable and peculiar, will likewise be found an advantage of no trifling importance.

The last Russian papers detail numerous rewards dealt out by the Emperor to several officers engaged in a contest with the Nomade tribes, beyond the Cuban and Daghistan, a war hitherto studiously concealed by this artful and ambi. tious power, and now heard of for the first time. The expedition, however, and its results, must have been deemed of some consequence; for besides the insignia of several Orders, which have been given by the Autocrat, swords and sabres,

ounted in gold, have been bestowed on the Russian officers, with the inscription, “ To Valour.” The sword given to the Russian General was enriched with diamonds. These marks of honour (the account states), which are bestowed only on extraordinary occasions, were not conferred by the Chapters of the Russian Orders, but came directly from the Emperor. This ambitious Power is extending her dominions and her influence wherever her intrigues or her arms can reach. Daghistan is a mountainous tract of Asia, included in the government of Caucasus, lying west of the Caspian Sea, and northeast of Georgia, inhabited by Tartars, subject to Russia: Derbend is its capital. The influence of Russia now extends among the Tartar tribes, almost to the wall of China.

Hamburgh, March 26.-Letters from St. Petersburgh inform us, that the communications between this capital and the Governor of the provinces of the Caucasus (General Yermoloff), who is entrusted with a very important negociation in Persia, have of late become very frequent. It is rumoured that the object of this negociation would be not only to settle ancient discussions which have arisen between the two Powers, but also to bring about a perfect understanding between the policy

of Russia and of Persia. General Yermoloff keeps up an uninterrupted communication with the Court of Teheran, and Persian agents are often observed to arrive at his residence, whilst Russian agents repair to the Court of the Schah of Persia; but every thing is carried on with the greatest secrecy. It appears, from all these circumstances, that Russian policy has succeeded in regaining the influence which it had lost for a moment, and that English policy is losing ground. We must await the results which this change must necessarily produce, and which, according to all appearances, will be of very great importance.

Private accounts from the Crimea state, that the Scotch Missionary Carruthers, now settled there, proceeds with the greatest zeal and success in converting the Tartars to Christianity. A great number of them have been baptized by him. Colonies are to be established for these converts, and divine service will be performed in the Tartar language. A Turkish shiek and learned man is now receiving an education to qualify him for the office of Christian priest.

A Society has been formed in Edinburgh, to aid deserving persons in their endeavours to emigrate and settle in New

South Wales and Van Dieman's Land.

INDIA SHIPPING. Arrivals. April 4. Iord Castlereagh, Durant, from Bombay 30th Nov. ; at Deal. – Charles Grant, Scott, from China 15th Dec.; off Plymouth. Farquharson, Cruickshank, from China 19th Dec. ; off Penzance. 6. Inglis, Serle, from China 14th Dec.; off Falmouth. 11. Cadmus, Talbert, from Bengal 25th Nov. ; Lord Suffield, Brown, from Bengal 24th Nov.; Slentor, Harris, from Bengal 8th Nov.; and Katherine Stewart Forbes, Chapman, from Bombay 13th Dec.; at Deal. 13. Sophia, Sutton, from Bengal 13th Dec.; at Deal. — Portsea, Worthington, from Bengal 11th Oct. ; at Cowes. Dorothy, Garnock, from Bombay 13th Dec.; at Liverpool. 14. Jamima, Watt, from Singapore 7th Dec. ; at Portsmouth. 22. Herefordshire, Hope, from China 16th Dec., and Kellie Castle, Adams, from ditto 26th Dec.; off Portsmouth. - Thomas Grenville, Manning, and Princess Charlotte of Wales, Gribble, from Bengal 22d Dec., and Madras 2d Jan. ; off Portsmouth. 25. John Taylor, Atkinson, from Ben

gal 24th Dec., and Sand Heads 1st Jan. ; at Liverpool.

Departures. March 29. Catherine, M*Intosh, for Madras and Bengal; from Portsmouth. April 3. Hindostan, M'Cullum, for Bengal; from Liverpool. 4. Perseverance, Brown, for Bengal; from ditto. 5. Tyne, Warrington, for Madras and Bengal; from Portsmouth. 15. Mellish, Cole, for Bengal, and Denmark Hill, Foreman, for Van Dieman's Land; from Deal. 16. Golconda, Edwards, for Madras and Bengal; from Portsmouth. 21. Deveron, Wilson, for Van Dieman's Land; from Deal. 22. Upton Castle, Thacker, for Bombay; from Deal. 24. Princess Amelia, China; from Deal. – Orwell, Farrer, for China; from Gravesend. 25. Marquess of Huntly, Fraser, for China; from ditto. Passengers from India, &c. Per Lord Castlereagh, from Bombay : Mrs. Morse; Major Litchfield; Major Morse; Rev. Mr. Spring ; Lieuts. Johnson, Hancock, and Elliot; Dr. Hewitt; Miss and Master Morse (children). Per Charles Grant, from China: Col. A. Nesbitt, H. M. Service; Ensign E. G. Stokes, H. M. 49th regt. ; Mrs. Stokes and child; Mrs. Thomas and child; Mr. Fdw. Montagu ; Miss Sophia Winbolt; C. M. J. Blair, and E. Blair (children); Capt. Tilmore, R.N. Per Farquharson, from China: Mrs. Cruickshank; Wm. Ferriar, Esq.; Capt. V. Cortland, H.M. 8th Hussars; Mr. Payne, late 6th Officer of H.C. ship Rent. Per Katherine Stewart Forbes, from Bombay : Mrs. Marriott, and two children; Capt. Moore, Company's Service; Lieut. Pitts, ditto; Lieut. Harrison, ditto; Capt. Scott, 17th lancers; Lieut. Daly, 47th regt. ; and one child. Per Cadmus, from Bengal : Lieut. Fleming; the Rev. J. D. Pearson, from Chinsurah. Per Sophia, from Bengal: Mr. J., Mrs., and Miss Maria Colvin ; Master C. Jackson ; Capt. John Hay, Bengal N.I.; Capt. S. Land, ditto; Mr. Henry Abbot; Mrs. Abbott and four Children ; Mrs. Ahmuty and three children; Mr. Henry Watson; Mr. Wm. Maxwell and two children; Masters George and John Tandy; Miss C. Hunter; Miss Matilda Harriott; and nine servants. Per Dorothy, from Bombay: Capt. and Mrs. Dunbarlin. Per Jamima, from Batavia and St. Helena: His Highness Newab Shah Meer,

Williams, for

and three servants; Capt. King, late of the Salisbury; Master Charles and Henry Blake. Per Herefordshire, from China: Mr. Erskine, Mrs. Erskine, and three children, from Bombay. Per Thomas Grenville, from Bengal and Madras: Mrs. Oldham; Mrs. Parson; Mrs. Cooke; Miss Oldham; Major. Gen. Hardwick, Bengal Artillery; J. O. Oldham, Esq., bengal Civil Service; Rev. J. Parson, Chaplain, Bengal; Capt. J. Cowper, H.M. 59th regt., in charge of invalids; Lieut. D. F. Grant, R.N. ; Lieut. Stirling, 11th regt. Madras N.I.; Mr. R. G. Marcus, late an officer on Madras Establishment; Mr. Armstrong, ditto; Mr. Besly, ditto; Mr. Jardine, ditto; Miss Eliza Oldham ; Miss Ann Arden; Miss Harriet Cooke; Master Cooke; two Masters Parson ; Masters G. and A. Arden ; two Masters Parish ; two European servants; three native ditto.— S. Margaret Cooke died at sea 25th March, 1824.) Per Princess Charlotte of Wales, from Bengal: Mrs. Larkins; Masters W., F., and R. Larkins; Master C. C. Robertson; Miss A. Larkins; Mrs. Compton; Master D. T. Compton; Master A. Compton; Miss E. C. Compton; Mrs. T. Plowden; Master W. Plowden; Mrs. Colonel Higgins; Miss M. C. Higgins; Master E. T. Higgins; Miss M. Faithful; Capt. Higgins; Capt. Frith; Mrs. Frith; Miss Frith; Miss Ellen Frith; Miss S. J. Frith; W. Parker, Esq.; Mrs. Beck; Master J. Beck; Master J. G. Beck; Mrs. Dacre; Master H. Dacre; Master G. Dacre; Master T. Hayes; Master R. H. Boddam ; Lieut. H. Hartford.—From Madras: Major W. J. Jones; Master C. W. J. Jones; Lieut. Albert, late officer on Madras Establishment; Mr. Weller; Mr. J. Flemming; three European servants; eight native servants.

Passengers to India.

Per ship Catherine, for Madras and Bengal: W. P. Shedden, Esq.; Mrs. Shedden; Rev. G. J. Laurie; Miss Laurie; Major P. Cameron; Capt. Hind; Mrs. Hind; Mr. Muller; Lieut. Shakespeare; Messrs. Sheriffe, Goldingham, Trevor, Russel, Dardell, Duncan, Graham, and Croggan; Lieut. Boyce; Messrs. Courteney, Fish, Hope, Holloway, Sims, Oakley, Johnson, and Burne; Dr. M“Lachlan.

Per Mellish, for Bengal : Col. Duncan, H.M.'s 44th regt. ; Mrs. Duncan; Miss A. Halloran; Messrs. Price, Audry, Prior, Cole, Tierney, Wilson, Murray, and Wyllie, Cadets.

Per Golconda, from Madras and Bengal: Mrs. Bracken, Mrs. Nelson, and Mrs. Neish; Misses Chinnery, Mackenzie, Low, Langley, two Brightman, Holland, Cropleys, Roxburgh, Reid, and Abbott; Thomas Bracken, Esq.; Robt. Nelson, Esq.; Dr. Moore; Lieut. Pinson; Messrs. Low, Sage, Turner, Torrens, Taylor, Reid, Kennaway, Learmouth, Mee, Guissell, Fathingham, Guyon, Harrington, Frederlic, and Toussaint. Ter Deveron, for Van Dieman's Land, and New South Wales; Mr. and Mrs. Godwin; Miss Hamilton and servant; Miss Smith; Messrs. Lord, Smith, Dumstead, Jansides, Pickland, Chapman, Coward, Black, Brett, Murdock, Galbraith, Urquhart, Sampson, Robert, Morley, Balsey, Scott, Elliot, and Waindon. Per Upton Castle, for Bombay: Capt. Falconer; Mrs. Falconer; Major Hicks; Mrs. Hicks; Miss Bellain ; Miss Forbes; Major Byne; Capt. Moreton; Capt. Pruen ; Mrs. and Miss Pruen; Capt. Hardkins; Mrs. Hardkins; Capt. Canning ; Mr. Beaumont; Mr. Penny; Mr. Shepherd; Mr. Elliott; Mrs. Elliott; Mr. Doherty; Mr. Hamilton; Mr. Thatcher; Dr. Gall, and Dr. Troop. Ships Spoken With. Duchess of Athol, London to Bengal and China, 1st March, lat 1. 30 N. long. 22. 30. W. — Princess Charlotte, M'Kean, Liverpool to Bengal, 26th Feb., lat. 16 S. lon. 30 W.-George the Fourth, Prissick, London to the Mauritius, Dec. 21, lat. 35 S. long. 41 E.-Sir David Scott, Tween, London to Bengal and China, Feb, 21, on the line.-Mary, Ardlie, London to Bengal, Dec. 15, within two days' sail of Saugar Point, Bengal.—Royal Charlotte, Graham, London to the Mauritius, Dec. 8, lat. 1 N., long. 85 E. – Castle Huntley, outward-bound, 17th March, lat. 3. 30. N., long. 20.43. W.

Mr. Thornton, Supercargo of the General de Knock, who had been taken by the pirates off Batavia, was safe, having been conveyed to one of the Leeward Islands; the Rajah had interfered, through his former kindness to some Malays, and he was expected to return to Batavia about the 15th December, with the grateful feelings of his friends, who were alarmed for the preservation of his life.


April 4. At the Government-House, Jersey, the lady of his Excellency Major Gen. Sir Colin Halkett, K.C.B., and G.C. H., of a daughter.

5. At Stockweil, the lady of Major Gen. George kson, of a son.

11. At Jersey, the lady of Commissary General Pipon, of a son.

14. At Charlton, the lady of Lieut.

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April 8. At St. James's Church, Jesse Cole, Esq., to Letitia Charlotte, youngest daughter of the late 1)e Courcy Ireland, Esq., and niece to the Hon. Sir Edmond Stanley, Chief Justice, &c. at Madras. — Mr.William Thomson, to Jane May. nard, only daughter of Henry Seally, Esq., of the East-India House. 9. At Kingston Church, the Rev. John Edmunds (Kirk of Scotland), of Portsea, to Miss Caston, of Basingstoke, sister of the Rev. Mr. Caston, of Newport. Mr. Edmunds is shortly to embark as a Missionary to the East-Indies. 10. At St. George's, Hanover-square, William Turner, Esq., his Majesty's Secretary of Embassy to the Ottoman Porte, to Mary Anne, eldest daughter of John Mansfield, Esq., M.P. for Leicester. 14. At Camberwell, Alex. Nairne, Esq., Commander of the Hon. East-India Company's ship General Kyd, to Ann Spencer, eldest daughter of Nathaniel Donett, Esq., of Camberwell-grove. — At St. Mary's, Lambeth, Mr. John Allen, of Alfred-place, Kennington, to Elizabeth, second daughter of the late J. Hill, Esq., of the East-India House. 16. At Balmungie, Fifeshire, John Small, Esq., late of Calcutta, to Mary Anne, youngest daughter of Wm. Lindesay, Esq., of Balmungie. 21. At Carishrooke Church, in the Isle of Wight, E. C. Matthias, Esq., of the 44th regt., to Eleanor, fourth daughter of Capt. S. Earle, of the Hon. EastIndia Company's Service. 22. Edward Dodwell, Esq., of the East-India House, to Elizabeth, second daughter of the late W. H. Tickle, Esq., of Marchmont-street, Brunswick-square.


Feb. 28. John Henry, son of J. H. Matthews, Esq., H.M.'s 14th Foot, aged four years.

March 5. At Dresden, in his 72d year, his Exc. Baron Just, Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary of his Majesty the King of Saxony to the Court of Great Britain.

7. At Frandon, Cincinnati, in the State of Ohio, North America, Francis Donaldson, Esq., formerly of Sergeant's Inn, Fleet-street.

17. Jesse Ainsworth, Esq., of Wicken Hall, near Rochdale, Lancashire.

19. At Hamburgh, in the 78th year of her age, Mrs. Thomson, relict of George Thomson, Esq.

20. James Howe, Esq., of Suttonplace, Hackney.

20. At Rome, Miss Bathurst, niece to Lord Aylmer. 21. At Paris, Walter, only son of the Earl of Airly. 23. Thomas Sherwood, Esq., Common Pleas Office, Temple, aged 69. — Peregrine Hogg, Esq., of Buckhurst-hill, Epping Forest, aged 78. 24. Mr. Leyson Lewis, of Farleigh, near Maidstone, Kent, aged 69. 25. At Leamington, the lady of C. Thomson, Esq., of Swanland, near Hull. — At Laytonstone, Jane, second daughter of George Halford, Esq. — At Ampthill, Bedfordshire, in her 91st year, Stawel, widow of the late Henry Boult Cay, Esq. — Maria, wife of John Boultbee, Esq., of Baxterby Hall, Warwickshire. 26. In Spreull's Land, James Spreull, Esq., Chamberlain, &c. of Glasgow. — At Paris, G. H. Lynn, Esq., of Southwick Hall, Northamptonshire, aged seventeen. — At Faversham, Kent, in her 59th year, Mrs. Smith, relict of John Smith, Esq., late of Huntingfield. — At Pentillie Castle, near Callanton, Cornwall, the lady of John Tillie Coryton, Esq. – At Cork, Mrs. Brooke, relict of Col. R. Brooke, formerly Governor of St. Helena. 27. At Bilboa, Charles Dawson, Esq., British Consul. 28. In Portland Place, Lady Dalling, widow of the late Gen. Sir John Dalling, Bart.

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31. Caroline, only surviving daughter of J. Walker, Esq., of Rickmansworth. At Cheltenham, Miss Henrietta Cramer Roberts, aged 19, second daughter of the Rev. J. C. Roberts, of Sally Mount. — At Harbledown, near Canterbury, aged 23, George Marsh, second son of Sir .John Peter. — Aged 21, Winchcombe Henry, youngest son of Henry Hicks, Esq., of Eastington, county of Gloucester. —At Woolwich, Mr. George Stewart, gent., Cadet of the Royal Military Academy at Woolwich. — At Mitcham Grove, G. H. W. F. Hartopp, Esq., M.P. for Dundalk, Ireland. April 1. At Liverpool, John, son of Capt. John Patterson, late of the 50th Regt. — At Hillingdon, Middlesex, aged 78, Thomas Hussey, Esq., of Gattrim, in the county of Meath, Ireland, formerly M. P. for Aylesbury. — In Judd-place East, John Freeman, Esq. — Jane, the wife of W. Jennings, Esq., of Bloomsbury-square. 2. At Tompson, Norfolk, Col. Harwood, h.p. 19th Dragoons, aged 66 years. — In his 76th year, James Bateman, Esq., of Islington House, Manchester. — At Edinburgh, Andrew Fyffe, Esq., Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons, assistant to the late Dr. Monro, and author of the System and Compendium of Anatomy. 3. In Gloucester-place, Anne, wife of Joseph Tasker, Esq., of Fitzwalters, Essex, in her 25th year. – In Grafton-street, William Skinner. Esq. o: At Banff, James Robinson, Esq., late Lieut.-Col. of the 91st foot. — At Kensington, Charles Powis, Esq., in his 69th year. - In Halfmoon-street, Piccadilly, William Cooke, Esq. — At Ayr, H. D. Boswell, Esq., of Garallan. 4. At White Hill, Berkhampstead, Herts, Mrs. Sparrow, relict of the late Robert Sparrow, Esq., of Worlingham Hall, Suffolk. -- At Clifton, Thomas Townsend, Esq., in his 81st year. – In Penton-street, Pentonville, Richard Gifford, Esq., in his 73d year. — At Clapton, Mrs. Morland, relict of Anthony Morland, Esq. 5. In Somerset-street, Portman-square, the Hon. Eliz. Turnour, wife of the Hon. and Rev. E. John Turnour, M.A. son (of the late Earl Winterton, Secretary to the Clergy Orphan Society, and a Magistrate for Middlesex and Westminster, &c. &c.), and eldest daughter of the late William Richardson, Esq., Accountant-General of Wol. XVII, 4 F

the Hon. East-India Company. She was the mother of eleven children, seven of whom are left to venerate her memory, as that of a firm believer and conscientious performer of every christian duty. 5. At North Shields, aged 71, Mr. Jas. Pringle, one of the first mathematicians of the age. – At Bath, J. G. Ravenshaw, Esq., of Old Bracknell, Berks, — At Croft Lodge, Cambridge, Mrs. Brackenbury, relict of the late C. T. Brackenbury, Esq. — At Louth, aged 107, Mrs. Ann Ward, late of Saltfleetby. 6. At the house of J. Palmer, Esq., Christ's Hospital, aged 74, Mrs. Philadelphia Stephens, formerly of Lisbon. — At Frinsted-place, Kent, aged 59, Mrs. Tylden Pattenson, relict of the late Rev. R. C. Tylden Pattenson, of Ibornden, and Prinsted-place. 7. At St. George's-place, Hyde Park Corner, after a lingering and painful illness, Robert Ellis, late Lieut.Col. late 25th Light Dragoons, aged 57. — At Bingham's Melcombe, county of Norfolk, in his 83d year, Richard Bingham, Esq., Colonel of the Dorsetshire regiment of militia, a Deputy-Lieutenant of the county, &c. &c. 8. At Cadogan-place, Peter, youngest son of the Rev. Dr. Crombie, aged 15. 9. In Isenrietta-street, Cavendishsquare, Major-General Doveton, of the Madras Establishment, and M.P. for Lancaster. – At Clifton, John Beale Browne, Esq., of Salperton, county of Gloucester. — At Great Abshott, near Titchfield, John Blagrove, Esq., aged 71. — Aged 20, Benjamin, son of the IRight Hon. John Radcliffe. – At his house, Queen's-row, Pimlico, aged 75, Mr. George Webster, late of St. Alban's-street, Pall-mail. 10. In Lambeth, Wm. Messing, Esq., of the Stock Exchange, in his 75th year. — In Edgeware-road, James Marten, Esq., in his 74th year. — John Farley, Esq., of Thornton Heath, Croydon. – At Blackheath, James Dalbiac, Esq., aged 74, formerly of Queen square and Dulwich. — At Kensington, Mrs. Gray, aged 67, relict of the late Thos. Gray, Esq. — At Dulwich, aged six years and two months, William, fourth son of James Hallett, Esq., formerly of Bombay. 11. Near Hatfield, Herts, Miss Maria Holmes, daughter of Thos. Holmes Hunter, Esq., of Mansfield-street, Portlandplace. — Aged 44, Mary, the wife of E. H. Gennys, Esq., and daughter and heiress of the late John Gennys, Esq., of Whitleigh

House, near Plymouth.

11. Mr. Wm. Philips (father of Counsellor Philips), many years land waiter of the Port of Sligo. —- At Lisheen, Tipperary, Elizabeth, eldest daughter of Sir John Judkin FitzGerald, Bart. – The Rev. John Fox, Rector of Sigston, in the county of York. — At Cheltenham, Edward, youngest son of Major-Gen. R. Darling, aged six months. 12. At Rothesay, the Rev. Dr. Archibald M'Lea, aged 87. — Mr. J. K. Varden, of High-street, Southwark. 13. At Wykeham Abbey, Yorkshire, the Hon. Dorothy Langley, relict of Richard Langley, Esq. — Mr. Peter Sidebotham, of Upper Norton-street. — At Netherby, Cumberland, Sir Jas. Graham, Bart, aged 62. — At Ongar, Miss Jane Taylor. — Wilfrid Reed, Esq., of Brook's Wharf, aged 84 years. — At Camberwell, W. Weston, Esq., in his 55th year. — In Highbury-place, Willian Har. ryman, Esq., in his 75th year. — Mrs. Isabella Jones, widow of the late Mr. Francis Jones, of Lower Grosvenor-street. — At Bath, aged ten months, Richard Donovan Yate Scott, the second and youngest child of Capt. James Scott, Royal Navy. — Lieut. Rich. Oakeley, R. N., eldest son of the late Rich. Oakeley, Esq., Post Captain, R.N. 14. Mrs. Sarah Simpson, relict of the late Rev. Robert Simpson, D.D., many years Theological and Resident Tutor of the Hoxton Academy. – At Earl's Colne Priory, in his 90th year, the Rev. E. Carwardine, A. M., Prebendary of St. Paul's, and Vicar of Earl's Colne. — At Brighton, C. M. Haven, Esq., youngest son of the late Stephen Haven, Esq. - — At Shustoke, near Coleshill, Warwickshire, Avarilla, wife of Edw. Croxall, Esq. 15. At Kensington, Sarah, relict of the late Gen. C. Crosbie, in her 87th year. — R. G. Mackintosh, Esq., of Guildford-street. — At Trenant Park, Cornwall, ViceAdmiral Sir Edw. Buller, Bart., in his 60th year. — Sutherland Meek, Esq., M.D., late Member of the Medical Board at the Presidency of Bombay. – In his 80th year, Robert Roy, Esq., of Fulham, formerly of Old Burlingtonstreet. — In Northumberland-street, St. Mary

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